The beautiful Mayra Flores trounces all comers in a four way race in south Texas against both Marxists and Rinos—Trump’s red wave has begun—even in the most inhospitable of places


Perhaps America’s Marxists should have actually gotten to know some Hispanic people—maybe even lots of them—so they would be better informed about those they planned to turn toward the dark side.

First of all, the term ‘hispanic’ is offensive, like claiming everyone from Russians to Greeks, and Germans to Swedes are all just ‘Europeans’ who think exactly alike.

They are not.  Guatemalans have a hatred for Mexicans matched only by the animosity between Poles and Russians in Europe, and Hondurans hate both Guatemalans and Mexicans even more than that.

This victory in South Texas is a bellwether for things to come in 2022, and in 2024.  The Democrat party of slavery will soon be ashes.


“Hispanics accounted for 51.1% of the country’s growth, rising to 18.7%, or about 62.1 million, of the U.S. population.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, “She [Mayra] is the first GOP candidate elected to represent this area of the Rio Grande Valley since 1870.”  That is the year The Republic of Texas joined the union.

Do you see how monumental this is?  150 years, and no Republican has won—until a Trump-loving legal immigrant runs for the office?

The Marxists pushing my home-nation into the darkness are:

  1. Godless
  2. Anti-American
  3. Seek to control all property (via Greenie hoax)
  4. Regulate private business out of business
  5. Open U.S. borders to all

Guess who is not for ‘open borders’?  The overwhelming majority of legal Latino immigrants—who are also our most ‘entrepreneurial’ Americans. 

They are angry that they went through the lengthy legal process only to have the Marxists throw open the doors to the same gangs, drug cartels and inherent violence they once escaped.

Mexican born, Mayra Flores, came to the US [legally] at the age of six.  She wants Trump’s border wall finished and the deportation of all those who came illegally under the Biden Bolsheviks’ open border scheme.


Nope.  Latinos have more machismo than any I’ve ever met or known—except another demographic Trump is also winning over—black men. The Biden Regime is sinking so fast with Latinos of both sexes and Black American men, that the pollsters can’t seem to find the bottom.

And Trump’s long-time friend, the amazing Herschel Walker, won the nomination as the Republican party candidate for senate in Georgia after President Trump’s hearty endorsement


That’s right.  106 Trump endorsements in primaries and elections, and 100 of them won.

Watching the world descend into chaos under the W.E.F./China puppet, Joe Biden, is painful, as it unfortunately affects us all.  I get it. These Marxist Globalists have put freedom loving people everywhere in jeopardy. The world was stupid to allow my home nation to become so powerful after WW II, and we Americans were equally stupid (and arrogant) for allowing our government to assume that role as it has worked to corrupt it—absolutely.

Perhaps the most profound words ever spoken.  The CIA’s criminal operations have set the world on fire and civilisation on the precipice


As our regular readers know, we are usually several months ahead of the ‘media’ and pretty much always right because we have excellent sources.

We told you Covid was a lab-creation one month after its launch (and were banned from Facebook for it).

We told you that the vaccines were a death trap and how to prevent the disease with therapeutics instead (banned from Twitter on that one).

We showed you how the election in America was stolen via international data switches and mail-in-ballot fraud (and our platform was attacked for that—so we had to build our own)—but on all of them, we were right. You even got the full story on Ukraine from us and no one else, so please now after all of this bad news, take a little ‘hope’. Something good is happening.

“By their fruits ye shall know them, not by their disclaimers”

“Ye shall know them by their fruits,” [Matthew 7:16 KJV] and not only my fellow American patriots have seen the poison, pock-marked, bruised and deadly ‘fruits’ of the Global Marxists now—all the world has seen it—and  witnessed the men and women of our governments acting as their puppets.

We’ve also seen it in sharp contrast to what existed just two years ago—in Trump’s World.

And from the elections and polls showing Biden and his Bolsheviks plummeting to historic lows—we can all take hope—as unless they took down America as well, they failed.

And things are about to change, dramatically.


First of all, the newly elected Congress, on January 6th, 2023, absent another ‘coup’ like the one on November 3, 2020—will impeach and then remove the illegitimate [p]resident squatting in the White House, known as Joseph Robinette Biden.

His opening of the nation’s southern border and his policies inviting invasion is a just casus bellum for impeachment document #1—which has already been written and submitted by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Biden’s own party will not support him as they have all become pariahs in their own states for importing over 2 million illegals from 150 nations around the world to displace American voters who now hate them. Blacks—the historical uncared for base of the Democrats—are fleeing the party in record numbers, and taking on the Marxists already in Congress. 

“Dr. Drew Montez Clark is one of over 80 black republicans running for congress in 2022, which is a record-setting amount according to the Washington Post and could help reshape the congressional black caucus, moving it away from becoming a democrat-only (and far left) political apparatus in the United States Congress.”

The AOC-backed incumbent in this case, Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick, was stuffed in place just last year upon the death of black Marxist, Alcee Hastings, and Dr. Montez plans to turf her back out this fall.


I’m so glad you asked.  It’s really bad.  They’re in the tank with not only the Latinos they were relying on to be good little Marxists, but Blacks and the Young Adults (18-34) suffering under their disastrous policies as well.

The New York post numbers as inflation hits 8%—Americans’ #1 issue—while dems attack Trump and push pedophilia/racism on our children instead of the very real concerns of Americans about the economy

When this new Congress is seated on January 6th of next year, it will open real investigations and make criminal referrals to the Department of Justice.

But this will be under different leadership because Biden’s woke Attorney General, the hapless Merrick Garland—will also be impeached for attacking parents complaining at school board meetings as ‘domestic terrorists’—and then lying about it under oath.

The anti-American shut down of the U.S. energy sector will be reversed and active investigations are planned already looking for scalps of those who engineered this travesty that is causing so much pain.

The United States not only achieved energy independence under President Trump, it achieved energy dominance in all sectors, driving oil prices into the negative for the first time in history.

“Oil hit $0.01 a barrel before falling to as low as negative $40 and eventually settling at negative $37.63, the lowest level recorded since the New York Mercantile Exchange began trading oil futures in 1983,” as reported by The Hill on April 20, 2020—just two years ago.

Cheap energy will achieve a plethora of benefits from driving down all costs (and inflation) while limiting the reach and warring abilities of Iran, Russia and China.

While Congress mops up the mess left by the Bolsheviks and RINOs starting in January, 2023, the Trump Train will be unleashed to have him back in the White House by January 20th, 2025—if not before.

Thanks to documentaries Rigged and 2000 Mules, the hard proof of the stolen election in 2020 is indisputable and already leading to arrests.

That will only increase, possibly leading to an overturn of the stolen election of 2020, but definitely ending the Democrat party of slavery now that the world has seen they can only win through massive cheating.


The turn-around of the American—and all free world economies—will be a stunning reminder that freedom combined with national sovereignty are the cures for all ills now facing us.

But nothing will change for long absent the break-up of the Oligarchy about which we’ve spent so much time reporting.  They’ve got to go.

So prepare to watch the BlackRock/State Street/Vanguard cabal (which presently controls 92% of the world’s wealth according to Oxfam) broken up and reduced to dust.

Since much if not most of their wealth was gained by fraud and conspiracy—their media, pharma and financial monopolies especially—will be forced to pay those holding claims against them for their co-ordinated crimes against humanity during the  Scamdemic.

Next, watch the implosion and downfall of globalist NGOs, and Marxist organisations that participated in this attempt to drive us back to feudalism.

This includes the Globalist gangster mainstays like the UN, World Bank, IMF, WHO and any cross-border group that seeks any control over other free nations—including my own.

These failed tools of tyrants will be replaced by a Western-oriented freedom council that creates a separate trading and defence sphere of international co-operation limited only to nations that adopt Constitutions geared to guarantees of individual inalienable rights and national sovereignty.

Don’t like it?  Don’t join it.  Trade with the CCP, Iran and North Korea.

Criminal acts such as ‘Jussie’ Trudeau’s unlawful mandates and taking of rights will result in Canada not being a part of the free trading group—until he is removed.

Britain, France and Australia want in?  Fine.  Return freedom to your people and the welcome mat will roll out in Trump Time.

Sharia law or run by mullahs, tyrants and Marxists?  Don’t bother to apply.

Oh, and by the way, their will be a hefty tariff on all goods from tyrant nations, without exception.  I’m thinking a flat 25% would be a good start.

In closing, we have been through the fire, but not in vain.

It had to be this way.  We had to see this for ourselves—not just told about it. 

They conspired to kill us with manmade pathogens to reduce our numbers while using pre-engineered ‘shots’ that destroy our immune systems—but we’ve outed them and a few billion of us will survive.

They conspired to steal our elections—but we caught them.

They conspired to rob us of everything—but they haven’t gotten away with it yet, so we can still stop them.

They infiltrated our schools, institutions, governments and universities to spread unnatural ideologies and remove our faith in the Creator—but religion is now on the rise once more while home-based and neighbourhood schooling explodes in America.

The only thing missing to finish this fight is a tried and true leader—and he’s on his way back now.

Like him or hate him, I don’t care—he knows how to fix things and he thinks on a level that his enemies can only envy.

Did he plan it this way?  I don’t really know or care—but it worked.

As the polls now prove, he has single-handedly brought his domestic enemies to the point of self-destruction, and he’s tanned, rested and ready to take on his foreign enemies as well.

We’ve run the gauntlet and now we see clearly, so take heart.

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