Try finding a picture of the thugette, Joanna Wintrol, the now ‘disappeared’ woman in charge of Ukraine bioweapons labs


Six weeks ago, Politifact—the left-wing Gates/Soros funded ‘fake-checker’ operatives of The Poynter Institute announced, “There are no U.S. run biological weapons labs operating in Ukraine.”

Then Russia releases evidence that they captured proving the U.S. sponsored labs all over Ukraine.

No wonder the Marxists hate that Putin guy so much! He always shows up with the facts at the worst time!


After Russia released hard evidence of those U.S. sponsored bioweapons labs a month ago (March 10th), “OOPS!”, says Obama/Biden State Department operative, Victoria Nuland, to Congress—“they do exist.”

She admitted it under oath rather than go to jail, though Newsweek was still parroting the State Department lie, “In fact, the U.S. Defense Department has never had a biological laboratory in Ukraine,” though that has been public information since 2005.

You remember ‘Tori’ Nuland from our Ukraine reporting years ago, no?

Victoria Nuland was the mother of the U.S. Obama/Soros sponsored ‘Colour Revolution’ (Maidan) that took down the duly-elected Ukraine government in 2014, to replace it with their own stooges in prep for war–yep, this war.

When I was in Ukraine covering this corruption in 2019, I had no idea know this was all in planning for today’s U.S.-sponsored war

This same woman’s admission years later that, “Yes,” in fact, the U.S. did have involvement and “yes,” those labs do exist, shocked the world—but she had no choice.  Putin had shown his evidence at the U.N.

Even the World Socialist News took notice on that one.

“The extraordinary admission by Nuland about Ukrainian bioweapons labs confirms reports from Moscow that a military biological program was being operated inside the country by the US. The State Department admission also proves that statements by the Pentagon calling the Russian reports ‘absurd,’ and from the office of Ukrainian President Zelensky denying that such programs existed, were entirely false.”


The truth leaks out, and there are three culprits—all found in one picture, yukking it up—and all now culpable for these crimes against humanity.

Freshman Senator Obama sponsored the Ukraine bioweapons project in 2005, then he and Joe Biden proliferated the labs all over Ukraine (2008-16) while Hunter funnelled the cash from D.O.D. to  Biden firm, Rosemont Seneca, for a cut, to run ops via Metabiota

As we reported (, Issue No. 818 of the United States Air Force Counterproliferation Center’s Outreach Journal, described in an article published June 18th, 2010, “Biolab Opens in Ukraine,” how a level-3 bioweapons lab in the Ukrainian city of Odessa happened to come about. (hat tip, Natalie Winters, National Pulse)

“[Senator Richard] Lugar said plans for the facility began in 2005 when he and then-Senator Barack Obama entered a partnership with Ukrainian officials. Lugar and Obama also helped coordinate efforts between the U.S and Ukrainian researchers that year in an effort to study and help prevent avian flu,” explained author Tina Redlup.


It’s hard to start WW III with Russia, having only one little bioweapons lab in Odessa, so Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dummy had their girl ‘Tori’ Nuland ramp that number up to 26—yes—26 bioweapons labs in Ukraine. (

“According to the data released by the US itself, the US has 26 biological laboratories and other related facilities in Ukraine which has indeed attracted great attention,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a news conference in Beijing.

That number matches reports of labs seized and destroyed by Putin’s forces—26—including the first one authorised and built in Odessa by Senator Barack Obama’s 2005 legislation.


As reported here (, the U.S. taxpayer money for these illegal bioweapons labs sprinkled across Putin’s doorstep by the Obama/Biden Junta, was laundered by the Department of Defense, ‘Defense Threat Reduction Agency’ to the operators of those labs in Ukraine.

Who were those ‘operators’ you ask?

Fauci the Fraud’s old buddy, Peter Daszak (EcoHealth Alliance), the same guy who gave us the Wuhan lab release disaster that killed millions was in on the grift with NIH, but this one was not just the usual Fauci/Gates, Soros criminals. They had help–from Hunter.

The Biden Crime Family pitched in on this one as the money laundering outfit for a handsome fee and ownerships position in Metabiota—the firm managing these illicit bioweapons facilities in Ukraine with Peter Daszak—for the U.S. government. Biden’s U.S. government, I might add.

Now, meet the Biden Crime Family point man for this particular crime wave, running forbidden bioweapons labs in Ukraine—Hunter Biden.

Makes you feel good, no?  A crackhead pervert philandering pedophile in charge of Ukraine’s bioweapons labs?


Fact #1-  In 2005, newly minted Senator Barack Hussein Obama—at the prompting of his mentor, George Soros—sponsored legislation with Senator Richard Lugar to build bioweapons labs in Ukraine. 

For those who are unaware of our reporting that Obama is 100% a Soros-made man, here’s an article from Human Events to explain it.

It is unlikely that young Barry Soetoro ‘Foreign Student’ and Communist community organiser from the South Side of Chicago could find Ukraine on a map back in 2005, but the man who made him President Barack Obama—George Soros—had his sights on natural gas-rich Ukraine since his Nazi days in Budapest—and is no doubt the instigator of this whole plot, including the war.

I’m not saying Barry wasn’t born in America—he said it on his application to Columbia

Fact #2- During the Obama/Biden Junta’s eight years in office, they added 25 more bioweapons labs to the Odessa unit, for a total of 26—all illegal, all U.S.-funded—and all under the purview of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s now ‘disappeared’ babe, Joanna Wintrol in the screen grab above—per the information now removed from the U.S. Embassy’s website.

Joanna has gone from a pin-up on the Ukraine U.S. Embassy’s home page as the WIC (Woman in Charge) of the DRTA bioweapons labs, to having all her pictures removed from the Web—which is very telling in itself.

Fact #3– According to Hunter Biden’s own laptop, his firm (where ‘the Big Guy’ Joe Biden gets 10%), was the funnel for U.S. taxpayer funds to be laundered into Metabiota for an equity position—for the Bidens—not for the U.S. taxpayers who paid for it.

It is simply impossible for Obama and Soros to have developed this network of evil and the long-range plot for this event, without knowing all of its inner workings and plans as well, so if the Biden Crime Family falls, Obama and Soros need to tumble with them. They all need to fall.


That depends.

We are in a war that our regular readers know I feel to be one of the Spirit.

On one side there are those who strive for the God-given freedoms that are the heritage and birthright of every man and woman on this earth—which no man or mob has the right to take or hinder.

On the other side are those who seek to control all of ‘us’ through threat and fear—which I believe to be the forces of Satan.

Signs are that our side may finally be winning. We all saw the tyrants unleashed, using a man-made disease and ‘cure’ as cover for their crimes this past two years—in a co-ordinated worldwide attack on ‘us’ and our liberties.

But the tide is turning as a result. 

Viktor Orban, for example, a conservative Christian leader whose focus is the family and his own people above all else, won in a landslide this week in neighbouring Hungary against withering attacks by Soros and his paid-off (243 EU Ministers took his money) thugs of Brussels.

France—I predict—is next to make the turn back toward freedom and individual liberties in their elections next week.  While the polls show Macron in the lead, events on the street tell me that Marine Le Pen may come from behind and surprise the pontificating pundits.

Australians could also slap themselves into paying attention after all of the tyranny they’ve suffered this past two years and turf out the tyrants in May, bringing in the independents to restore liberty Down Under.

My own home nation is poised to take out the Globalist trash in November of this year and replace it with God-fearing/loving men and women who truly care for their nation, rights and fellow man.

If that happens—then the tide has indeed turned.  Then Britain, Canada, Italy and even Germany could turn away from the Dark Lord.

The year 2022 could be the one that breaks the back of Satan and the evil forces that have gripped our world now for decades in preparation for this storm to end all storms—taking away our human freedoms in the process.


The Bible (John I, Chapter 4) tells us, “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.”

So if we live in a good way, God lives in our hearts according to Scripture—but I believe that not only God lives in us, but also Satan.

The Satanic forces now exposed from Disney’s pedophile culture to the evil being taught in our schools—and legislation being forced on us perverting nature and reason—are evidence that these forces are not only unleashed, but presently controlling our cultures.

We must slay this demon, both within and without

So if we win this epic battle between good and evil, we must be ever vigilant to recognise when Satan is ruling us—or those in his employ who try to rule us—and be ready to stand against them, without fear or hesitation.

If we bring down these Satanic forces, then yes—those who spread these bioweapons across Ukraine and tried to start WW III will be brought down with them, as they are one.

Soros, Obama, Biden and Biden’s evil spawn, Hunter, will all be brought to judgment and pay for their crimes against us—but their crimes against God and Nature will be judged at a later time in a court outside of our jurisdiction.

And may they reap that which they have sown.

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