This lying child is largely responsible for the war in Europe, and it’s time European nations stopped sleepwalking into ruin


Let’s connect the dots.  The Global Warming Plot’s roots go back to 1968, when Club of Rome co-founder, Sir Alexander King, teamed up with Aurelio Peccei, to figure out how to ‘trim the herd’.  The herd is ‘us’ by the bye.

They decided ‘we’ needed to be reduced by roughly 85%.

As a scientist, Alexander King was well aware of the work of his contemporary, Milutin Milankovitch, and the amazing elliptical cycles that bring the earth closer to and further from the sun in predictable patterns.

For example, I can tell you with all certainty right now that our earth will be in a barely survivable ice age 10,200 years from now.

Please make a note, Nurse Ratched, to forward my Nobel Prize when it happens.  (Milankovitch’s chart is at the end so you can predict as well)

This man proved multiple cycles—the 23,000 year journey is the one that matters—and decides whether we survive—not carbon dioxide


First of all, who do you think funded the algae-coloured movement?  Was it serious scientists?

No.  In fact, The Petition Project featured over 31,000 actual scientists a decade ago stating “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide will, in the forseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere”.

The number of scientists telling the truth is much higher now, so ‘no’, it was not science or scientists behind the Greenies push to unsustainable hocus pocus—it was Russia, Russia, Russia.

You know, the country getting richer by the day selling natural gas, uranium, coal, oil, and fossil-fuel based fertilisers to the stupid Europeans who shut down their reliable energy sectors to placate the Greenies?

Yes.  That would be the one—Russia.  And now it controls the continent.

“Europe decided not to frack in large part in response to climate activists,” [Michael] Shellenberger told Fox [News]. “We now think there is strong evidence suggesting [the climate activists] were supported directly through financing from Russia.”

The League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Sierra Club—key Greenie groups—got big money via a Russia-funded conduit, Sea Change Foundation.

Greenies were so effective that by 2016, Bulgaria, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Scotland had all banned fracking.

“Now, Russia supplies about 40 percent of the natural gas used on the continent, including 80 percent in Finland, 83 percent in Lithuania and 58 percent in Poland.”

The W.E.F./Soros/Club of Rome plot failed, Greta.  We’re back in a cooling trend, so maybe you can ‘transition’

“Netherlands join Germany, Austria, Italy in reverting to coal amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”

If anyone had predicted this headline three months ago, it would be proper cause for a straight-jacket and men in white, but that was yesterday’s.

Back to toasty toes and hands, Mates!  And that extra touch of CO2 will make our gardens grow better while the Globalists try to starve us, so it’s a win/win for everyone—except perhaps Klaus Schwab and Greta!


Far from being the cause of the temporary global warming—which reversed course in 1998—this gas is the most important to our survival. 

The fearporn being spread by Greenie Marxists about 400 PPM CO2 is a joke, as our Cambrian cousin will explain, so listen closely. 

Meet your Cambrian cousin—looks a bit like Hillary Clinton, no?

“The Cambrian Period produced the most intense burst of evolution ever known.  The Cambrian Explosion saw an incredible diversity of life emerge, including many major animal groups alive today.

“Among them were the chordates, to which vertebrates (animals with backbones) such as humans belong.”

Carbon dioxide was at 4,000 PPM—10x of today—during that period, so Greenie whining about 400 PPM is ludicrous.

Further, a recent study proved heat retention of the carbon dioxide molecule is only 0.0001 of a second, meaning the molecules—evenly dispersed (Boyle’s Law) within that million parts—could never get close enough to hold heat as the Greenies claim!

The oxygen we breathe to survive is produced by plants taking in this wonderful CO2 and converting it via photo-synthesis to Oxygen (O2), which is why I say CO2 is the most important gas of all.


Let’s break it down.

The goal of the Climate Hoax, as admitted by U.S. “Green New Deal” author, Saikat Chakrabarti, is to use it as a driver to get ‘us’ to agree to give up control of our property to their Marxist agenda.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the environment—as he admitted to a reporter—and it is based on a glaring, provable lie.

What drives earth temperatures is our planet’s distance from the sun, which is constantly changing—but on predictable elliptical cycles—as Milutin Milankovitch proved a century ago.

We’re 4.5 million miles closer to the sun today, greenies, and no amount of co2 will keep us from freezing in 10,500 years, when we’re that much farther away, as has happened before and will again


I’m going to give them a break, because Greenies are stupid people who don’t think for themselves, but our non-chordate politicians (missing their backbone gene from Cambrian Period) making public policy on their agenda can’t be allowed to continue.

In one thousand words with some well-known science, we’ve completely ‘debunked’ their BS (to use their favourite term) and we’re watching Europe fall to Russian control today as a result of the same stupidity.

The U.S. and Australia are equally blessed with incredible energy resources like Russia, but like the Europeans, we’re letting Greta and the Lilliputians run the game on us as well! This Climate Hoax is based on lies serving dark agendas of the Marxist/Globalists as do the Greenies—and yes—I wrote the book on that!

The plot is revealed in their own words

We need to immediately reverse course, claim our energy independence as a matter of national security, and stop kidding ourselves that solar and wind can replace real energy sources—or the madness of electric cars.

Hybrids?  Great, but the goal of completely electric cars—as we’ve covered—is to make us all reliant on their controlling our ability to charge them.

Just by turning off the juice, they shut down our mobility while saving nothing—because guess what powers 96% of the recharging capacity?

That’s right—fossil fuels.

Another load of electric car fuel is on the way!

And how do we grow food if the Greenie nightmare is implemented?  Do I stop my 24 hour grain harvesting operation during that time of year to run back to the barn and ‘top-off’ the tractor battery for eight hours?

It’s embarrassing to admit, but the Biden Regime actually called John Deere tractor three weeks ago to ask them to switch all farm tractors and combines to electric—I kid you not.  Deere said they’d call them back.

These Greenie Marxists are so clueless as to how things actually work (or don’t care) that they couldn’t think that one through to see how stupid their idea was.

John Deere did not call Biden’s Greenies back, but the company has just announced that it is moving its “Innovation Hub” to the Free State of Texas and getting the hell out of Marxist Illinois, so maybe the call was for the good after all.

If Texas decides to leave the U.S.S.A., (that’s not a typo) at least we’ll still have tractors.

In closing, the best source of energy for free nations today is nuclear power for home and industry, while fossil fuels remain essential for farming, mining, and transportation.

Broom socialist Greenies out of power by simply making the truth about their lies and agenda known to the public by any means you can. 

Their agenda has absolutely nothing to do with the environment—which is cleaner now by far than when I was a kid.

If we let them implement their ‘zero carbon’ nonsense while we are forced to rely on others—it will destroy our nations—and any chances of retaining our sovereignty against the Globalists.

Follow any Greenie money and you’ll find a Marxist who hates you at the end of the trail.

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