The FDA not only pushes it—“remdesivir is now the only approved covid-19 treatment in the United States.”

Why would the U.S. government force this deadly drug on patients under an ‘emergency use authorisation’ when it killed 50% of the test animals?

Didn’t know that, did you?  Of course not—Fauci & Crew hid it from us.

According to Dr. Paul Marik, one of America’s top ICU doctors, “Remdesivir killed more than 50% of the animals during its clinical trials. Yet the FDA still approved it.”

Dr. Floyd Chilton, Professor & Director of the Precision Nutrition and Wellness initiative at the University of Arizona, thinks he knows why after realising that “remdesivir can destroy kidney function in as little as five days,” but what causes that is the real shocker.

He added, “It seems to boil down to an enzyme found in rattlesnake venom,”  which came as quite a surprise. Dr. Chilton determined this after getting blood samples from roughly 130 ICU patients in New York and discovering extremely high concentrations of that enzyme in all of them.

Venomous creatures come in all shapes, sizes and colours

According to the National Library of Medicine, roughly 15% of the world’s animals have some form of venom, and each is somewhat different.

Snakes, for example, have an array of poisons from hemotoxic to neurotoxic, with a wide range of effects.

Rattlesnakes and copperheads in my homeland, for example, were hemotoxic.  Their venom causes hemolysis of red blood cells (destroys them) while also acting directly on any tissue with which the venom comes in contact as a cytotoxin, killing the tissue.

Cobras and most pit vipers, on the other hand, are neurotoxic, paralysing and causing respiratory distress and a slow, painful death.


Good question many are asking today, but it is not uncommon.

“The use of snake venom in pharmaceuticals isn’t a ‘conspiracy theory.’ It’s a common practice, representing what most bioscience experts would describe as the cutting edge of drug discovery.” (Brighteon, April 14, 2022)

Captopril, for example, is a blood pressure medicine made of synthesised peptides and proteins found in viper venom, and 22 million Americans take Prialt in a synthesised form of cone-snail venom daily for pain.

But forcing a deadly poison on people as ‘the only approved treatment’ for a flu with a 99.7% survival rate is downright evil—yet once we learn more about the serpents behind Remdesivir, it makes sense.

Quick backstory for context:

I knew one of the world’s first medical venom researchers.

He was a dear colleague with whom I taught at Bapuji Institute in Davangare, India years ago, Dr. D.J. Vaidya.

Dr. D.J. Vaidya is on the right, with my son, Christopher, chatting with ‘Nityananda’ (he who knows himself’, in orange) and Tu-Tu—a retired professor who cooked for the ashram.

Dr. Vaidya was Managing Director of Phikon Biotech Pvt Ltd. in Mumbai, India but lived in Hong Kong most of the time, and certainly no criminal. 

He was a disciple of Yogananda, who led his followers in Hong Kong.

We trekked together to Yogananda’s Ashram in the Himalayas, then to Babaji’s Cave nearby—a trip on which he told us he was doing very exciting private research on potential uses for King Cobra venom.

Then one day, Dr. Vaidya was suddenly ‘disappeared’ and never heard from again.  No one in Hong Kong or Mumbai could find him, and I’ve never heard from him since.

The only news was in The Times of India which said he was being sought for “making fake drugs for heart ailments and cancer.”

According to The Times, “the Food and Drug Administration lodged a complaint,” which I found both disturbing and interesting. 

What the hell was Tony Fauci’s gang of thugs from the FDA doing chasing and filing complaints against a vitamin researcher/manufacturer in Mumbai, India who lived in Hong Kong?

D.J. Vaidya was a very successful and innovative guy who invented a process for chelating natural minerals so the body could absorb them.

No one who knew this man would wish him harm, but he was treading in an area where the most evil men on earth had secrets—and apparently deadly plans for ‘us’.

This week we learn that Dr. Vaidya is not the only such researcher who was taken out. 

A new movie, “Watch the Water” describes the murder of Dr. Bing Liu, another venom researcher who got too close to what was going on.

A Chinese-born assistant professor and molecular biologist researcher of COVID-19 at the University of Pittsburgh—Dr. Bing was shot in his home—ten times.

Someone wanted Dr. Bing very, very dead with 10 bullets in his body—which authorities somehow deemed a ‘murder suicide’


Remdesivir is a deadly poison, or to use the FDA’s term, a ‘fake drug’ and I’m convinced its owners had something to do with Dr. Vaidya and Dr. Bing Liu’s respective disappearance and death.

We’ve covered Soros/Gates’ Remdesivir extensively in the past but not in this context.

Here’s an updated excerpt from our 2020 reporting on this deadly poison, regarding the criminals behind Remdesivir:

Remdesivir—the only FDA and NIH approved treatment for Covid-19 in the U.S. is owned by Gilead Sciences, which started searching for a remedy in 2002, at USAMRIID (U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) in conjunction with, and funded by, a name you may recognise—Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Remdesivir was patented and used (unsuccessfully) against Ebola in 2016—funded by the U.S. taxpayer—with all profits going to Gilead.

Dr. Fauci was instrumental in getting Remdesivir ‘orphaned’ in as a potential Covid treatment to speed up FDA approval, but just 48 hours later, Gilead pulled that off the table and magically, a ‘synthetic’ appeared, according to The Financial Times.

“Bright Gene Bio-Medical Technology, a company in Suzhou, China, announced its synthetic and their stock price jumped 20% in one day,” according to that paper of record.

The company announced that it was ‘licensing’ its use from Gilead Biosciences, of which George Soros and Bill Gates are listed as owners.

But the Wuhan Institute of Virology (from which Fauci’s virus erupted) had already “filed an application to patent Gilead’s drug Remdesivir to treat the new coronavirus, a bid that would give China leverage over the global use of the therapy to fight the outbreak.”

Civilian Intelligence Network’s article headline:  “Remdesivir: George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug!”  I highly recommend this article which lists all of the SEC filings in China and America.

So we continue:

Soros’s Gilead had also partnered with WuXi Pharma Tech in Wuhan to manufacture the U.S. taxpayer-funded drug, which is also owned in part by Soros, according to—the company’s website.

Thanks to Civilian Intelligence Network for SEC filings and this wonderful picture of the chief serpent of remdesivir poison, George Soros

It appears that the Globalists Gates and Soros are indeed tied in with the Chinese on both the virus release (remember, the UN/Gates pre-planning conference Event 201 on October 18, in NYC in 2019) as well as being part owners of the Fauci-approved cure—Remdesivir—that sells for $1,000 a pop.

But $1,000 was just the starter price in 2020, before Fauci & Crew designated the deadly Remdesivir as the only game in town.

“Coronavirus drug Remdesivir to cost $3,120 per patient with private insurance, irking critics”

“For a majority of people who receive a five-day treatment of the drug using six vials (based on current patterns), the total charged to hospitals for patients with private insurance in the U.S. will be $3,120.”

Keep in mind that the little barking chihuahua giving out these orders, Anthony Fauci, is making a mint on this deadly drug, as are his partners in this genocide, George Soros, Bill Gates—and the CCP (which doesn’t even allow Remdesivir to be used in China, by the way).

Trials show that Remdesivir can kill within approximately ten days of use at Fauci’s recommended levels, and even his pals at the World Health Organisation (WHO) have called out the little vermin (Fauci) on his death drug:

“WHO has issued a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients.” World Health Organization “Remdesivir had a 53% death rate which is considerably higher than that of Covid.”

It shuts down the kidneys and key organs, while attacking blood coagulation and the nervous system.

Those, by the way, are the exact same effects certain venoms have on human beings—oh say like synthesised rattlesnake peptides and proteins, found by Dr. Chilton in every ICU patient being subjected to Remdesivir.

Coincidence?  Not hardly. 

These bastards have told us for decades that they want to ‘reduce our numbers’ and synthesised venom in a needle from these snakes is little different from their cousins injecting the natural version using fangs.

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