We began covering ‘the war’ back in May of 2019 when China’s state media officially declared it—to deafening media silence


You are seeing the dangers of a worldwide Vanguard media that co-ordinates lies and obfuscates truth—including a declaration of war. 

When we are not told the truth by a press that is 92% owned/controlled by one group (Vanguard) —while concurrently being fed Globalist lies to rig opinion, elections, or spread propaganda—the entire world is put at risk.

It was obvious to the awake (not ‘woke’) back in March of 2013 that we had a problem brewing, when Xi Xinping and Vladimir Putin exchanged and signed documents of co-operation at the Kremlin in Moscow.

A few years later on May 14, 2019, the CCP China State Media declared “A People’s War” against the United States. 

The few reporting this earth-shattering event attempted to claim it was simply a trade war—while heaping the blame on then-President Trump’s mean tweets and tariffs—but that’s not what Wen Wenbin, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was calling it. While declaring war, he also called for an investigation of “the U.S. military’s war crimes.”


“This is the harsh reality brought to the world by the American-style ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’. We condemn the brutal military intervention by the US in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’. We call on the international community to investigate the US military’s war crimes of killing innocent civilians around the world and hold it accountable.”

Xinhua News Agency, reported, “In China, the entire country and all its people are being threatened. For us, this is a real ‘people’s war.’”

Xinhua News Agency, reported, “In China, the entire country and all its people are being threatened. For us, this is a real ‘people’s war.’”


Xi’s smile fools only one guy—Joseph Robinette Biden—his puppet

The Communist Party’s thuggish takeover of China in 1949 was also called ‘The People’s War’ by those subjugating them—so this is not a lightly used term—and they meant exactly that from today’s events.

Just seven months later, China launched a bioweapons attack on the United States and its allies, which was immediately used as excuse for a pre-planned global response (Event 201 in New York City, 2019) to destroy rights, freedoms and economies of China’s global competitors—and open the door for their Pharma collaborators to sell deadly ‘vaccines’.

U.S. Military Command at The Pentagon and China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology cooked up a coronavirus type bioweapon using $39 million funnelled through Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance (and much more via other cut-outs).

It’s agreed that the CCP had its colluders in the American traitor class of government, military and Pharma—but did they also collaborate on the spread of the virus itself? We’re not yet sure—but we’ll know soon.

While travel within China was prohibited, the CCP sent pathogen mules to all its enemies—an act of outright war on the world

The NIH/NIAID traitor class—Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins—along with U.S. military reprobates of high position, were co-conspirators in the pathogen’s gain of function project, we now know by admission and evidence, but thus far, we can only prove the CCP released the bioweapon.

The United States foolishly (and illegally) turned a flu into a killer virus—which the CCP then turned against them. 

Karma is a dangerous thing, especially when one betrays family, people, nation and all of humanity in the process—God is likely to notice.

The CCP immediately sent 430,000 virus mules from Wuhan to spread it around the world.

Amazing how the British navy was ready to sail the day WWI allegedly began, also no? 


108 years ago on August 4, 2013, “the first German uhlans [light cavalry] crossed the Belgian frontier, seizing telegraph offices and rail stations. At 11:00 p.m., that same day, the United Kingdom entered a state of war with the German Reich.

By midnight, the Royal Navy was steaming to battle stations.

The Archduke of Serbia had been assassinated by a lone gunman—in Eastern Europe—yet the world was prepared and pre-mobilised for war that same day.

According to the best author on WWI, Barbara Tuchman, in her still revered Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Guns of August, that day’s front-page in the Times of London also told of the Archduke’s murder with all relevant details—long before there was an internet—they also knew.

And how did ‘foreign affairs’ know the same day of China’s declaration of war, to write about the Russian Chinese partnership?  Yep.  Same day as the events were happening

In similar fashion, the same day of the Chinese declaration of war against the United States (May 14, 2019) the Globalists handbook, Foreign Affairs, penned its article, “A Russian-Chinese Partnership Is a Threat to U.S. Interests: Can Washington Act Before It’s Too Late?”


The Elites all knew what was happening, but it was not considered newsworthy for us hairy, unwashed to know war had been declared.


The Vanguard News on May 14th, 2019 focused not on war, but the #1 song, Vossi Bop, by Stormzy and the death of Grumpy Cat, an American internet feline celebrity that died of a urinary tract infection.


No mention on News of the Day that our greatest enemy had officially declared a ‘People’s War’ against the United States of America.

We wrote about it, of course, but were ridiculed

What if people had paid attention?  Over two years ago, we did a deep dive in an article about the already declared ‘war’ and what it might entail.

No one knew what we were talking about it seemed from the Comments section as we laid out the facts in “Will the War with China be words, trade, arms—(or all of the above)?”


Today, with over six million dead from this man-made plague—and ‘all cause’ death rate spiking by 40% due to the ‘vaccine’ itself—we are heading for a similar number of casualties as in pre-planned World War I (18 million dead, including civilians) so war with the CCP it truly is.

While the Committee on Present Danger is warning that China is actively transitioning to a kinetic war in year three (2022), the Marxists of my homeland are worrying about sex ‘transitioning’ instead.

Sympathy for my home nation weakens with every stupid thing it does and says, as a recently leaked recording of a top-secret People’s Liberation Army meeting—which could be a psy-op—but deadly accurate in details.

Jennifer Zeng, Chinese host of Inconvenient Truths, made the observation:

“In that audio they mentioned quite a few names of factories, trains, companies. I checked all the names that they mentioned in the audio and matched them with the public record and they all match,” Zeng said. “A factory they mentioned really produced drones and that sort of machinery. They knew what they were talking about.”

The recording per Zeng, was a “war mobilisation meeting” of the “Military-Civilian Joint Command in Guangdong Province” discussing the construction of a “national defence mobilisation command system” and how Communist China would conduct its wartime preparation.

This most recent call to arms—lasting 57 minutes—was to lay out how to co-ordinate the land-based civilians of Guangdong Province, to work in concert providing support supplies and resources to the sea and air military operations for the invasion of Taiwan—and beyond.

For those whose heads are still in the sand, the CCP’s first aircraft carrier group headed by a Type 055 class cruiser/destroyer (Nanchang), is accompanied by three Type 052D destroyers, a Type 052C destroyer, a Type 054A frigate, and an unknown Type 901 replenishment ship.

And did I mention they are now stationed 160 nautical miles east of Taiwan—as in the direction from which the U.S. Navy might approach?

Xi prepares to use this time of U.S. weakness to China’s advantage—as the bribed Bidens are in the white house

And for the hardcore avoiders of truth, “On Friday, Janes reported a statement from Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi that Liaoning carrier aircraft flew more than 100 sorties in drills between May 3 and May 9. The drills included Shenyang J-15 fighter flights and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations with helicopters.”


So we are now in our third year of a declared war, but my nation and many others suffer bribed/threatened/honey-potted weaklings on the bridge—and in the case of the Biden Family—all three.

China gave them millions in bribes on an oil deal—direct payments now proven—and $1.5 billion for them to ‘manage’ at a 2% per annum ‘fee’. To save you some time, that’s $30 million a year being paid by the CCP to the installed puppet sitting in the White House—and the pictures of Hunter Biden with naked children in various acts of depravity, now include his Dad as well—in postings I saw just last week from Hunter’s laptop.

Don’t expect U.S. or its ‘leader’ to save anyone this time between bribes and little girls—the devil/ CCP own the Biden souls


Here’s the shortlist for them to stop this ‘war’ in its tracks:

  1.  Put Wall Street, London and Canberra on notice!  Further financing of Chinese/CCP companies is an act of treason—to be punished as such.
  2. Add 50% tariffs to all Chinese goods until reparations for the 2019 bioweapons attack are fully paid—and the ‘tab’ is running. 
  3. Concurrently launch national programs to spur repatriation of supply chains and drive the CCP into bankruptcy.  No trade, no CCP trouble.
  4. Drop a Massive Ordinance Air Blast bomb (GBU-43) on each illegal ‘battleship island’ in the Spratlys and elsewhere (now bristling with missiles) blasting them to smithereens while you can.

Ruled illegal July 12, 2016 by the tribunal of 1982 un convention on the law of the sea signed by over 160 nations (including China), these island bases are to be removed—but by whom?

Let the world know, the day Xi Xinping goes in to Taiwan—we’ll take out his entire South China/Philippine Sea military island coterie with GBU-43’s and shut down all money from our markets—period.

That’s called a line in the sand—and it just might keep Xi from crossing it.

For those claiming defunding Chinese markets will hurt our economies, just check out how China built its miracle of State Corporatism—using our pension funds and financial markets—not their own money. 

Cut off the IPOs and investment into their CCP projects, and you shut down their declared war, fast, quick and in a hurry.

The CCP is taking over the entire China and Philippine seas—without a challenge—so far

This problem has been ignored for too long—and with pathetically weak Western and Asian leaders other than Xi (by intent of their Global Marxist masters, I fear)—we’ve got a very dangerous situation.


In World War II, Henry Ford, the Rothschilds, the royal families of Europe, the Warburg brothers of Germany and America, and many of the wealthiest among us in those days backed Adolph Hitler and his Marxist (National Socialist) Nazi regime, just like the Larry Finks, Tim Cooks, Ray Dalios, and other Silicon Valley/Wall Street eunuchs support the CCP today.

None of the 1930s gangsters went to prison or were hung for funding Hitler and his attempt to take over our world then—so let’s change up the game this time.

Maybe the super-rich will think before they do it again if they pay a penalty—so unlike Nuremberg where only the puppets paid the price—hang those who fund and run them as well.

As Eddie Murphy’s character said in Trading Places, “The best way to get even with a rich man, is to turn him into a poor man.”

This time we include the Globalist supporters of the CCP—the world’s most evil regime today.

When it’s time for the trials, let’s add the Soros father and son, the Rothschilds and Rockefeller Family, Bill Gates, the Silicon/Wall Street eunuchs, and the rest of their Nazi ilk like Klaus Schwab to the list.

Let’s throw in a royal or two for good measure as well—after a fair trial, of course.

We need to not only make them ‘poor’ but give them a job as rope testers after their short trials—to prevent their becoming repeat offenders.

If no one can make fortunes backing madmen, tyrants, disease pimps or fake medicines without ending up broke in prison or at the end of a rope—it just might slow down their misbehaviour a bit in the future.

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