Via massive illegal dumping of mail-in ballots, the fix was in by the morning after the election.  They claimed Joe Biden won, but the math didn’t work.

Something was very, very wrong.

Ballots kept showing up and being added—almost exclusively for Biden— long after Election Day ended, so I gave it three weeks and then wrote that Trump would eventually win, and told you why.

The U.S. Census Bureau stated that 153.07 million Americans were registered to vote for the 2020 election—yet CNN and the rest of the Fake News gang reported 158.2 million votes for president.

Does anyone else see the problem I had with this math?  But wait, it gets worse. Fake News was also bragging that 2020 was the biggest ‘turnout’ in U.S. history—even greater than the Obama win in 2008—at 66.7%. 

Using even the most exaggerated number of eligible voters from solidly left wing POLITICO out of an abundance of caution—that  ‘turnout’ number was still only 133.4 million of the 200 million Americans eligible to vote.

133.4 million ‘voters’ cast 158.2 million ‘votes’ so I repeat, “Trump will win and here’s why”

This was the article’s cover picture from November 24, 2020—and I’ve never backed down an inch

I caught Hell for that article—written weeks after an election that was said to have been won by the other guy—but I knew then that was a damn lie.

We had the receipts. 

The Vanguard Tech/Media goons like Facebook and Google admittedly colluded with the Marxists of America and China to rid themselves of the one man who could bring them all to their knees—Donald J. Trump.

They all lied, but the numbers did not.

Mark Zuckerberg and his Chi-Com wife, for example, dumped $350 million into those corrupt vote markets, illegally taking over management of them—which has also now been deemed illegal by the Wisconsin Election Committee.

Flipping this from ‘bad boy, Mark, don’t do it again’ to a pair of orange jump suits is the former Supreme Court judge appointed special counsel, Michael Gableman, who has now deemed this illicit conduct by the Zuckerbergs as ‘bribery’—a felony.

I’m pleased to report that almost one and a half years later, Decertification has been not only been proposed now in that state (Wisconsin), but Pennsylvania and Arizona as well—all losing by just one vote in each chamber—with mounting pressure from the public to do the right thing.


If just three States Decertify—it’s thrown back to the House of Representatives to decide the winner of the 2020 election under Article II of The U.S. Constitution.

For the RINO pundits and pusillanimous pontificators, this now proven fraud removes any statute of limitations, so yes, this can happen at any time in the future. (See U.S. Supreme Court Case, U.S. v. Throckmorton). 

Keep in mind that if the House of Representatives has to decide which candidate won, they have only one vote per state delegation, not member.

There are 27 Republican delegations to just 23 Dems, so Trump wins under Scenario One.

The fact that only one person is obstructing the Decertification vote in each of these respective legislatures, also means we’re just one election away from their removal from office—and a decertified 2020 election.

And once again—it doesn’t matter when this happens because of the massive—now proven—fraud cum treason.


As also written, we’ve got to ride out Sleepy Joe and Ho until January of 2023, as the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution does not allow anyone to run for and win the presidency more than twice.

But it does allow for a term of under two years to not count in that tally.

So, if Matt Gaetz nominates Donald Trump to be Speaker of the House of Representatives on January 3rd of next year (as he promised he would do last Saturday) President Trump doesn’t even have to be a member.

I know that sounds crazy, but I didn’t write the Constitution, James Madison did, and the speaker is not required to be a member, according to that document.  He or she must only be elected by a majority of them.


Articles of Impeachment were filed the day after Biden’s inauguration and again on August 20th, 2021 by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The charges are serious and amount to treason

The Articles of Impeachment are detailed in the link above, First being, Dereliction of Duty regarding the abandonment of a still unknown number of Americans and $85 billion in deadly equipment in the hands of America’s enemies in Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Second Article of Impeachment regards the unbelievable opening of the Southern Border for which Biden and his ‘border czar,’ Vice-President Harris, will one day be in the dock for treason. 

The human suffering caused by this overt and intentional flooding of the United States with hostiles cannot and will not be forgiven.

The Third Article of Impeachment lists chapter and verse of their administration’s overt usurpation of Congressional Authority and refusal to follow the Authority of the Supreme Court when acting outside of law.

Their impeachment will sail through the House of Representatives on wings, where conservative Republicans are expected to take as many as 100 seats this fall in the 2022 midterm elections.

After fake impeachment of Trump on charges now proven false, the marxist made a big show of this moment.  Can’t wait to see how Trump delivers his articles of impeachment to them!

But in the meanwhile, Trump will have stripped the hapless Nancy Pelosi of her gavel in a scene worthy of an historical oil painting—which I would gladly commission—and assume her powers as Speaker as well.

Then it’s Trump Time.

With Articles of Impeachment removing the imposters, Biden and Harris in hand, Speaker Trump will then dramatically walk them over to the Senate for a quick trial, and guess who becomes President? 

The third person in line for the job, Speaker of the House, Donald J. Trump. 

He will be offered the opportunity to finish out their term with his choice of Vice-President, who must be confirmed by the Senate, which will also be controlled by his party according to all accounts.

The Democrat Party of slavery, marxism, war and hatred, will disappear beneath the dark icy waters never to float again


I don’t think for one second that Congressman Matt Gaetz would dared to have put this idea forward in front of tens of millions watching Trump’s Rally from around the world last Saturday in Commerce, Georgia without having some discussion with the president prior to doing so.

This is bold plan that can actually work given the sea change we are witnessing in American politics at this very moment—and the most unpopular person ever in the White House—Joe Biden.

Biden voters are as silent as vaxx promoters these days now that we’ve seen the fruits of both—and remorse just doesn’t adequately cover what they’re feeling right now.

So yes, I’m still saying, “Trump will win,” just like we did after the world told you he lost 18 months ago.

And I’ll now add that the Democrat Party, which colluded with America’s enemies to do this, will go down like the Titanic—never to rise above the waterline and float again.

They’ll lie beached on the ocean floor in the dark with the bottom feeders as a haven for irredeemable Marxists, anti-American organizations like BLM and Antifa, and pedophiles—but as a power—they are done.

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