Not even the jackass democrats and their media can say “no evidence of fraud” any longer—we have 14 million minutes of it!


That’s the question concerning most honest people in my home nation.

The FBI acts as nothing more than the Consigliere for the Democrat mafia and has done absolutely nothing to investigate this actual government overthrow by Democrat operatives in conjunction with foreign agents.

States – with the notable exception of Florida – have shown little courage or resolve to fix the proven corruption of the Democrat machine either.

But can that change now that the world is seeing this amazing movie 2000 Mules by Dinesh D’Sousa, proving their massive grift and crimes?

Can be watched in full here also but please donate to support this excellent movie.

I’m not sure – but we must try – and there is a way, as you’ll see.


Martin Van Buren is credited with being the founder of the Democrat Party–to protect their institution of slavery among other things–but he was quite open, saying that the sole purpose of his political institution was to build and hold power.

“The little Magician” wasn’t lying

That is still the only purpose of the Democrat Party, and this movie proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that no crime is too great in service to that sole objective – the power to rule others – now and forever.

Cartoonist Thomas Nast made the jackass the symbol of democrats—known even then for inflationary policies and horrific crimes against humanity (the party of slavery, being just one example)


On January 18th of this year, the Biden Bolsheviks secretly proposed amendments to the World Health Organisation’s governing board, which they plan to pass on May 22nd in Geneva, Switzerland.

We’ve covered this, but if you missed it, the puppet governments in alignment with the Global Marxist movement to return us to feudalism – including the U.K., Canada, the EU, and yes, my homeland, America – have pre-approved ceding sovereignty in all matters of health to the corrupt W.H.O.

Imagine our world if these corrupt bastards pull it off!

They plan to grant these broad powers (outside their authority, I might add) to the same group President Trump defunded, by amending the ‘sanitary rules’, giving this un-elected NGO power to declare a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern,” at will.

With zero evidence or data, these same liars who just gave us a manmade disease and an even deadlier ‘cure’, can lock down the world – and force the medical treatment of their choice – on the people of 194 nations.

China – which shares control of the W.H.O. with its top donor, Bill Gates – is showing you right now what is in store for us all if these maniacal, satanic forces pull this off.

370 million locked down in CCP China—over only two ‘covid’ deaths—so this is not about ‘health’ but power and control

In early March, cases began rising in several provinces around the country including Shandong in the east, Guangdong in the south, and Jilin in the northeast,” according to CNN.

So, what did this massive lockdown accomplish – and why do it?

It was a test-run to see if they could pull it off, in preparation for the next bug Gates has scheduled to release (a Marburg-style viral hemorrhagic fever, according to his recent speech in Munich).

All of this agony and anguish, yet, “So far, only two Covid deaths have been officially reported during this wave, both coming from Jilin in March.”

It is clear now how dangerous Democrats are in the United States – and on the world stage – yet we still have a constitutional way to take the bastards down quickly, so read on.

We don’t start at the top where the Marxists are in complete control–and not just in America.  No. We start at the bottom – the most basic unit of American and Anglo politics – the county or parish. 

That’s where we’ll search for an honest man or woman.


The most powerful law man in America is the duly elected local county sheriff.  Check out to learn more

The man in the picture, Sheriff Richard Mack, is educating his fellow law men – and the public – on the constitutional power of that office.

If a federal agent – or a W.H.O. official for example – comes to the county trying to enforce illegal mandates or powers not found in the U.S. Constitution, the Sheriff can arrest and jail him (or her), for the crime of violating constitutional rights under colour of law (18 USC §§241, 242).

The sheriff still holds the constitutional power to convene a jury and call for the public trial of that usurper as well, though that power is generally ceded to a public prosecutor, but still remains within the Sheriff’s purview when that court officer is corrupt or refuses.

What just happened with Dinesh D’Sousa’s movie, 2000 Mules, is highly significant because the sheriff of each of the counties where ballot trafficking was traced, will have access to the evidence of the crimes – or see exactly how to collect it – today, and can arrest the criminals tomorrow.

True the Vote – the operation highlighted in 2000 Mules – is going public with all the evidence and data of the 2020 theft of the U.S. election by Democrat operatives and shadowy ‘non-profits’ that instigated and managed the fraud.

True the Vote married the government cameras with the times and cell phone data tracking each ballot mule—and now, they got ‘em with enough to prosecute

14 million minutes of this footage showing the traffickers stuffing ballots into the drop boxes, are now matched with every operative’s cell phone data tracking them with 1) longitude, 2) latitude, 3) elevation, and 4) time.

They hit an average of 24 drop boxes per run, with an average of 5 ballots at each stop – then returned to the 501(C)(3) ‘non-profit’ stash houses (forbidden from such activities) to get paid cash and pick up more ballots.

The data from the cell phone’s unique identifier tells who each ‘mule’ is, and shows the clear trail not only from drop box to drop box, but to each of the illegal Soros-funded and Democrat Party ballot-bundling stash houses, of whom all involved, can now be arrested and charged – by the county sheriff of any county where the traffickers visited.


True the Vote just proved that in just five states, the election fraud was so massive that it resulted in the actual overthrow of the United States government on November 3rd of 2020 – an act of treason.

The duly re-elected president’s win was stolen by criminals – traitors, to be more precise – and they must now pay for what they did.

“True the Vote’s investigations in five states – Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin – show that at least 7 percent of the votes in the 2020 general election were trafficked.”

These two private citizens, Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht, did what the federal and state governments failed to do—which may yet save America from the Marxist takeover

The man who developed this method of tracking the ‘mules’, Gregg Phillips, said, “You had ballot collectors. People out knocking on doors, getting ballots. Then you had a collection point or a stash house for all the ballots, the bundling of all those ballots, and then the casting of those ballots by what we were calling mules.”

One of the ballot ‘stash houses’ appears to double as the headquarters of Stacey Abrams – the Democrat power broker now running for governor of Georgia.

Stacey may be spending time in the ‘big house’ instead of the governor’s mansion

Her company, ‘Happy Faces’, was paid to provide workers to manage the fraudulent election of 2020 in Georgia’s most corrupt County (Fulton) – but they only came in black.  No Whites were allowed at Happy Faces.

One of Stacey’s mules, for example, hit ballot drop boxes in six counties around Atlanta, Georgia – the epicentre of Georgia’s election fraud – which is also significant, as I’ll explain.

You see, Fulton County Sheriff “Pat” Labat is about as likely to investigate Stacey Abrams (and the corrupt Democrats who keep him in office) as the Chief of Police in Chicago was back in the day to poke around in Al Capone’s business. 

Ain’t happening.  The mayor during the 2020 steal was Keisha Bottoms–a Soros girl–and Stacey Abrams is one of the most powerful Democrats in America.

But Georgia is one big Red State, so Sheriff Pat Labat can’t stop what’s coming down Stacey-girl’s chimney – and it ain’t Santa Claus.

Might not be too hard to find an honest sheriff to take down Stacey Abrams in such a republican red state, eh?

But the fact that Stacey’s mules were hoovering up ballots in the surrounding counties is key, as there are five other sheriffs not beholden to Stacey and her criminal gang – a.k.a. the Democrat Party.

The officers of the non-profits like Stacey Abrams, who are involved in ballot trafficking – a crime, by the way – and the donors who knew of or encouraged this criminal activity – oh say, like George Soros – as well as every ‘mule’ doing their dirty work, can all be swept up in one day.

Since this amounts to a criminal conspiracy to violate constitutional rights under colour of law, that invokes 18 USC §241 or a similar state statute, which can carry ten years in prison and a cool million each – but I’d go for treason and the death penalty, if it were up to me.

Facing that kind of time and money will sure get the birds a singin’ down in Georgia – and I’d bet on one of the honest sheriffs close to Atlanta – like Sheriff Barry H. Babb in Fayette County, for example – who may be just the man to finally bring them to justice.

Anyone of these officers in the Fayette County Sheriff’s office could become the hero America needs to bring down the election fraud cabal

When one courageous sheriff gives a tug to that first thread – the whole thing will begin to unravel.

And we need to be tugging threads all over America, starting today.

Dinesh has given us the ‘how’ so let’s take down the whole thing while we still can!

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