Bad timing, right?  Talking about gun rights just after a school shooting, but why didn’t we have school shootings in America when I was a kid?

I’ll tell you the two main reasons, as unpopular as it will make me:

  1. We didn’t flood our nations with the world’s undesirables who refused to assimilate in our nations and cultures as is happening today, and
  2.  19 year-old Salvador Ramos wouldn’t have gotten through the parking lot of my school without being shot by an armed citizen.

There is another factor we’ll get to in a minute, but my point is we were a homogenous group of all colours and creeds living as one in the nations we loved, without hyphens or qualifiers.

We were French, British, Australians and Americans—not some hyphenated freak, intentionally bifurcated to create disunity.

And in my country?  We were Americans…and we were armed. 

And that other point?

Men were men.  Elected officials hadn’t farmed out taking care of and protecting their families to a bunch of woke weak-sister deputies who shook in their high heels in the Robb Elementary hallways for 40 minutes while Salvador Ramos was murdering kids in a classroom just a few feet away.

West Texas deputies courageously raided open bars during covid lockdowns—with a tank!  But they turn to mush against one kid with a rifle when it counted. De-manning has a price!


I know most have already given up their guns or been brainwashed by Vanguard media into thinking you don’t need one, but history and facts are not on their side.

I heard a British reporter state a bold-faced fib to Senator Ted Cruz regarding the recent shooting in Texas, claiming that ‘this only happens in America,’ but that is nothing more than a well-worn disarmament lie.

FACT- “the US makes up less than 1.13% of all mass public shooters:

The U.S. is well below the world average in terms of the number of mass public shootings, and the global increase over time has been much bigger than for the United States.” (John R. Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Centre-

In fact, “Out of 101 countries where we have identified mass public shootings occurring, the United States ranks 66th in the per capita frequency of these attacks and 56th in the murder rate.”


My nation’s military was designed after the only truly successful army in modern history and by ‘modern’ I mean the better part of a millennium.

When deliberating on the form and format of the U.S. military, the Founding Fathers and their detractors had an open public debate for some time between the Federalists who sought a strong(er) central government and the Anti-Federalists, who believed that ‘he who governs least, governs best’.

The world’s only successful military on earth—my (and their) definition being keeping people alive and out of wars—is the Swiss Army.

How have they done this?  Every citizen was and is the army.  Every male still serves from the age of 19-34 (women can also volunteer), and guess where they keep their gear?

Right in their own homes. This Swiss soldier is ready to deploy from—or defend—his own home or nation on a moment’s notice—which is why he’s never had to.

No tyrant—including Napoleon and Hitler—ever took on the Swiss.  They chose to go around them as no army of conscripts can defeat men protecting their own homes and families. None

George Washington is credited with saying that the best guarantee of liberty is “the sword and pistol by the citizen’s hearth,” and he lived by that himself.

When George Washington died, “[he] possessed around 19 pistols, three rifles, four muskets, and nine fowlers.”

While the Swiss have proven for centuries that an armed populace prevents wars (and crime—which is almost non-non-existent in Switzerland) there is also a trust between government and citizen like nowhere else on earth or in history.

Why?  Because “Armed Citizens are the Bane of Tyrants,” as the title of this piece states.

No government of Switzerland has ever dared to take away the freedoms of its people without their consent, as the people hold the monopoly on force rather than government.

All that is standing between the Globalists and their tyrannical wet dream of absolute control of our planet—in my opinion—are the armed citizens of Canada and the United States. 

If we stand strong, they lose—which is why ‘Jussie’ Trudeau and Joe Biden are screaming for gun control at the top of their sissified and demented lungs, respectively. 

‘Black stormtrooper’ is the new ‘blue’ in dem-Nazi America


No.  It’s not.  The same spirit is gathering worldwide that was alive in 1776 when my nation was born on the same principles of freedom and independence Marxists now try to destroy.


In America, there is a major grassroots effort to take back control of the election process—and it is working to the chagrin of the Marxists.

The Vanguard media spoofs, spiffs, and spiffettes are ashen-faced and aghast at the “Precinct Strategy,” where regular citizens are not only taking back their school boards from Union/Democrat/Marxist organisers, but the election process itself—which involves counting the votes.

The Marxists can only win by cheating, so this is significant.

Hundreds of thousands of patriots are now joining those precinct committees and election boards have the chatting class in a meltdown.

Vanguard Marxist talking heads are literally getting teary-eyed over ‘democracy’ now that patriots are taking over ‘democracy’


While being a poll volunteer, also apply to be on your precinct or party council committee so your voice will be heard.

And then we move into the longer-term plan.

We restore the Constitutions in our nations that have them (as we are doing in America, by calling for a ‘Convention of States’ to force the matter—see, and we make that the platform of our new parties in nations where they do not presently exist.

As part of those Constitutions by and for the people in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere, we make it a right ‘to keep and bear arms’—one upon which government ‘shall not infringe’.

If you are a subject of the Queen who recently chose her Big Pharma profits over your rights and bodily integrity, then perhaps it’s time for your nation to leave the comforts of servitude to a non-caring royal mistress and embrace independence in your own land under a Constitution.


America admittedly holds a unique place in history as it came upon an almost empty continent (due to Spanish Explorer, DeSoto, bringing smallpox to it 70 years prior) and having to carve life out of a hostile and dangerous environment. 

And that life was brutally short if a man was unarmed.

Those frontier men and women quickly realised that a weapon was not only handy for fighting for life and feeding ones family—but in staying free from tyranny as well.

That small band of armed patriots defending their homes and families against what was then the world’s greatest military force—Great Britain—proved my maxim by using those weapons to defeat King George III.

But having allowed the Global Feudalists who want us back at their factory looms and in their fields requires a slightly more circuitous path to get the sheep amongst us to see the wisdom—and that we can do it without danger to anyone—except future tyrants.


Shooting teams brought their rifles to high school each day—with no ‘shootings’

By teaching kids to safely handle firearms at a young age, they are programmed in that skill for life.

We restart freedom—and an armed populace—by teaching our kids gun use and safety in school as a part of the curriculum.

A man who knows how to use a gun becomes equal to any other.

Meet the ‘holy angels’ trap shooting team from one of 300 high schools in Minnesota competing

As does a woman. Want to end rape and domestic brutality? Teach girls how to handle a firearm.


I suggest the Swiss model, where everyone is required to serve from age 19-34—trained in the use of weapons—thereafter having the right to keep and bear them for life, as we slowly move back to a free, armed people.

This would apply, of course, only to citizens of that nation—not grifters, illegals, or immigrants of any status—which can solve other problems.  A non-citizen caught with a weapon is deported, no ifs, ands or buts. With the Swiss model of military, your likelihood of ever going to war is almost zero, and bi-annual refresher training is not burdensome, but fun, according to my Swiss friends.

Who knows, it might even lead back to manliness as a virtue. An armed man is equal to any other, no matter the size

For us older sorts, we would have the option of participating in training established by our locally elected constable, upon completion of which we are also able to buy, own, keep and bear arms for (perhaps) a shorter life.


The Mayor of Uvalde, TX told Ben Berquam of Real America’s Voice that there had been 48 lockdowns of Robb Elementary School last year.

Those forty-eight lockdowns were due to violent drug and human trafficking cartels reaching the town from Biden’s open borders just 70 miles away—with weapons near the school.

45% of this small town’s budget goes to police, and with only 16,000 residents, it has its own full-fledged S.W.A.T. team—but neither they or the school’s armed guard could be found in that tiny town when needed.

Poof!  They had disappeared—as if also told to ‘stand down’.

The door used by the killer was propped open by someone from the inside just prior to the event—and Salvador Ramos shot at funeral home employees across the street for 12 minutes outside (after wrecking his new $70,000 pickup truck in a canal) before going in through the open door and starting his deadly spree—as he warned on-line he would do.

No S.W.A.T., no tanks (like the covid bar raids) though warned of his plans—just a handful of do-nothing donut eaters stood in the hallway for 3/4 hour while he murdered kids

So if the FBI knew of his plans (now confirmed)—and Ramos had been arrested for those plans in the past—yet still got all this high-tech killing gear, someone very high up was expecting or creating this false flag event it seems to me.

Was it designed to co-ordinate with the gun grab legislation conveniently proposed in the Senate and announced by the Biden Regime last week?

Why was a U.S. Army surveillance Super King Air Beechcraft observing from above, coming from Ft. Hood, only to return when it ended?

Here is the link to the tracking map, as I’m banned from Twitter-

And how about Peter Arredondo, chief of police for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District? 

Why did he order two dozen well-armed officers to stand down in the hallway and not go into the classroom for 44 minutes while Ramos murdered 19 kids and two teachers—and who told him to do it?

And now he moves up to City Council?  That’s right.  A Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke donor of Marxist note, he won the vote.


How did a very poor 18 year old kid score a brand new $70,000 pick-up truck (for which he had no driver’s license, or knew how to drive).

Ramos wrecked it within a few blocks on that fateful day, not even being able to put it in reverse, according to a neighbour watching him leave home (after shooting his Grandmother in the face).

How did he purchase $5,000 worth of the finest military equipment available (Daniels Defense) and ammunition when he had no money?

Who trained him in the use of this sophisticated weaponry, and how did he obtain it without a driver’s license?

All of this adds to my suspicions that it was just another in a long list of false flag events by enemies from within, seeking to destroy America.

Is this another fake event like the FBI instigated ‘kidnapping’ entrapment scheme of Governor Gretchen Whitmer where 12 out of 18 were actually FBI?

Was this just another FBI/Deep State scheme like their ‘Fedsurrection’ on January 6th of 2021 to bring another failed impeachment hoax against President Trump?

After nothing but lies and corruption from the FBI for years, we now learn that Hillary Clinton’s attorney, Michael Sussman, who was just acquitted yesterday after lying to the FBI to kick off a false case against President Trump, was running a secret FBI office inside his private Democrat National Committee law firm (Perkins Coie)—since 2012!

Funny how that damning news just came out the day after his trial ended, isn’t it?


We’ll use this latest false flag event in this tragic murder of children in Uvalde, Texas to make the point as to why armed citizens are crucial.

Guess how this tragic event came to an end—the part you’ll never hear on Vanguard news?

An off-duty Border Patrol agent, Jacob Albarado—acting in his private capacity as a citizen—was just sitting down for a haircut, when he received a text from his wife inside the school, telling him there was a shooter.

This real hero, borrowed his barber’s shotgun—and both of them, including the barber—raced to the school, clearing several rooms of students, saving his daughter and wife in the process—and then going after the killer.

Meanwhile, his fellow BORTAC (Border Patrol Tactical Unit) agents—came from 40 miles away, only to be told to ‘stand down’ by local law enforcement. 

During that same 40 minutes, the Keystone Cops were handcuffing, teargassing and restraining the Moms n’ Pops trying to save their children—but one such ‘cuffed’ Momma, broke free and her story is amazing.

Angeli Rose Gomez heard about the shooting, and also “drove 40 miles from her job as a farm supervisor” like the Border Agents.  

And yes, she was handcuffed, but talked her way out of illegal restraint by the do-nothing ‘stand-down’ oafs, then jumped the fence, ran into the building “after noticing Uvalde police weren’t doing anything.”

Angeli is a citizen hero.  If she’d left her kids to the conscripts, they’d quite likely be dead

These children were saved by citizen heroes, refusing to accept mandates from armed ‘protectors’ trying to stop them—including the Border Patrol agents, who also ignored the locals and rushed the shooter.

We will learn who gave those stand-down orders, and may all of them from Washington, DC, the U.S. Army complicit in this action, and Marxist Globalists who ordered it, burn in hell for allowing the murder of those children for the political purpose of disarming a free people.

These free, armed citizens, killed the bastard when the government thugs refused to help or allow them—and the world’s a better place for it.

But it took guns and guts to do it, both of which are in short supply in our world today.

So I’ll end this potentially controversial piece with some real world advice:

If you want to be safe—no conscript (or deputy) will ever equal a citizen protecting  his own homes and family. 

Give them the equal protection of a weapon, and no tyrant can stop them—ever.

Here endeth the lesson.  Hate me or disagree with me—but think about it.

I firmly believe we are on the cusp of taking back our world and we need to plan for a better one, so this is important.

If we the people control ‘force’, tyrants can’t subjugate us, they can’t start for profit wars, or squander our national treasure(s). 

Let’s make sure they can’t in the future, by controlling that force, in what I believe is a glorious future with them under our control rather than the reverse.

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