The lazy grasshoppers are only fed by ‘us’ ants, so let’s let them have a cold, dark winter this year instead of ‘us’

The Ant and the Grasshopper—one of Aesop’s Fables, numbered 373 in the Perry Index—describes how a hungry grasshopper begs for food from an ant when winter comes—and is refused.

Guess what?  Without us ‘ants’, the grasshoppers will all die.

Suppose for example, Klaus Schwab’s enormous golden toilet will not flush.

He summonses a plumber ‘ant’ to the Davos mansion—but by agreement, all  refuse to fix his golden toilet and Klaus, Ms. Klaus, Ms. Klaus #2 and ‘ze gurlfren’ are filling the villa with—well…Klausscheiße!

“Vat to do?”, shouts Klaus.  “Ze scheiße iz up to my footie jams!”

Klausy calls ‘ze bez freund’, Bill Gates (America’s newest and largest ‘farmer’)—also strangely predicting world famine—but what the hell!  Gates says he is backed up in Gatesscheiße as well at his mansion and no plumber ant will help him either! 

“I swear, Klaus. It’s a conspiracy against our Great Reset to kill them!,” says Billy-Bob (his new ‘farmer’ nickname).

But he continues using the toilet—because his kitchen ‘ants’ laced the bio breast milk he uses on his Cocoa Puffs each morning—with prunes!

Gates calls Klaus back.  “It’s 4 p.m., so Biden’s already asleep, but I’ll call ‘the whore’ [Harris] or our guys in the CIA and FBI!  I promise our White House ants will fix this like we pay them to do, Klaus!  I’ve got this!”


For once, we don’t help them kill us.  How’s that for a start, folks?

We refuse to take any more of their poisonous ‘vaccines’—ever again.

Then, we let them starve instead of ‘us’ when their famine plot kicks in. 

Let them eat bugs—or vaccines—but we must no longer feed them.

We continue to let their castles flood with Klausscheiße, and we rebel in every single way possible. 

We call in sick with Vaccine Virus and stop cleaning their homes, fixing their meals, caring for their evil spawn, stop feeding their animals, and stop mowing their estates—and we ostracise or punish the scab ants who cross the line to help any of the wicked Grasshoppers.

The Bottled Water trucks?  No more though the Gates of the Gates Estate(s).  Let them drink from their swimming pools, jacuzzis, taps or toilets, but we stop the trucks.

We blockade the bastards’ homes like their shock troops did those of Supreme Court Justices who recently stopped their murder of our babies.

In other words… the ants stop keeping up the worthless Grasshoppers, who want ‘us’ dead.

Take a few moments to watch this short clip from the Pixar movie, Antz, (before Disney went Woke):

Once we ‘ants’ realise that 7 billion of ‘us’ can easily take on the few hundred grasshoppers who suck their riches from our work, the tide turns.

And guess what?  We, the ‘ants’, have been awakened and are finally starting to win a few, after having war declared on us 50 years ago!

That’s right, in 1972, The Club of Rome—now under the management and control of perhaps the world’s three greatest fiends (Klaus Schwab, George Soros and Ted Turner)—published their plan for getting rid of ‘us’.

They decided to use a fabricated Climate Change hoax to spread fear, to make ‘us’ voluntarily put ourselves under their control—then they planned to ‘eliminate’ 85% with war, disease, vaccines, and famine.

This would be accomplished by first taking over the media—which a Club of Rome founder (Ted Turner) actually did, starting with his own Turner Broadcasting merger with Time-Warner, then swallowed by AT&T—which is one of the six mega corporations now controlling 92% of all media/information/content on the planet.

And they, in turn, are all owned/controlled by the BlackRock/Vanguard/State Street cabal, which also own/control all of the jab makers.

Yes.  All six remaining media monopolies are owned/controlled by the same cabal that owns/controls all the jab makers which is why every ‘news’ show starts with, “this program is brought to you by Pfizer.” 

Are you starting to get the point?

So when I call this a ‘war’, that is not hyperbole or over-statement.  They plan to drive us into the slaughterhouse pens, by using their media to scare us into going along with the non-thinking herd, and then kill ‘us’.

Doubt me?  Read their damn book (Limits to Growth), or Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset.

But what if us ‘ants’ decide we aren’t taking it any more?

As I’ve written for a long time now, their plot includes famine

They’ve got a good start on it by banning fertiliser from Russia—an absolute necessity for reasonable yields—so Europe will feel it this year. 

Keep in mind that the Globalist’s favourite enemy nations, Russia and Belarus, produce 30% of the world’s exports of fertiliser—you know, the stuff that makes food grow—and the reason we no longer have famines.

As we reported, Holland’s leftist junta is seizing the land of its farmers—stopping food production—claiming nitrogen from farming is causing Climate Change. Our starvation is clearly preferable to these evil people.

Their cult had to give up Global Warming as the mantra for obvious reasons—global temps are down two degrees since 2016—but facts are irrelevant to these folk and this has nothing to do with nitrogen.

And while the treasonous serpent ‘Climate Change’ Minister did as instructed and pushed for the seizures, Dutch farmers do not agree.

In fact, they’ve now taken the nation hostage, blocking roads from Germany, blocking the ports, and the capital, while giving the Sinister Minister a quick farming lesson on the taste and smell of… ‘nitrogen’.

Next, the corrupt Globalists of Amsterdam took a play out of the U.S. FBI’s playbook, and inserted operatives amongst the real protestors to make it turn violent so the cops could beat down the farmers.

Yet the Dutch farmers smelled the stench of traitors trying to turn things violent—even over the scent of manure—running them back to police protection.

How will all this turn out?  That depends on us ‘ants’, doesn’t it?

We’ve got the best doctors and scientists on our side now (The World Council for Health), bringing the facts about the death jabs to all and demanding an end to the Globalists’ genocide of ‘us’.

We’ve got the few non-compromised courts and judges taking up the matter as criminal (so far, Peru, India and Ecuador—more in process).

We’ve got the Globalist puppets sinking so fast in popularity that they can no longer govern—like Boris Johnson (who stepped down moments ago), Emmanuel Macron (now irrelevant to running France after Le Pen’s party won so many seats) and Sleepy Joe Biden (whose popularity dropped to a record low— 18%)—which will cause all their governments to fall.

Even the cruel Austrian Ubermeisters, are pointing fingers to avoid what is coming their way (Nuremberg 2.0, perhaps?) for forced vaxx mandates. 

They now blame their brutal apartheid against the unvaccinated and illegal imprisonment of them in their homes—wait for it—on doctors, saying they should have known better than to listen to them!

Keeping in mind that any doctor who warned against their tyrannical diktats and forced mandates would have lost their medical licenses and faced arrest for ‘disinformation’, these evil fascists are blaming them:

In Austria the massive harm done to human life and health done by the Covid “vaccines” has resulted in the Austrian Minister of Health [Johannes Rauch] shifting responsibility to doctors who betrayed their medical responsibility to inform patients of the risks of the vaccine.

“Green” Minister of Health Johannes Rauch—the sorry, no-good jerk who put Austrians on illegal lockdowns and mandates—shifts the blame to the doctors he ordered to give the jabs!


Yes, literally in stone.  In 1980, a mysterious monument known as “the Guidestones” with creepy inscriptions calling for “maintaining humanity under 500 million” appeared in the home state of Club of Rome founding member, Ted Turner [Elbert County, Georgia].

“Turner has repeatedly advocated for a 95 percent population reduction and attends weird confabs with the likes of Bill Gates and George Soros to discuss how globalists could use their wealth to ‘slow the growth of the world’s population’.”

The huge stone structure in the backwoods of Georgia also calls for the imposition of a “world court” and demands humans “be not a cancer on the Earth.”

Strange stuff for a very rural county in the Southern U.S. Bible Belt (as this area is known)—unless you are a depopulation Globalist atheistic piece of trash who believes we are the curse rather than they.

Well guess what happened on the way to the depopulation forum yesterday morning at 04:00?

Someone blew up the Globalist’s Death Stones with a rather sophisticated bomb. 

Who? Why?  Don’t know, don’t care, but it sends a message to the Globalist bastards that maybe some of us don’t agree with their ‘Great Reset’ or killing ‘us’ down to just 500 million from 7 billion.

If they really believe there are too many people on Earth and millions should die, they should start by example—you know, like a mass ritual suicide of themselves or a big Davos ‘Jim Jones kool-aid party’—and see if it catches on with the rest of us.

That’s unlikely to happen because Ted Turner and crew think there are too many of ‘us’ ants but just the right number of ‘them’, the grasshoppers.

They’re wrong.  The world will be a better place when run by Ants once we get rid of all Grasshoppers—not just 85 or 95%—all of them.

I believe that time is coming.  Why?

Because less than 48 hours after this Globalist totem pole to Genocide was bombed—and before an investigation could even be carried out—the job was finished.

Their dark secret plan—etched in stone—is now too damning.  The evidence had to be destroyed

So it’s not like they haven’t told us what they’re doing, is it?

Zero carbon includes ‘us’— and Bill Gates said so back in 2011

So let’s make an Antz Pact, that we bring down these tyrant Grasshoppers—preferably, by non-violent means—before they kill any more of us.

We stop providing services to them that only we can provide, and actively sabotage their efforts to destroy us.

We stop buying any goods or services from Vanguard owned enterprises—which is hard, I admit, but we must do it as much as possible.

Here’s the list, which will make the point of how much they control our world’s wealth already (92% according to Oxfam), and it’s only going up (notice the ‘pluses’ in almost every case):

And when they start messing with our food as they’re doing today in The Netherlands, we stop them by any means necessary.  We back the farmers and join their protests.

If we let the bastards control our food, within just nine days, they will control ‘us’ as well.

If we let that happen—it’s Game Over—and they won.

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