The ‘progressive’ Dutch government tries to seize farmland to stop food production in service to the globalist agenda


Do you still doubt that this seemingly inevitable famine is created?

Joe Biden is paying U.S. farmers to destroy their crops while saying food shortages are inevitable—and doing everything possible to make it happen.

Now, Europe is starting wars and using the same tactics to starve us.

FACT-  The world’s most productive farmers, are also in one of the world’s most challenging environments—The Netherlands.

They’ve basically been growing this abundance of food for the world for centuries, below sea level, using a system of dykes.

Now the paid off left-wing Globalist government of Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, announced that they are banning farming!

I say ‘paid off’ because the new maker of fake meat and breast milk, Bill Gates, put $600 million into the “online supermarket” grocery chain (@picnic) of this same Dutch Minister’s brother who pushed the law claiming nitrogen is the new boogey man for the Globalists.

Like the truckers in Canada, the farmers are rising up against the tyrants, blocking roads & ports

He then slid it through the left-wing parliament basically ending farming by 2030—giving him and his billionaire cronies like Bill Gates—the power to seize farmland from private owners.

Farmers—who know a lot more than the paid off Minister(s) or Bill Gates ever will about nature, farming or the environment—know that nitrogen is 78.084% of the air we breathe, so if it were truly poisonous as they claim, we’d all be dead.


Tractors block the highways to Germany and fisherman are blocking the ports, shutting down Netherlands’ commerce

Rutte—the new Prime Minister—and his leftwing government, ordered nitrogen, the main component of our atmosphere, to be slashed by 50%.

His Globalist party claims they will accomplish this impossible task by cutting off the use of fertilisers and curtailing animal husbandry—in other words, go from being the world’s most efficient at growing food—to being dependent on others to feed his nation.

The Dutch should—and just might it seems—hang the traitor for this, as no deed in today’s world of sick, bought off leaders matches such for treachery as shutting down your own nation’s means of feeding itself.

The Globalisst Rutteites still seem unsure what they are going to do about the 78% of the air we breathe that is made of the same basic element—nitrogen—but that has nothing to do with their real agenda, now does it?

Are you beginning to see what they are up to?  Maybe this picture will help explain it better than words.

Yep.  PM Rutte (on the right) and his government made a deal with the devil (the grinning schmuck on the left)

It looks like the $600 million bribe went a long way—and guess who will be one of the ‘buyers’ of Dutch farmland stolen from the Dutch farmers who have owned and tilled it for centuries?

My bet is on America’s newest and largest owner of farmland in the United States—Farmer Bill Gates.


The Globalists wanted to take us back to the Stone Age over CO2 (plant food) which is only 0.04% of our atmosphere—but only the crazies, paid-off Vanguard pundits, and poorly educated fell for this W.E.F./Club of Rome fairytale.

Anyone who actually made it through a high school biology class could properly identify this as a hoax—and apparently did—as they’re on to the next version, claiming it is nitrogen now (also plant food) that will kill us.

The oxygen we breathe comes from plants, which in turn absorb our bi-product (breath, heavy in CO2) and via photo-synthesis from the sun and nitrogen from the soil, produce more oxygen (and food for us and all of nature), making CO2 (in my opinion) the most important gas in our world, with nitrogen being a close second.

During the Cambrian Period in which we and other chordates developed, atmospheric CO2 was ten-fold that of today so the Carbon Hoax was just that, Greenie poppycock.

Instead of cutting ‘nitrogen’ by 50%, the Minister responsible for this paid-off crime against his own people got 100% of it sprayed on him, his ministry—and the police protecting both.

In my opinion, this is the most important story of the day, which is why the Vanguard-owned media must ignore it to prevent other nations from seeing this example of an ancient, stable people and nation rising up against Globalist tyranny.

Real citizens are saying “No” to their Globalist patsies in power.  The Dutch are known for being quiet, hard-working people who are hard to rile.

The Rutte/Gates partnership, however, has brought out the best in them.  They’re not just saying “No”, they’re saying “Hell no.”

They are fighting to save their land, their way of life, and their nation.

May God give them strength to persevere, and my others follow their example.

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