Now Pfizer says Comirnaty was never produced—yet we got it here in Poland—what are they covering up?


My Polish wife is a doctor and was ‘strongly encouraged’ to get the vaccine in 2021 along with all other medical professionals.  In fact, the Minister of Health said that doctors and nurses would be unable to practice if they didn’t, though that turned out to be completely illegal.

Over my strong objections, she got both doses, as did her son, who loves to travel.  He took the jabs so he could get the ‘vaccine passport’—which also turned out to be completely illegal.

Keep in mind that this ‘COMIRNATY’ is actually the only FDA approved drug for Covid-19, which makes this story particularly interesting—as Pfizer now claims it has never been produced. It is also the only one of the EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation) drugs that does not use DNA altering mRNA as a component, but Pfizer now says it will never produce it— a complete lie—as they already have.

Citizens news and other outlets now report, “Pfizer quietly admits it will never manufacture FDA-approved Comirnaty injection for covid.”


“Despite the fact the FDA had ‘fully approved’ Pfizer Inc-BioNTech COVID-19 two-dose injection, marketed as Comirnaty, the drug company has now updated the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website admitting that it will never be distributed for use.”

As Liberty Counsel [quoted above] has stated from the beginning of its litigation against Pfizer, “there is no FDA approved COVID shot available. All COVID shots are under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which means people have the right to refuse them.”

And we have proof Pfizer is lying—again.  Pfizer/BioNTech produced COMIRNATY— and sold it to the Polish Government!  It’s not only listed on my wife and step-son’s vaccine records—‘Pfizer Comirnaty’—I went dumpster diving where the jab clinic disposed of their trash and found the boxes they came in!

Translation, “Government Agency for Strategic Reserves”

The packing slip in the first picture shows 90 doses of the COMIRNATY ‘vaccine’, along with disposable gloves, needles, masks, patient cards and questionnaires necessary for those doses to be administered in government’s Covid-19 vaccination centres here in Poland.


Yesterday, Vaccine Impact News reported, “Fifth Largest Life Insurance Company [Lincoln Financial Group] in US Paid Out 163% More for Deaths of Working People ages 18-64 in 2021 After COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates.”

There is clearly a problem with these ‘vaccines’, but why did Pfizer lie about the one that isn’t killing people?  COMIRNATY is not deadly like the others it seems, so did they pull it because it could not be used effectively for the cabal’s depopulation scheme? Perhaps we just got lucky—for which I am grateful—as both my wife and step-son are alive and healthy so far more than a year after the injections.

Attorneys Mat and Anita Staver have taken the battle to Pfizer

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “The FDA, CDC and Big Pharma have continued to provide bad information in order to push these COVID shots. Pfizer never intended to produce a fully approved version of its shot.”

But they did manufacture it beginning in Germany at BioNTech and I have the evidence in hand to prove it, which I intend to tell Attorney Staver.

Liberty Counsel adds, “It was simply a manipulative scheme to deceive people into thinking they had no right to invoke the Emergency Use Authorization law to decline the shots. Now many people have lost their jobs, their health, and some even their lives, as a result of this deception.” 

Pfizer’s deadly mRNA shot that was distributed under the FDA’s approval for COMIRNATY, has piled up the bodies like no other ‘vaccine’ in history, but it has a completely different sourcing.

Pfizer/BioNTech produced the non-approved version that has been jabbed into billions of arms around the world in joint venture facilities in Communist China.  They have partnered with a CCP aligned company, Fosun Parmaceutical Group in Shanghai.

Pfizer has eight operations now in China, including a research facility in Wuhan—for that extra convenience of getting Fauci money I suppose—but that will make it hard to get evidence to bring them all to justice.

I also learned today that COMIRNATY was distributed in Hong Kong where the body count was also exceptionally low from vaccine injury like Poland, so the non-deadly saline version may have sailed out the door early on just to get the billions rolling in, though we’ll never likely know the whole truth.


Liberty Counsel certainly believes so, as do I, but my government (and most others) have been paid like street hookers to foist this poison on us all and until an honest politician (I know that’s an oxymoron) or insider whistleblowers come forward, it will be hard to nail them to the wall.

The facts are straightforward. 

FACT—As Dr. David Martin has proven, Covid-19 was plotted, planned and patented over a decade.  It is a man made pathogen.

FACT—The wholly unreliable PCR test for Covid-19 used to create false ‘cases’ and panic, was patented in 2015 (four years before the disease was released) by Richard A. Rothschild of Great Britain

FACT—The only FDA-approved drug for Covid-19 prevention was Pfizer’s COMIRNATY—which is not what the company sold around the world—and Pfizer now lies saying COMIRNATY was not and will not ever be produced.

FACT—The deadly mRNA jabs that have done and continue to do so much harm have been made almost exclusively in the least transparent nation on earth by Communists sworn to destroy ‘us’, in league with and in service to Globalists who seek to ‘reduce our numbers’.

Those are the now provable facts.  What we do with them is up to us, as no one seems to be coming to save us.  We’re on our own.

And those evil forces are becoming ever more desperate to disarm my fellow citizens back home and silence them.  They know, that we now know what they did, so the face-off has begun in earnest.

But they won’t stop until we stop them.  

Just yesterday, Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted in testimony before the Senate that the FDA board he pays, appoints and controls voted unanimously to approve the jab for babies—without a single study or any data.

Babies!  Got that? Dr. Naomi Wolf has laid out the facts—from Pfizer’s own documents!

Now that they are killing our children—with no testing or data—massive non-compliance must begin today

No more can be tolerated from these evil forces.

If they tell you it is good for you, it’s not.

If they tell you that you must do it, don’t.

When they start the next round of fearporn, just turn it off.

Even the disarmed can defeat the strongest powers on earth by simply and peacefully refusing to comply.  We won’t be the first—or the last.

Use the power of “No” to bring down the cabal, like Gandhi did to bring down an Empire.

The world has been turned by acts of peaceful non-compliance
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