Gorbaczev agreed to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and U.S. Sec. of State, James Baker, promised in return that NATO ‘will never move an inch eastward.” (1992). But NATO is now on Russia’s doorstep. Whose war is this when the facts are considered?


The United States Senate – both RINOs and Marxist Democrats – are poised to send $43 billion to fund the Neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine.

The reasons are obvious – the Dem-RINO ‘uniparty’ launders billions there as we’ve exposed for years now, plus they still hope to somehow hide the 26 illegal bio-weapons labs built under the Obama/Biden regime –  and Ukraine runs the largest pedophilia supply chain in the world.

We got it.  The Globalist ‘Elites’ are protecting their playground at all cost.

The territory called Ukraine, which means ‘outskirts’ or ‘borderlands’ has been the crossroads of global criminal activity since the 1990s when George Soros set up his foundation there after its creation in 1992.

That is where government and NGO counterparts in these illicit things – bioweapons, money-laundering, and prepping kids for their pedo practices (and whatever else) – intersect.

Perhaps the most unpopular man in America – besides Joe Biden – is Republican Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who surprisingly claims that this regional conflict 5,000 miles away from the United States is “the most important issue of the day.”

Certainly not for Americans suffering from the triple-whammy of stifling Biden energy policies, open borders depressing minority wages, or inflationary dumpster fires Mitch and the RINOs so happily endorsed.

No “Leader” McConnell – this conflict in the Bloodlands of Eastern Europe may be the least important thing to Americans.

In fact, according to reporting on Steve Bannon’s War room yesterday, Ukraine did not even make the list of 13 top concerns of Americans! I can promise the Old Crow (President Trump’s term for McConnell) that those of us who live and may or die here in Eastern Europe are concerned, but mainly because of your uninformed or intentionally reckless behaviour.

I don’t know if one man can stop the uniparty’s madness, but he’s at least delayed it so more people can learn what this is really about—selling arms and laundering money for politicians

Thanks only to Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky – who simply asked that the Senate follow its rules and appoint an inspector to monitor how this money is spent – this craziness would have become law last night.

And what did former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev have to say about NATO’s latest promise-breaking yesterday?

“The pumping of Ukraine by NATO countries with weapons, the training of its troops to use Western equipment, the dispatch of mercenaries and the conduct of exercises by the countries of the Alliance near our borders increase the likelihood of a direct and open conflict between NATO and Russia instead of their ‘war by proxy,” Medvedev wrote in a post.

“Such a conflict always has the risk of turning into a full-fledged nuclear war,” Medvedev added. “This will be a disastrous scenario for everyone.”


I’m so glad you asked, as there is almost nothing we can do, but we have some unexpected allies in stopping the provocation that NATO and America’s uniparty of Marxist Dems and RINOs – the ones trying to provoke WW III – may not have expected to object to their plot.

But let’s start with a few NATO facts:

FACT – It takes all 30 members of NATO to unanimously approve the addition of a new member, which is in this case the non-nation of Ukraine.

There are also certain requirements of a financial nature – including actual nationhood – and a test for corruption.

FACTS – Ukraine (a territory, not a nation) is kept alive at this point by the corrupt Biden regime trying to start a war there to cover up its own crimes, and Ukraine is rated as the third most corrupt place on earth.

Ukraine can’t pass the fitness test – and its pimp-maestro, Zelenskyy, is demanding $12 billion per month from his fanboys to keep the doors open to their money laundering/pedo paradise – and it looks like he gets it!

Oh go on and kiss him, Mitch!  The uniparty is pushing the war-mongering pedo support bill for Ukraine, almost in unison!

And in doing so, they are driving those of us who will die first headlong into a conflict with one of the world’s nuclear powers of note – Russia.


The capitals of the EU nations attacking Russia will be first—now, thanks to Biden regime pressure on Poland, that will include my beloved Warsaw, I am now convinced

EU and U.S. leaders openly encouraging more nations bordering Russia to enlarge NATO, will force Putin to act and do so decisively – which will likely involve EMPs exploded above European cities to knock out all communications.

Acting as the fuse in this game of international chicken – where two fools race toward certain death seeing who will veer first – both the Finnish and Swedish governments announced they want to slither into NATO as well. 

The President and Prime Minister of Finland, just yesterday, said they intend to apply for NATO membership ‘immediately’.

NATO sec. Gen. Jens Stoltenberg to Finnish P.M. San Marin – “should Finland decide to apply, they would be warmly welcomed into NATO, and the accession process would be smooth and swift”—a promise he has no authority to make

Not to be outdone in suicidal acts, Sweden announced the writing of a report to request application as well – also just yesterday.


NATO has 4,500 employees at its posh HQ in Brussels, but apparently not even one of them bothered to tell the boss that he does not hold such powers.  All thirty member nations have to agree or there is no entry.

It took my least favoured NATO member – Turkey – to do so, and even though I hold Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in particularly low regard, he deserves credit. He stood up and put the brakes on the deal.

In the long run, he may or not succeed, but he holds the trump card, in that all he has to do is say, ‘no’, and the required unanimity is kaput. “Secretary of State Antony Blinken was preparing to travel to Germany on Saturday for a meeting of NATO foreign ministers that will include the top diplomats from Finland, Sweden and Turkey.”

Humiliated in every matter of foreign affairs to date, the fool on the left and the fool on the right are sure to screw up the meeting on Saturday, giving me some hope.


While the Uniparty of Fools races toward war with Russia, the American people have other concerns on their mind.

Like – the worst inflation since the 1970s, with fuel, the driver of all else – doubling in price amidst strategic reserves dropping from over 50 million barrels to 18 million (soon to be 10, according to today’s report).

Five major diesel refineries were closed under Biden/Greenie pressures this past two years (just on the East coast) and the XL pipeline which would be bringing in over 330 million barrels of crude a day to make this product was shut down by the above fool on the left, Day One in office.

98% of farm equipment runs on this fuel, and worse than the rocketing food prices already being experienced will be greatly reduced yields if the equipment can’t run due to Biden’s intentionally created fuel crisis. Not stopping at starving the adults, you know how to really piss off Mama Bears you need to hate Trump for the next election?  Have your compromised FDA shut down baby formula factories for unknown reasons and restrict imports – emptying the shelves.

Yep.  At the same time Bill Gates announces his Frankenstein breast milk (a.k.a., “bio milk”) baby formula, his homies at FDA shut down the real thing at home and abroad.  Nice to have low friends in high places, no, bill?

Meanwhile, millions of illegals, gangsters and jihadists from 151 nations are flooding America, just as intended by the party of U.S. destruction. But unlike American moms, those illegally entering my home nation, have pallets and pallets of baby formula in their cushy detention centres, hotels, and motels, before being released into America – to vote Democrat.

At some point, even those who are politically braindead realise that something very evil is going on with this crowd, when American babies must do without food, but illegals can have it

In fact, “The Biden-Harris immigration plan could allow up to 52 million new immigrants to settle in the U.S., according to a Federation for American Immigration Reform analysis provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation.”

This is driving the formerly dependable Black and Hispanic Democrats into the arms of Trump’s big tent populist/nationalist America First party.

Why? Because they are the ones massively losing out to Biden’s invaders who are taking their jobs, schools and limited resources/services meant for them. 

How big is this?  Big enough to bury the Democrats for a century.

“A recent poll found that Hispanic voters favour a generic Republican over a generic Democrat by two points, a 42-point swing since the 2018 midterm exit polls, where Hispanic voters overwhelmingly supported the Democrat.”


The absolute recklessness being shown by the Democrat Party as we head into 2022 midterm elections is historic. It’s like a death wish.

They are hellbent on destroying America and even their own constituents, as if they have something up their sleeve – oh say like another pandemic to justify mail-in ballots where the election can be stolen as in 2020 – or even a nuclear war, as excuse to put off elections altogether.

They’ve got two such plots stewing right now, as we’ve covered, but I’m convinced they will do anything they can to shut down a fair election this year – as these Marxists play for keeps and take no prisoners.

Marxists are willing to die to take down my home nation, as they know it is the only thing standing in the way of everyone else – as the present plot will show.

Their Seven Days in May happening right now May 22-29 to give over sovereignty to the United Nations and its World Health Organisation, (I covered this week) to the worst attacks I’ve experienced while writing for this publication – but now it’s on every channel where truth is still told, so I hope the foolish among you wake up when you hear it there.

Biden’s HHS proposed these world-altering changes to W.H.O.’s Governing Board on January 18th of this year in secret, only exposed when a private investigator found the documents, April 18th.

Now, 40 nations whose own laws and Constitutions forbid this, have joined the Biden Bolsheviks promising to push it through, including BoJo in the U.K.; ScoMo, Down Under; Jacinda Ardern and the Kiwis, plus the Brussels fools of Europe – the exact people who should be up in arms, leaving the W.H.O. and UN over the mere suggestion of such idiocy.

This Bill Gates/CCP footsolidier, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesusis, is to be given dictatorial powers, as you’ll read in the article—and Scott Morrison has promised Biden and the Bolsheviks to be a ‘yes’ on May 22nd.  Scomo just sold Australia down the river

Dr. Peter Breggin, a world renowned expert on W.H.O.’s efforts to take over world health, blew the doors off this scandal on Steve Bannon’s Warroom Friday.)

The clip can be seen at the link above


The plot was to release a dirty nuke using Uranium One product in Chernobyl so it could be blamed on Russia on March 8th of this year – a plan hatched in 2013 by the Obama regime – to be carried out in 2017, when Hillary Clinton was slated to be installed as president.

As you may know, an outsider won instead, delaying their plot until now, when the White House is back under Marxist control.

Simultaneously under the Obama/Biden Junta, 26 U.S. bioweapons labs proliferated across Ukraine (now admitted by Under Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, under oath), intended to release dangerous pathogens, starting global pandemics – but blamed on Russia, once again.

Vladimir Putin’s intel sources also knew of this plan and pre-empted the false flag op on February 24th of this year, seizing the ‘dirty nuke’ located at the nuclear disaster site (Chernobyl) as well as destroying 23 of 26 U.S. bioweapons labs – three remaining as evidence – as presented with documentary proof yesterday to the United Nations Security Council in a special session.

Here’s the question – will Putin take the bait and be the one to lob the first nuke, given all of this provocation – or will he remain the only adult in the fray – and refrain?

These are dangerous times and I don’t know the answer to that question, but pushing nukes, bioweapons labs, missiles and tanks up to his very border – after swearing to never do it – is not something he can tolerate and remain popular with his own people.

It’s his duty to protect them – as he’s doing in Eastern Ukraine – after the U.S. backed Neo-Nazis killed an estimated 14,000 Russians there, since 2014 – and at some point, he must act as Russia’s leader.

If the NATO bureaucrats and the U.S. Biden Regime push him much further, there will be a very deadly war with no winners.

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