Recipe for destroying your own nation is really, really easy!


Colour me biased, but I think Joe Biden is going to win this one! 

He took an energy independent nation, with a record economy, rising wages across all races and levels of education with inflation near zero and brought it to its knees – literally (in places like Afghanistan) – in less than two years.

I admit, ‘Jussie’ Trudeau has run a close second, driving Canada out of the list of free nations and robbing his people of pride in who they are – and now he’s taking their guns so they can’t remove him for his treason.

Boris Johnson?  He’s turned Britain into a laughing stock while importing boatloads of young soldiers for the Islamic rising-up to come, and dancing the night away as he deprived his countrymen of those same rights.

While some blame it on Carrie – I can’t completely – because he’s the spineless jellyfish that let her set one disastrous Globalist policy after another.

And how ‘bout those feckless EU Globalists who let a dysfunctional, mentally ill teenaged spawn of Antifa soldiers set their energy policies, causing war, suffering and mayhem as a result? 

They’re in the running – yes – but it took their irredeemably stupid Greenie fools in leadership more than a decade to make them all dependent on Russia, while Joe Biden did it literally overnight.

Maybe I’m cheating on the handicapping, but I think speed counts – and Joe Biden has damn sure set the record on that!

On day one squatting in President Trump’s office, he radically decimated America’s energy independence, putting tens of thousands of highly paid energy sector and transportation workers out of jobs, spiking inflation.


STEP ONE- Eliminate pride in nation, its history and independence. Even if your history is a bit sketchy (like Germany), this can be accomplished using the Merkel Method of flinging open the doors to any comers who hate you and your religious heritage, while simultaneously outsourcing the things you really, really need – like oil, food and fertiliser.

Import young fighting age soldiers for the Islamic uprising(s) ahead, let them rape your girls and give them handouts

While Biden has done the same on the U.S. borders to destroy my nation, I think we have to give the Germans and other feckless EU heads of state the prize for this one.  They were first to flood the zone with jihadists.

But you can’t destroy your culture and national pride by diluting it with those who hate you alone – you have to also destroy its independence.

Energy is the key to making your factories and businesses work – which in Germany were, until recently, the envy of the world – so you need to adopt non-working wind and solar, while shutting down your safe, clean nuclear. Then, stop mining coal and natural gas under your own soil.

Since the Climate Hoax is all rubbish anyway, you keep burning the same amount to create energy, but outsource it so you can pose as a Greenie!

To really put things on the fritz, let’s farm out our energy needs to those who have invaded and fought us for most of modern history – oh say like the Russians – or like Biden – on his knees to Saudi Arabia and Iraq!

Teach kids that they are bad people whose history they’ll never be able to escape for things they didn’t do – and make them hate themselves and their country.  It certainly worked in my nation!  It’s the Democrat platform!

Sponsored by the Democrat party around the nation, like this rally in Pima County, Arizona—voter fraud HQ

The Marxists (a.k.a. Democrats), as example, this year are holding “F**CK the 4th” rallies instead of celebrating my nation’s birth, which was the Fourth of July – a day happily bringing us all together for two and a half centuries.

History has no place in Democrat-run schools – Racism, hatred and grooming kids are far more important – but you’ve got to turn them against not only themselves and their parents, but the entire country.

STEP TWO – Gut your economy and its future.  Use supranational organisations and NGOs as cover. 

Never, ever, say ‘No’ to Soros, W.E.F., UN, EU, WHO or anyone who claims to know better than your own electorate. Flooding your nation with hostiles seeking a handout and destroying your domestic energy policies is not enough. 

You need to let the unelected fools who pay you off to do stupid things against your country, tell you what to do, and then you can blame it on them!

Also has lots of time for Ukraine, but none for flood victims back home—he’s sure to bring lots of failed ideas to try at home!

Clearly, it works.  The newly elected Australian PM, Anthony Albanese, for example, is literally running to get in the race over here in Europe showing more concern for NATO, the EU and Ukrainians than Australians.

If unelected bureaucrats controlled by Pharma Freaks like the WHO tell you to gut your nation’s economy and force jab as many as you can with poison to kill them off – you don’t blink an eye, knowing you’re banking lots of personal coin for it – and can blame it on them!

STEP THREE- Create a crisis – real or imagined doesn’t matter – to make everyone completely dependent on you.

The Covid scam was a start, but hunger is the real tool.  Famine is inevitable due to failed policies of these same fools – and the food riots have begun in Sri Lanka and Ecuador, while Europe has no fertiliser.

Did you know that the Biden Administration is literally paying famers to destroy their crops, even while saying there will be famine?

This is not accidental, folks.  They want us dependent on them

STEP FOUR- Control the media and markets in every way possible.

Like the newly minted tyrant in Ukraine, besides arresting his political rivals, Zelenskyy took control of the media.

Tyrants don’t want anyone calling them out for what they do—so they shut everyone up

The tyrants running my home nation went even further than that.  They not only set up the internet in the 1990s – a well-established fact – they funded/controlled today’s leading social media apps – and chose the winners & losers. 

Back in May of 2016, this clip was posted as a joke – supposedly – but now it has been revealed that indeed, it was CIA money behind those chosen to win.

In Q-Tel is a venture capital firm funded by the CIA in 1999, as explained by former CIA Director, George Tenet:

“We [the CIA] decided to use our limited dollars to leverage technology developed elsewhere. In 1999, we chartered… In-Q-Tel… While we pay the bills, In-Q-Tel is independent of CIA. CIA identifies pressing problems, and In-Q-Tel provides the technology to address them. The In-Q-Tel alliance has put the agency back at the leading edge of technology.”

And I’m not joking about In Q-Tel choosing the winners – and losers.

Remember the first internet browser and search engine, Netscape’s Navigator, which refused to play ball with the government?  Exactly. 

They were chosen as a loser, despite being the first browser, yielding quickly to Microsoft’s Explorer controlled by BlackRock/Vanguard/State Street, then on to the next compromised partner in this updated form of world fascism.

That then allowed Alphabet to launch Google – a little start-up – which bought Keyhole EarthViewer with the CIA’s In Q-Tel money in 2004 and voila, we now have Google Earth which allows for worldwide spying.


As we’ve covered continuously, Oxfam has reported that a small handful of the world’s richest control 94% of the world’s wealth via BlackRock/Vanguard/State Street, which incestuously own each other.

A merger of big business and government is the very definition of fascism except that the original Italian Marxist Party version was managed by the government under Mussolini. 

Now it is the other way around.  Most of the Western world’s government are run by BlackRock/Vanguard/State Street and most of our world leaders are their puppets – many trained to be tyrants by the W.E.F.

They proudly admit it.

Schwab bragged at Harvard that he had ‘penetrated’ cabinets around the world, including over half of Canada’s being his own

European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen; President of European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde; Chair & Director of IMF, Kristalina Georgieva-Kinowa – all Schwabites as well.

Elections are fixed for them via their Social Media bias (estimated at a 16% swing for Marxists just by Google in 2016 in America), while their Facebook Division pumped $417 million in to buy off local election leaders in swing districts and flood the system with fake mail-in ballots and unmonitored drop boxes, to intentionally miscount and rig the 2020 vote.

They further fix elections via their financial institutions which only allow donations and big money to flow to Globalists – like the billions BlackRock/Vanguard/State Street allegedly funnelled to BLM – but it ended up being laundered through Democrat political funding site, ActBlue, and 60 days later, went illegally into Democrat campaigns.

They fix elections via rigging CCP-owned Dominion voting machines and Soros-funded voting software such as Smartmatic – all to make sure that compliant ‘leaders’ give the false image of being democratically elected when they were not.

Now, their newest trick is taking complete control over us via digital currency and their banks, which can cut off our money if we don’t fit their social score profile – as they just did in Canada to truckers and donors.

I just had it done to me by Barclay’s Bank after many years of using them.  Though I pay the bill in full each month, never late – and don’t borrow money – they claimed falsely that my ‘credit score’ had changed.

When I complained and demanded a copy of this false information used to bring my limit to 1/100 of what it was – not even enough to book a hotel room for one night – they said they could not show me, but I still had to pay them fees for months ahead, which ended the call and our business.

See the picture now?  Global Fascism, controlled by a handful of the world’s richest, (who want 85% of ‘us’ dead), using our nations as pawns and our ‘leaders’ as little more than compensated chieftains who carry out their orders in concert.

While you could shop, eat, buy and build at any of the BlackRock/Vanguard/State Street owned monopolies – the puppet leaders shut down Mom n’ Pops, as well as all small and medium businesses to eliminate them as competition to their monopolies.

You could buy a Big Mac and fries 24/7 at McDonalds all over the world, but a Pete’s Pizza on the corner was deadlier than a bullet to the head

And then BlackRock hoovered up their businesses and homes at below market value after the Marxists ordered them all locked down and mandated a rent holiday that cost many of the small real estate owners their properties – illegally – as they had no such powers.

‘Blackrock is buying Every Single Family House They Can Find “Paying 20-50% OVER MARKET” The ‘corporate investors’ snapped up 15% of the homes for sale in America, just in the first quarter of this year.

Does anyone believe these decisions and mandates were accidental?  This was a created crisis to do just what they’ve done – kill many of us, destroy private non-monopoly-owned businesses and take our remaining freedoms.

Sure, the courts are finally dealing with the illegality of many of these mandates that destroyed the private economy now, but that doesn’t help the millions of small folk who lost their shops, factories and homes. 

It’s too late for them – even though it was all rigged.

STEP FIVE- Disarm the people, then set off a ‘crisis’ to quell any remaining dissent while separating the sheep from the lions.

This is Marxism 101 – and as if on cue, the soprano stand-ins of Canada and the United States started singing in unison, demanding disarmament of their people week before last.

 It’s late in the game and Trump put them way behind schedule.

This was all supposed to be wrapped up under Hillary Clinton after a quick nuclear war to finish Putin – the only one back then who wouldn’t go along with their plot – but something happened.

Even though the evidence is overwhelming that 2016 was heavily fixed by Big Tech and the financial cabal that owns them in favour of the Marxists, the Trump vote overshot even a rigged election by millions.

And he’s the one that scares them to death, as he could put a pin in their balloon fast, quick and in a hurry simply by reversing Biden’s policies.

I think that’s in the works, actually – and why they are so desperate to destroy Trump with fake narratives, hearings and smears – as his popularity just continues to rise.

So you now have a recipe for disaster, but fortunately, it can be undone quickly if our leaders had courage like only Trump and Putin seem to have today. 

Like them or not, they’ve got guts and are seemingly the only two left on the Western Front who are preventing the Global Marxists from winning.

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