I know we are in unprecedented territory here, but at his Rally in my home state of North Carolina on Saturday, the real President said, “If a thief robs a jewellery store and gets caught – he doesn’t get to keep the diamonds.”

All of Biden’s blunders become illegitimate and reversible if we can get just three of six swing States to acknowledge this now-proven election fraud and recall their ‘Electors’.


This week, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, Michael Gableman, found incredible fraud and recommends ‘decertification’ of the 2020 election.

Plus, over half of Wisconsin’s counties have officially demanded de-certification of the 2020 election due to the massive fraud now revealed, county by county

And Wisconsin is not alone.  Arizona’s proven fraud just moved into the legal realm as well.

Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, finally admitted widespread election fraud in his state this week, and he did so in writing.

Twelve pages of fraud, in fact.  Decertification motions have been presented by The Richardson Post’s recent interview guest, Representative Mark Finchem – now running for Secretary of State – who will likely be the man in power over the election process next year.

But let’s not stop with Wisconsin and Arizona. 

Let’s go to the stronghold of Democrat forces up north in Pennsylvania and read today’s headline, “Post-Election Audit Causes Decertification Of Fulton County’s Voting System In Pennsylvania.”  

If the Dominion vote-rigging process has caused the decertification of one Pennsylvania county, what will we find in the others now facing audits using the same machines?  An appeals court just ruled the rule changes made by the Democrats in 2020 to have been unconstitutional.

That will no doubt go to the Supreme Court of that State – but it’s still a win. And let’s not leave out the sewer of American politics – Georgia – and its Queen Bee of Election Fraud, Stacey Abrams, who just got busted for her part in the drop-off box mail-in-vote scam. 

Abrams ‘nowaccount’ financed the company, happy faces, which provided the election fixers in Fulton County—and apparently paid the ballot-box stuffers from her HQ every night!

Speaking of racists, there were no white ‘Happy Faces’ hired by Abrams’ front company – only black – yet she screams ‘racism’ every day.

But this week will be even worse for Stacey and gang when filmmaker Dinesh D’Sousa releases his documentary tomorrow, “2,000 Mules.”

This is a huge development that implicates the Democrat Party directly and Stacey Abrams in particular in the ballot trafficking operations in the state of Georgia. Ballot harvesting is illegal in Georgia.

By tracking the cellphones of these ballot ‘mules’, Dinesh and crew have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the harvesters would “visit drop boxes every night, then go to Stacey Abrams’ headquarters, and then go back to the [Zuckerberg funded] drop boxes.”

The ballot harvesting conspiracy is highly illegal and it looks like Stacey-girl may be the paymaster and Kingpin in the ballot fraud conspiracy.


The Epoch Times broke the news this week in a law suit filed by Senator David Perdue who lost his re-election bid in Georgia due to this fraud, “Judge: 2020 Election Records in Key Georgia County Must Be Preserved Indefinitely.”

The Marxists have delayed investigations, destroyed evidence and obfuscated in every possible fashion trying to run out the 2-year clock – which is how long they are required to keep the ballots from 2020.

But Judge Robert McBurney ordered the ballots that are the subject of this lawsuit to be kept ‘indefinitely’ – not by the Elections Board, but by his own Clerk of Superior Court – where further tampering or misconduct on the 147,000 absentee ballots in question is far less likely.

This, my friends, is big, as it is unlikely Judge McBurney would seize the ballots in question unless he intends for someone to forensically audit them.

Since there was no chain of custody on these 147,000 ballots (as required by Georgia law) they were illegal in a State where Biden allegedly won by  just 10,000 votes, and almost every single trafficked ballot was for Biden.


For the naysayers about the possibility of this coming to pass, I say it is already happening.  The Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Throckmorton, that “Fraud vitiates everything.”

The word ‘everything’ is all encompassing – and includes stolen elections – especially the theft of the United States presidency.

“As of April 8, 2022, President Joe Biden (D) had signed 87 executive orders, 68 presidential memoranda, 228 proclamations, and 46 notices.” Every one of them was illegal and are reversible the moment Biden is proven to have gained that office via fraud.

Trump’s rally Saturday in the tiny town of Selma, North Carolina, drew a crowd that stretched as far as the eye could see

The incredible damage that Joe Biden and his Bolsheviks have visited upon my homeland in just 15 months is staggering – but unable to pass his radical policies legislatively – he did it by decree.

Undoing these preposterous mandates of questionable legality can begin righting the ship of State overnight.

His decimation of the Energy Sector – ending drilling, fracking and pipelines – would immediately be undone, thereby putting the brakes on inflation and even wars. 

How so?

Because an Energy-Independent America no longer needs to involve itself in Middle Eastern wars – and Trump’s Peace was breaking out all over that region partially as a result.

Energy is the greatest driving factor of America’s inflation, so driving that back down through American dominance in that trade helps everyone.

Harmful Marxist teachings such as Critical Race Theory and Democrat ‘Groomer’ transgender agenda in our schools and military will be gone and cast into the dustbin of history in a day.

The invasion-by-Biden’s invitation at America’s Southern Border – ended in a month – when Trump finishes his wall and shuts down trade with Mexico until that government stops the human and drug traffickers on their side of the border.

The smartphones the Marxist gave their new voter imports and invaders will be used to track them down and send them home.

And while it will be a fight, I think the confirmation of Marxist pedophile-enabler, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, to the U.S. Supreme Court for life can also be undone, as that appointment was illegitimate.

In every pedophile case this groomer heard—including baby rape and torture pervs—Jackson lowballed the punishment—making this the perfect choice for the pedophile n’ chief, Joe Biden

Much more is happening from the paint-peeling speed of Independent Counsel John Durham’s investigation of the Clinton plot to frame Trump, to a separate investigation by Delaware prosecutor, U.S. Attorney David Weiss, into the Hunter Biden laptop disclosures, but it is all happening.

And the best news is this week’s filing by John Durham that finally called the Clinton/DNC Russia, Russia, Russia hoax what it was – a conspiracy to falsely frame Donald Trump – using foreign spies and domestic agents.

By calling it a ‘conspiracy’ the statutes of limitation are no longer a concern as they do not start to run until the last act of conspiracy.

Durham made clear in his court document that this conspiracy is ‘ongoing’ – so this one may go all the way to the top – Clinton herself. Also big news, the first trials of the illegally detained Patriots from the Dem’s January 6th Capitol plot of last year ended in acquittal, and the FBI-plotted ‘kidnapping’ hoax in Michigan ended in a jury finding two of them not guilty and a hung jury on the rest.

12 FBI agents/informants lured six men into their plot—then tried to convict them as ‘white supremacists’—but failed

In other words, the Bolsheviks have had a tough week – and this one coming is going to make last week look like a picnic.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

And if you still doubt how we can get there, watch this movie:

It was just released this week at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago – take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

We’re winning.

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