Under Vladimir Putin’s rule, three Christian churches are dedicated each day—making him the most hated man on earth

I grew up living in fear of Russia dropping ‘the bomb’ and reflexively hated Putin.

We had drills to see how quickly we could walk home from school to get to our bomb shelters and safe places, as Nikita Khrushczev – the crazy Russian ruler – would no doubt drop ‘the big one’ on us any day.

We were told the Soviet Union taught its children to snitch on their parents. Further, Soviet schools were godless institutions of Marxist indoctrination where free speech was not allowed!

Unfortunately, those are now the policies of the Biden Regime in America.

So, I never expected Russia to lead the world in re-establishing Christianity – while all other governments, including my own – seemingly abandoned it and its values.

And that is at the core of why Biden and the Marxist Globalist crowd must destroy Putin. They are desperate to do it before he can rejuvenate Christianity in Europe.

By 2018, Vladimir Putin had rebuilt 40,000 churches which were destroyed during the Russian/Soviet Bolshevik era, and is adding 1,095 new ones each year. 

His goal by 2050 is “to attain the 80,000 churches held before the Bolshevik Revolution took place 100 years ago.”


We can add almost every world leader to that stage, as with a few exceptions in Eastern Europe, they’ve all taken the dark path

And it turns out many of the Biden Regime’s ad hominem attacks on Vladimir Putin – and his nation – were American Disinformation.

Over the weekend buried in the BS was a major admission by U.S. Intelligence operatives and Biden officials. They effectively admitted that what they’ve said about Russia and its Ukraine venture are mostly made up stories, a.k.a., lies.

“The report says that toward this end the US government has deliberately circulated false or poorly evidenced claims about impending chemical weapons attacks, about Russian plans to orchestrate a false flag attack in the Donbass to justify an invasion, about Putin’s advisors misinforming him, and about Russia seeking arms supplies from China.”

Of course, their lapdog press tried to clean up the mess by spinning it.

“NBC News has a new report out citing multiple anonymous US officials humorously titled, “In a break with the past, U.S. is using intel to fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn’t rock solid”. 

‘Isn’t rock-solid’ translates in Biden-speak to, “We made this crap up to start a war with Putin to take your attention off our own f@#k-ups!”

Pencil neck, Jake Sullivan said, “there’s evidence,” but when pressed by a real reporter, he said, “I told you there’s evidence, so that’s the evidence,” but nobody is buying it any more, Jakey


Caitlin’s April 7th newsletter on this subject is worth a full read. 

If they’re openly admitting they lied about Ukraine, Russia, the war, and pretty much everything else, then why should we readily embrace what they say about the world’s most prolific builder of Christian Churches?

We should look at what Putin has done – and what he has not done – before believing any more of Biden’s admitted ‘disinformation’.

Why the United States and the west support Ukraine’s neo-Nazis is the real question

Pretty much every horror story coming out of Ukraine about Russian troops committing atrocities has been a lie too, but you could not know that unless you were here on the ground.

I’ve been interviewing the actual people fleeing these villages while also seeing the real footage of what is happening (which you’ll never see on any media channel).

So far, I’ve yet to hear a story about a Russian soldier hurting or killing anyone except the Neo-Nazis.

And yes, they’re killing the hell out of them and stacking their dead bodies like firewood, just like the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis did to 14,000 Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbass Region for the last eight years – but you weren’t told about that either, were you?

Also, the only ‘aid’ I’ve seen coming into Ukraine are white tractor trailer trucks from Russia, in caravans, full of food and water.

Telegram has some sites like Intel Slava Z which have the actual footage. It may be slanted too but is instructive.

You decide, but to me they’re far more credible than MSM propaganda’s fake war scenes from Gaza.

But when I see the media films of dead bodies (like in Bucha) and then see the ‘dead’ crisis actors getting up in the rearview mirror – then sure enough – the media’s got egg on its face once more having to admit that it was not Russians who did the killing.

Evidence now shows that it was the Neo-Nazis, so loved by the Globalists and their media collaborators, who massacred the folks in Bucha.


My nation is admittedly lying while trying to start a global war – preferably nuclear – in service to W.E.F. goons and their Great Reset.

Since 2014, they’ve also funded Neo-Nazi brigades who murdered Russians for eight years while simultaneously operating bioweapons labs with dangerous pathogens across Ukraine.

The millions and billions were funnelled in part through the crackhead son of the stand-in president, Joe Biden. This is now a proven fact – using Hunter Biden’s own communications found in his laptop as evidence.

FACT- Hunter laundered DoD money through Rosemont Seneca (a Biden company) to Metabiota, which operates those labs that Joe Biden said did not exist.

That was until they were found by Putin and exposed at the U.N. In actual fact, those labs were run on contract with the United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency. 

Nothing to see here, obviously, other than money-laundering, bioweapons treaty violations, racketeering and crimes against humanity

Those Ukraine bioweapons labs were originally authorised and funded in 2005 by then Senator, Barack Obama, as we have proven using U.S. Military-published documents.

In spite of these facts, the U.S. Government and Biden lied repeatedly saying Putin’s claims of bioweapons labs in Ukraine was ‘Russian Disinformation.’

Just 72 hours later, Under Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, had to admit to Congress under oath that it was, in fact, true.

On the other hand, this guy, Vladimir Putin, has destroyed or captured all 26 of those illegal labs, seized their ‘dirty bomb’ planned to have been detonated (on March 8th, according to intel received) – which is why Putin pre-empted them by invading on February 24th to shut it all down.

Putin is bringing in tens of thousands of tons of food and water each day to feed the civilian populations who have been stranded by the Ukraine government, Biden, and the Satanic Globalists.

This evil trio expected all of us in this region to be dead!

Between the pathogen release(s) from the bioweapons labs and exploding the dirty nuclear bomb at Chernobyl (an hour from where I sit) – why would any of them need to plan ‘aid’ for those of ‘us’ who once lived here? 

We were supposed to be the first casualties of their ‘Great Reset’ intended to reduce population of the world by 80-85%. 

Kind of telling what their plan actually was, no? 

They’ve got time and money for tanks, rockets, etc., but no time or money for the victims of this crisis, which is very interesting. 

We’re not supposed to be alive – which may have a bit to do with my changed opinion of Mr. Putin. I think time may prove that I owe him my life.

Now Putin has done more to piss off the globalists.

In fact, he may have ruined them, because he destroyed their money scam.

Putin’s new ruble actually has value rather than being made out of the thinnest of air like a dollar, yuan or Euro – and it will obliterate them.

Their attempt to destroy the ruble backfired.  It was back up in days.

Russia has record oil profits – thanks to the Biden Junta’s destruction of Trump’s energy independence policies – which had prices at their lowest ever.

They thought they killed the ruble, but instead they created the world’s only gold and commodities-backed currency

By halting drilling and fracking contracts and shutting off pipelines in America – while approving them for Russia – the Biden Bolsheviks are 100% responsible for this present miasma.

Russia has cut off much needed oil and natural gas to its enemies in Europe who are part of the U.S.-led sanctions brigade – and as a result, divided the European nations into those who must have his resources (i.e.  Germany) against those who wisely chose nuclear energy (like France) who don’t.

This division could actually wreck what is left of the European Union as well as NATO, and they can pin the tail for this one on Biden’s ass.

The Biden Junta and Globalist power junkies also put Putin in charge and made Russia rich in another way with their ‘sanctions’.

Putin now controls 25.4% of the world’s life-giving grain in Russia and Ukraine – just as the hunger riots begin around the world.

Headline today in Europe, “hunger riots have begun, global starvation imminent, 4 billion could die”

“Hunger Riots have Begun, Global Starvation Imminent, 4 Billion could Die,” are the headlines today in the EU Times

When Biden and the Globalist EU hustlers jumped on the sanctions bandwagon against Putin, they literally took bread out of the mouths of their own people.

This is not limited to just wheat but to fertilizer. Europe must have to grow its own food in the Age of Greenies and Greta who killed natural gas production needed to make fertiliser in their own nations.

Harvests will be a small percentage of normal without it.

“Food riots have already begun in Iraq (Al Jazeera) and Albania (Euronews). Lebanon has announced rationing of wheat (Irish Times) and same in Germany and Moldova according to Telegram channels dedicated to this war.”

Egypt – one of the world’s largest importers of wheat – will be next, then Chile, England, most of Europe and then cities of America, as the Biden Regime is actually paying farmers to destroy their crops.

And they’ll blame it all on Putin instead of themselves, while thus far, every attempt to destroy the man has only made him stronger.

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