What Trudeau did to Canada is criminal—but what do the vaxxed now do to save themselves? Answer—don’t give up!


‘Jussie’ Trudeau is a monster.  Look at the numbers above from his own government proving that the Acuitas-fueled jabs are killing his people—and all nations dumb enough to use it—yet even today, he’s like other drug pimps selling his dope to any takers with money, on the G-7 corner.

Trudeau forced this untested poison on all Canadians via illegal ‘mandates’—knowing the dangers of his company’s lipid nanoparticle delivery agent—which, by the way, was stolen from Canadian taxpayer-funded research somehow now under Trudeau Foundation-owned Acuitas.

Keep this up, Jussie, and the Clintons might adopt you now that you’re an orphaned offspring of their heroes—a slut and Fidel Castro—as we’ve also reported, but you can do your own homework on that one. 

Read the article below for the full story, but in short, Tekmira Pharma partnered with The University of British Columbia, which created the lipid nanoparticles to get the mRNA poison into all the cells of your body.

“Canada’s Arbutus [Biopharma] and Acuitas [Therapeutics Company] were derived from research at The University of British Columbia which developed the lipid nanoparticles that make the mRNA work,” summarises Dr. Martin.  His exposé with Stew Peters is worth a watch.

Acuitas makes money on every jab sold by Moderna and Pfizer as the mRNA requires their lipid nanoparticles, as we also reported earlier this year.

As Dr. David Martin added in our article, “Most people would be shocked to find out that when you have the PM of Canada telling the world that the only way to return to a ‘new normal’ is through the vaccine…what Justin Trudeau did not tell the public was that he had a financial stake in the outcome of that being the selected pathway forward.”


The answer?  ‘Jussie’s’ company, Acuitas, owned 25% by his family’s ‘foundation’ is minting illicit cash on every Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech jab in the world—so what’s wrong with 10+ jabs per Canadian?

If Canadians refuse to give up their weapons—as Trudeau and other fascists like Biden recently demanded—he and the Marxists will lose. 

Once Canadians understand the Trudeau/W.E.F./Pharma coalition is willingly killing them for his own profit (and Global Marxist control of Canada) there will be a revolt, and if still armed, the people will win it.

Dr. David Martin has proven the would-be dictator, ‘Jussie’ Trudeau, is a naked Marxists willing to kill his people for money


My calculator doesn’t go that high!  How much is ’10% for the big guy’ on 7 billion doses of Pfizer and Moderna poison?

The latest article giving the details on Biden’s plot to jab the world with U.S. funding, for example, is written by none other than the alleged spawn of Bill and Hillary Clinton—Chelsea Clinton.

Biden Has the Power to Vaccinate the World

He should use it.

By Chelsea Clinton and Achal Prabhala https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/05/biden-has-power-vaccinate-world/618802/

I say ‘alleged’ spawn of Bill & Hill because like their fellow Marxists in Canada [the Trudeau’s], Hillary Clinton’s affair with her senior partner at The Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas [Webster Hubbell] and Mrs. Trudeau’s tryst with Fidel Castro, produced the next generation of Marxist trash now coming out of the closet to further harm our world.

Not a trace of Bill Clinton in that face, is there?

And while irrelevant ‘Who de baby daddy’ is, these people have a moral compass that allows any and all activities, no matter how dire the consequences for ‘us’.

We must take the reins from these daffy quacks before they destroy us and our world.


FACT—Deaths in the force-jabbed U.S. Military are up 1,100 %

“Attorney-at-Law Todd Callender, who is representing the US Navy SEALs vs President Joe Biden has recently reported an 1100% increase in US military deaths as a result of these mRNA injections and based on their latest data, they expect this number to soon rise above 5000%.” https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/us-military-deaths-up-1100-and-exponentially-rising/

FACT—“Germany reported a 13% decline in births between January and March 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.”  What changed?  Just one thing. The German government along with all the other puppets installed by the Globalists forced their people to take the poison.

28 of the 36 pregnant women in Pfizer’s ‘test’ lost their babies after the jab.  Where the hell is the lamestream media on this?

A courageous former Leftist, Dr. Naomi Wolf, in concert with former Trump advisor, Steve Bannon, teamed up and brought in roughly 3,500 volunteers and over 1,000 attorneys to sift through the massive data U.S. courts forced Pfizer to disclose—after they and their co-conspirators in the Biden Regime—sought to keep them hidden for 75 years.

Yes.  You read that right.  75 years the bastards wanted to keep this public data private to cover their crimes.

I’m just finishing Dr. Wolf’s incredible book, The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

She documents the crime, from a perspective different from my own, yet we end up in the same place.  This Big Pharma, Big Government monster must be destroyed, never to control us—or our health—again.

No longer can medical boards run by licensing monopolies control our doctors in concert with Pharma—or the teaching of medicine. 

These professional monopolies sold out to Big Pharma and have lost all credibility, while trying to destroy the courageous medical professionals who told us the truth.

Medical licensing must be a government function or not at all.  If a professional passes his courses in medical school, he or she is a doctor, period.  Why should a private monopoly have such powers over them?

FACT- Death payouts by life insurers—for all age groups—are up 163% in a year. 

‘Death Claims Up $6 BILLION: Fifth-Largest Life Insurance Company Paid out for 163% More Working-Age Deaths in 2021 After Covid “Vaccines” Were Unleashed’ https://noqreport.com/2022/06/21/death-claims-up-6-billion-fifth-largest-life-insurance-company-paid-out-for-163-more-working-age-deaths-in-2021-after-covid-vaccines-were-unleashed/

Any tyrant recommending ‘the jab’ from here on out can be rightly named a genocidal maniac.


This is the question that keeps me up at night.

First of all, we must acknowledge that Western leaders and their Globalist masters just tried to kill us.  We can never trust them again on anything to do with our health and return to national sovereignty in order to survive.

Then we must turn to natural means of countering their poisons, by ramping up anti-oxidants.

Sounds crazy?  It’s not.

Antioxidants are nature’s way of eliminating unnatural toxins from our bodies.  Since roughly the WW II era when the field of chemistry began creating compounds never before seen (or absorbed) cancer suddenly became common.

Our bodies simply did not know what to do with these unnatural chemical compounds, which create free radicals our body cannot absorb.  If left unchecked, they attack cells to find something to bond with—destroying them in the process—or causing them to replicate in damaged form, which is cancer.

The only way I have found to eliminate the spike proteins, graphene oxide, and lipid nanoparticles is to ramp up the intake of anti-oxidants to bond with them and flush free radicals and these toxins from the body.

Listen to this short TED talk by Dr. Vincent Li where he explains the power of antioxidants to cure even cancer.


Aside from fruits and vegetables high in anti-oxidants, shikimic acid has been proven to be especially effective in ridding the body of the toxins in the jab that can kill you, including “mRNA, spike protein, graphene oxide, and highly toxic SM-102, and other potentially toxic substances.”

What is ‘shikimic acid’? 

It’s found in pine needles, which make a tasty tea, by the way.  To make it even simpler, I buy pine needle syrup at the local health food store and use it to sweeten foods and drinks, while detoxifying my family. 


N-acetyl cysteine is so effective at detoxifying jab poison that the criminals of the FDA removed it as a supplement available ‘over the counter’ without a prescription when they started pushing Fauci’s poison in 2020, though it has been sold that way since 1985.

Just as they suppressed hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and other safe and effective therapeutics during their jab-fest, they tried to kill NAC as well.

I ordered it online without any problem here in Europe and suspect you can too wherever you are.

NAC ramps up the body’s ability to create antioxidants and has been used effectively to detoxify liver poisoning from Tylenol for decades.


This much maligned miracle drug actually won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for curing many tropical diseases in humans over six decades.  It is also proving effective in removing toxins from the jab and even as a cancer cure.

The patents expired long ago, so it is cheap and more effective than any of the jabs according to those who recommend it (like Dr. Zev Zelenko, who died yesterday), which is why Pharma and Fauci hate it so much.


I just learned of this product as a cure for cancer, after it saved a dear friend.  Like Ivermectin, it removes parasites, and has been safely used since 1961, but recently proved to be amazingly powerful as a cure for cancer.

In a recent trial of men with rectal cancer, Fenbendazole (Fen-Ben) had a cure rate of 100%!  Small trial—just ten patients—but they are all now cancer free without the torture of radiation and chemotherapy.

I was also able to order it online and tested it.  No side effects (and I think I’m worm-free now).

Read about it for yourselves and decide. https://www.naturalproductsinsider.com/regulatory/fda-warning-letters-nac-cause-stir-supplement-sector


While not known as a detoxifier per se, taking one aspirin a day helps prevent the clotting effect of the jab, and can save your life.

One aspirin thins the blood just enough to keep you safe while the anti-oxidants flush the dangerous spike proteins and graphene oxide from your system that cause the clotting, heart failure and strokes.


We’ll get through this.  For every disease, my mother believed God provided a natural cure—and we’re finding that is true even of this man-made pathogen.

But let’s take note of the lessons learned:

  1. Globalists want us dead, poor, and propertyless, so don’t ever trust them again for anything, and vote against any politicians who deals with them or their organisations.
  2. Big Pharma will serve us poison if it makes a profit, bribing our leaders and lawmakers to force it on us, so don’t ever trust them again for anything either.
  3. Big Medical is under the spell of both, and with exceptions, cannot be trusted either.  We must learn to take care of our own health with clean food, antioxidants, supplements (like Vitamin C, D, zinc, etc.) and well-tested therapeutics such as hydroxychloroquine (an analog of Coenzyme Q10), ivermectin and Fen-Ben, as well as the humble aspirin.

And as we retake control of our governments from the likes of ‘Jussie’ Trudeau, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and other recently implanted demons, let’s hold all who participated in this genocide to account.

Big Pharma criminals and their puppet politicians must be put in the dock and on trial for their crimes against humanity.

The ultimate owners of the cabal must also be held to account—and stripped of their fortunes in payment to the world for what they did to us.

This will require the splintering of BlackRock, Vanguard & State Street into a thousand pieces each, rendering them unable to monopolise our world ever again.

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