The morons of U.S. ‘intel’ handed Putin his Pearl Harbour card


Yes we can…but it’s up to just three unlikely men to save us.

“It has now been revealed that the US military ran the entire operation to sink the Moskva, including running the tracking of the ship via a P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft, which then handed off fire solutions to the Ukrainians who were all trained by the US military as well.”  (Brighteon, April 22, 2022)

Mike Adams concludes, “Thus, the United States provided the weapons, the training, the tracking and the fire solution to sink the Moskva.”

So far – in a show of great restraint – Vladimir Putin has only destroyed the ‘Vizar’ factory on the outskirts of Kyiv (which made the Neptune anti-ship missiles that sank the Moskva–though some say it was the “Ustinov”–which is somewhat irrelevant, as it was a Russian warship of the same class) but has yet to make clear his intentions for retaliation against the Biden Regime for causing it. 

The Moskva was Putin’s Black Sea flagship and its destruction by Biden & globalists’ shadow government in Ukraine is unlikely to be forgotten

I suggest Putin seize the Biden Crime Family’s global assets as a start.


Unfortunately, I am not joking.  The Muslim hack living in the White House basement calling the shots (metaphorically speaking) exposed himself in the wake of Joe-Joe’s dementia, calling for more censorship.

Former President Barack Obama in a major speech on Thursday called for more regulation of social media content, in order to diminish “disinformation.”

And just whose ‘disinformation’ are we talking about here, Barry?  Your soy boys actually came clean just last week about all their lying.

Then they brought out this Kenyan mullah to call for more censorship to prevent their own ‘disinformation’ campaign from being outed—but a little too late—they’re busted

Yes. just days ago, we reported the U.S. Intelligence apparatus admitting they lied to set the narrative for Biden’s war, using known ‘disinformation’ to do so.

Now, they’re scared to death that Elon Musk might take over their ‘disinformation’ machinery – companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google. If that happens, then truth (or even varying opinions) might sprout in their wake.

These morally bankrupt Globalists will break any law, tell any lie and go to any extremes of untruthfulness to get their Global War and Great Reset.

Their publicly stated goal – since putting it in writing back in 1971 (Limits to Growth) and restating it daily from the World Economic Forum – is to kill off most of ‘us’, then enslave the rest.

“You’ll have nothing – and be happy,” says the Serpent-in-Chief, Klaus Schwab of the W.E.F.  Do you think he’s making a joke, folks?

Do any of the melon-heads out their still hating on Putin for shutting down a dirty nuke and 26 bioweapons labs set to be deployed on March 8th in Ukraine, realise where we’d be today without that courageous act?

I don’t like Putin – or how he did it – but I’d be dead in Poland from their dirty nuke his troops neutralised in Chernobyl and you’d be sending your kids over here to die in another useless blood-letting if he hadn’t done it!

Think for just one minute – if ‘we’ the 7 billion – will have ‘nothing’, then don’t you get the point that instead of these self-appointed elites owning almost everything (Oxfam says 92%) – they’ll own 100%?

It’s just math…and unfortunately, there are only three men standing in their way…which is why they are systematically destroying them, one by bloody one, but won’t succeed, in my humble opinion.

Actually, the Elites don’t have a chance against these three street-fighters, if they’ve teamed up – as I have long suspected and believed.

Strange—counting on a Chinese dictator, a Russian strongman and a deposed president to save western civilisation, no?


First of all – Trump may appear down on the mat, but he’s not ‘out’ and the bell has yet to ring.  You can expect a ‘Rocky’ moment this year as he comes out swinging, and woe be to any in his path.

Second – China – as an Economist, I’m telling you Xi will have to pivot to survive.  We covered all the ghost cities built across China without inhabitants – now bankrupting his economy

China’s real debt by my estimation is $43 trillion, and the severe lockdowns of his largest port city (Shanghai) and shipping area (Shenzhen) are further crippling his chances for economic survival.  There has never been a shipping back-up in history like the one right now in Shanghai – which will affect his nation’s economy for years – ending China’s dominance in manufacturing as countries return supply chains to their own shores after years of Chinese unreliability.

Food shortages are already upon Xi and at some point the Lao Baixing will rise up, unless Putin sends him love from Russia

Yes. Russia will redirect its massive grain and fertiliser shipments from Egypt, South America and Europe to save Xi – leaving those nations and continents who opposed him in dire straits as a result.

[Good news – those nations will viciously turn on the Greenie Marxists who caused this, taking the spokes out of the Globalists’ next scheme to rob us of property, life and liberty – their Global Warming CO2 Hoax.]

Xi will invade Taiwan – eliminating the U.S. bioweapons labs there and possible ‘dirty’ nukes just as Putin did in Ukraine – which will temporarily deflect attention from his economic woes at home, while repatriating the thirteenth Province, as has been China’s plan and pledge for 70 years.

Thirdly – Russia – which has already won its place in this silent alliance – is now holding all the cards in Europe, which is, of course, the opposite of what the Obama/Biden ‘disinformation’ machine is telling you every day, so think for yourself. 

The arrogance of the Globalists was their downfall, thinking their Potamkin-style supra-national WHO, WTO, IMF, World Bank and UN would have any influence or be heard by starving people.  Their days are done.

Putin, on the other hand, has got the wheat to fill bellies, the fertiliser (from LNG, so nations can grow their own food), the gold to back his rouble, and the oil to keep people warm and their factories operating.

Putin is holding a royal flush—which beats anything in the deck

There is no hand that can beat his – and by the way – he’s got one of three largest inventories of nuclear weapons to back him up if the soy boys of Europe (or the Biden Blunderers) try to act tough.


This year will be the end of the Democrat Party in the United States, for all intents and purposes, as the world has seen the price of weak leaders who hate their own nations.  A rejuvenation of pride in homeland and dedication to one’s own people is emerging as the new leadership standard.

Strength in defence of one’s country, its people, and their national cultures—not globalism—is the purpose of a leader

As part of this new arrangement, Putin will support Xi during his times of adversity, by providing energy (already under way – not using U.S. dollars), food to stave off starvation, and perhaps military support if needed in his quest for Taiwan.

Putin and Xi will then jointly neutralise Rocket Man in North Korea, bringing that nation into their orbit – and the modern age.

More or less nothing for Trump


Keep in mind that billionaire Trump did not need this ‘save the world’ gig.

Beautiful wife, beautiful life, functional family – a rarity in itself these days – with a golf handicap under 3, he just needed time to enjoy it.

But he was actively recruited by U.S. Military Intelligence in 2014 to try and stop the Global Marxists’ destruction of his nation, according to insider Jerome Corsi – consulted by the U.S. generals who did this.

What Trump will get in return for saving his nation – and more broadly, our world – is a legacy greater than even America’s founders.

King David of Israel is still fresh on our minds three thousand years after his death, as example, and this is the type of historical framing the future holds for Donald J. Trump, when this cleansing of evil is complete.

The forces of Satan had our world on the edge of destruction and some wise generals – seriously considering a coup – decided to find a candidate who could legitimately win the hearts of the people instead and save them from the Globalist plot the military had discovered was set to destroy them and their nation – mostly from within.

Economically, Xi’s China is on the same sort of financial brink that brought down the Soviet Union in 1989, and the Communists have lost the ‘mandate of heaven’ as we’ve discussed before in these pages.

But Xi’s a smart guy – and I believe he will make a serious political pivot to save his own hide if nothing else. Instead of making Hong Kong into China, he may choose to model China after Hong Kong.

Perhaps it’s a half-way pivot like Russia’s was in the 1990s, but unleashing the potential of the lao baixing could change our world quickly and for the better.

Xi’s global aspirations have now proven unattainable financially as he struggles to feed his own people – and when Trump is restored, there will be a reckoning over the Wuhan flu, though nothing like it might have been now that we know the U.S. military and Dr. Anthony Fauci played major roles in the Globalists’ long-planned Virus/Pharmacide death cult as well.

Both Xi and Trump were screwed by these people and I can’t think of any worse enemies unless they can in add Vladimir Putin – which they can.

I actually see a new era of unprecedented co-operation between these three men in cleaning up the mess the Globalists made of our world.

With these three leaders back from the battle – scathed and scarred, but survivors – they will try to forge a future that will yield peace and prosperity for their own people, benefitting our world rather than destroying it.

The Globalists’ corrupt central bank money system is falling before our eyes – thanks to Mr. Putin’s gold-backed rouble – and without their magic money-making fraud, they’re toothless tigers.

While putting the American people into a $9 trillion hole as they printed money against debt—not a mistake—that’s how they do the ‘magic’.  They call debt an ‘asset’ and print money saying the debt is collateral, that ‘we the people’ must pay

I believe the world’s tribunals will ultimately repatriate much of their ill-gotten trillions robbed from the people via their secret and insidious tax known as inflation – which could change our world for the better as well.

The Globalist corporations, banks and ‘too big to exist’ financial firms will be broken into a thousand shards, just as the media and tech giants will become a million Lilliputians instead.

And yes, I believe this was the plan.

Mock me if you will – but keep your eyes open as it is already coming to pass.

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