“Great work Teddy,” says Billy-bob. “no. It was all you, boss!,” says Tedros, the Ethiopian mugwump, Bill wants to make W.H.O. ’dictator’


Just as Gates and the U.N. prepped media, NGOs, and government stooges for their patented Covid-19 disease in New York at his ‘Event 201’ (October, 2019), he prepped them for his new Monkeypox—a year ago (2021)—in Munich.

“A group called the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) partnered with the Munich Security Conference in March 2021 to engage in an exercise simulating how the world would react to an outbreak of Monkeypox.”

Now, just two guesses—and the first one doesn’t count—who funds the ‘Nuclear Threat Initiative’?

If you guessed Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (or Globalist, Ted Turner), then you win the prize. 

“NTI/Bio, Munich Security Conference Convene Global Leaders for Annual Tabletop Exercise on Reducing High-Consequence Biological Threats,” and the one last year just happened to be about Mon(k)eypox!

Same picture! Just like the fake Ukraine coverage, old pictures of one thing magically become pictures of another today in lamestream media!

The rebranded Mon(k)eypox is admitted in the official Queensland Government statement above to be ‘herpes zoster’ or ‘shingles’ “caused by a reactivation of the chickenpox virus,” but Gates Scamdemic Marketing Department opted for ‘Monkeypox’ to scare the public into buying his jab.

Would anyone care to guess what is an admitted side-effect of the Covid-19 jabs—yes, all of them?

Shingles!  So by rebranding shingles (like the flu suddenly became Coronavirus) the side effects of the Covid jabs, have a ready and growing market for his next drug for “Monkeypox”.

Give them ‘shingles’ with the Covid vaxx, call it Monkeypox, and you get another few jabs in them until you weaken their immune system completely and they die of something else!


Of course they will, but not as many sheep this time and the ones who took the Covid jab will soon need the shingles jab…I mean ‘Monkeypox vaccine’….until they come up with another jab to treat its side-effects—and so on.  Wash (the money), Rinse, Repeat.

But don’t worry, because with every jab, your own immune system becomes more compromised, so something else will take you out soon.

The nose tells it all—Fauci has been hanging around this lab


1.  Have NIH and military/government shills fund billions to weaponise common cold/flu (coronavirus) or shingles (now Mon(k)eypox) to spread more quickly amongst humans using ‘gain of function’ research.

2.  Simultaneously, come up with an untested drug that will allegedly fight against your new flu or pox to sell a fearful public, which your compensated pals at NIH will approve for ‘Emergency Use’—after you patent it with them as ‘co-inventors’, so they share in the loot.

3.  Then hold a conference to indoctrinate those who will promote your new scamdemic like Event 201 for Covid (2019), or Munich NTI for Mon(k)eypox (2021).

4.   Create the ‘emergency’ by releasing pathogens with a cover story—Bat Soup in Wuhan for Covid, Lab monkey escape in PA for Mon(k)eypox, and so on.

5.  Have government partners in crime ready with hundreds of million dollars of your drugs on hand before the first mention of the ‘outbreak’.

6.  Announce to a clambering public, ‘Don’t worry, we have a vaccine’ so politicians won’t get in the way of the illegal ‘emergency use’ authorisation of an untested—perhaps even deadly—drug.

7.  Make billions upon billions while greasing the tracks (like the $350 million paid to Fauci, et al) to be ready for the next scam.

Easy peasy.  Wash, Rinse (the money) and Repeat.


My friend, Adam Andrzejewski, of Open the Books, broke this story last week, after demanding that NIH ‘open the books’ on its royalty payment scheme using a FOIA request (Freedom of Information Act).

It was the first time since 2005 that these payouts had been made public and it was stunning how this scam has grown since then. Adam reported, “Last year, the National Institutes of Health – Anthony Fauci’s employer – doled out $30 billion in government grants to roughly 56,000 recipients. That largess of taxpayer money buys a lot of favour and clout within the scientific, research, and healthcare industries.”

1,700 of those NIH payouts were to U.S. government employees, double-dipping, with their noses in the trough

“We estimate that between fiscal years 2010 and 2020, more than $350 million in royalties were paid by third-parties to the agency and NIH scientists – who are credited as co-inventors.”



The ‘outbreak’ started in Brussels—NATO’s HQ—and the map shows it spreading almost exclusively in NATO nations, and only in nations where the Covid jabs were mandated.

Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  ‘Shingles’ are listed as a side-effect of the Covid jab, according to all the makers—Pfizer, J & J, Astra Zeneca, and Moderna.

Odd, don’t you think?  All these western-aligned nations—where covid jabs were ‘mandated’, but there are no monkeys—are getting the shingles…I mean ‘monkeypox’

The Scamdemic Gang is getting as easy to predict as Jack the Ripper.  Pretty ‘lady of the night’, without family, walking the streets of London.  He follows her home—you know the rest.

So when I read about the lab monkeys escaping in Danville, PA last January (2021) on their way to a CDC lab—even before Gates’ Munichfest to predict his ‘Monkeypox’ crime—my hackles were raised.

Months later as if on cue, FOX news reported, “Woman who helped monkeys in Pennsylvania crash experiencing health issues: report. ‘The truck was carrying 100 cynomolgus macaque monkeys to a CDC facility’.


CDC (Centre for Disease Control) is part of Fauci’s crew if that helps out with the storyline of the crime, so the lab monkeys were on the way to a Fauci-run lab—which may explain the amazing resemblance between Tony Fauci and the monkey in the picture above.

Next, as if on cue, the Washington Examiner  reports, “FBI and CDC investigating ‘smallpox’ vials found in Pennsylvania Merck laboratory,” by Elizabeth Faddis – (Nov 17, 2021).

Monkeys escape on way to CDC lab in PA + corrupt FBI/CDC ‘investigate’ smallpox vials just down the road in Merck Pharma lab in PA = gain of function Monkeypox (and ‘vaccine’) perhaps?

Indeed.  A textbook CDC/pharma plot, methinks Mr. Watson!


Until last week, this virus was so unremarkable that it was unworthy of mention—sort of like polio—until Gates came up with a ‘vaccine’ that brought it back to life, which did not work out too well for the world. 

And just like the other predictable criminal, Jack the Ripper, Gates was ready for this Mon(k)eypox Scamdemic as well.

The FDA approved the vaccine in September 2019, just before corona. The U.S. government has purchased 13 million of these vaccines. Publicist and lawyer Sietske Bergsma responds: “Monkeypox in the newspaper in the morning, a vaccine in the afternoon. Love science!”

So not to worry, “Bavarian Nordic has a vaccine against both smallpox and Monkeypox that was recently approved by the American drug authority FDA.”

And as if on cue, the Biden Bolsheviks have ponied up the dough.

“The US has ordered 13 million additional doses of the monkeypox vaccine after a Massachusetts man contracted the rare — but potentially severe — virus, officials said Thursday.”  So how did they know it was coming?

Good question. Just one case, and you go out and spend a bloody fortune on untested jabs—and they are somehow ready to ship on a moment’s notice for a disease thought to no longer exist? 

“The massive $119 million order of Jynneos jabs — which can be used to treat both the monkeypox virus and smallpox — was created by the biotechnology company Bavarian Nordic, according to Newsweek.”


And by some form of magic, it turns out three other companies have been aspiring to create a ‘vaccine’ for a disease thought to have disappeared from our planet (smallpox)—and governments are lining up to buy them as well?

Is anyone buying this BS?  This is 100% about the midterm elections in the United States.  They’ve got to get everyone locked down, masked up, and institute ‘vote by mail’ so they can steal another election for the U.S. Marxists.

They simply cannot win without cheating, and mail-in ballots are by far, the best way to do it!


“Biden Orders Millions of Monkeypox Vaccines After One Alleged ‘Infection’”

This only makes sense in the political context of plotting to steal the next election—using the exact same game plan as 2020.

In days, the W.H.O. will recommend lockdowns and masks—and Democrat Marxist governors in America (Illinois, Vermont for example) are already seeking universal mail-in ballots, though proven to produce fraudulent results.

This has nothing to do with a disease and everything to do with stealing another election (and making billions in the process).

This, ladies and gentlemen, is another scam—and if you take their poison, or let them steal your elections again—you deserve what you get.  “Fool me once, shame on me…..”

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