They’ve teamed up with Davos Nazis to track your every move


1,500+ jets flew into Davos—a record—spewing more carbon than 20 coal-fired plants, so carbon is clearly of no concern to the hoity-toid champagne and caviar types attending the world dictator gathering.

But YOU—you filthy commoner—‘Ve vil track your every move!’

T-Mobile, which is corporately tied to Deutsche Telekom, proudly announced they have this Gestapo-like technology ready to deploy.

The Davos oligarch from Alibaba (J. Michael Evans) sounded almost giddy, telling how they will use our T-Mobile cell phones to track us—the dirty, unwashed—and can tell what we eat, how we travel, and what we do with our money, in order to rate us.

I don’t know about you, but I suspect this will be done with or without our permission, so T-Mobile just lost my business. I closed my account and I’ll never use them again.

If temperatures were actually driven by humans and Co2, temperatures could never reverse as they have by 2 degrees since 2016


Remember when we outed Gillette back in August of 2019, for pushing transgenderism and called for a boycott of their razors?

Gillette razors was our first campaign

Remember when we outed Gillette back in August of 2019, for pushing transgenderism and called for a boycott of their razors?

I’m not taking credit for it, as many joined our call worldwide—and collectively, we cost the fruity bastards $8 billion in sales—but we did have another honour others did not achieve.

Gillette’s Chief Executive Down Under issued a public apology for the ridiculous campaign pushing transgenderism when Gillette’s almost exclusive market is guys with facial hair.

The insulting ad was pulled worldwide, but Australia—where the call for a boycott of Gillette began—got the only apology.

It’s time to let T-Mobile know what we think of their plot to team up with Greta Thunberg’s carbon Nazis—and take them down


If a few million of ‘us’—their hairy, unwashed (and unshaven) phone customers—switch to other non-intrusive carriers, they just might stop this incredibly diabolical plot.

It is intended that our carbon score and vaxx passport will be merged by the Davos tyrants to give total control over ‘us’ by ‘them’.

Davos oligarch, J. Michael Evans, president of Chinese Alibaba group boasts at the World Economic Forum about the development of an “individual carbon footprint tracker” to monitor what you buy, what you eat, and where/how you travel.

They will use this knowledge to force their next deadly drug on us.  They will shut down our ability to access funds or travel unless we fit their ‘social score’ as Alibaba has already done in the CCP tyrant haven of China—the Davos Oligarchs’ idol.

“The system was tested out on the residents of Xinqiao Shiju, located in the southern city of Shenzhen.”

The next plot is to eliminate cash and put us under a digital money/credit card system, to make their control complete.

The time to stop them is now, not later.

Please start by closing your T-Mobile account if you have one, and tell them why you are doing it.

It is not accessible yet as I finish this article, but a film on this is being released at 17:10 May 26th by “The Angry Truth” entitled “Individually Tracking Your Carbon Footprint.” 

It’s probably worth watching.

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