As we reported after the 2020 election, “Trump will win—and here’s why” (Nov. 24th, 2020)


Trump is like a heat-seeking missile, always knowing the enemy’s next move. 

Putin made a comment last week, for example, about retaking Alaska (which was purchased from Russia) and two days later, Trump is in town, throwing down in Alaska’s capital to that state’s largest audience ever.

But let’s talk about his July 8th rally rather than Alaska (which was fantastic by the way) as what happened in Vegas the other night, did not stay in Vegas this time.

And while this is not evidence our 2020 reporting that Trump would ultimately win has happened (we called for his eventual victory even after the election), things are beginning to shape up in that direction.

You see, the Bidens are self-destructing at a rate that has never been seen. Even their sycophants of CNN and MSNBC ‘shame’ abandoned them.

Also, why would Donald J. Trump be attended by a different security detail on July 8th when in Las Vegas giving  a speech backing Adam Laxalt, (former Attorney General of Nevada) for Senate than he’s had at other rallies before? 

Now comes the big question: “Why does his new security detail appear to be carrying a black case that looks like the one that holds the ‘nuclear football’ with the launch codes?”

Take a look and listen for yourself:

The day of Biden’s alleged inauguration, the Vanguard media complained vociferously, Yahoo writing, “However, for the first time, the outgoing president, Donald Trump, will not hand off the black leather case to the incoming president.

“Typically, the handoff takes place at the inauguration ceremony at the U.S. Capitol.”

Having never conceded the stolen election to Beijing Biden, Trump refused to go to his fake inauguration and got on Air Force One, the presidential aircraft instead – with the nuclear football – humiliating the Cheater n’ Chief Biden on his big day.

Our regular readers may also remember that multiple sources reported Pentagon Police refused Biden and his staff entry in February of 2020.

True?  I don’t know for sure, but if the demented old fool did have the nuclear football, I believe he and his Marxist gang would have launched one by now to kick off their long-planned war with Russia, which was to start the Great Reset in 2017 under Hillary, followed by the Pandemic.

The Scamdemic was to wipe out those of us not killed by their nukes – by the way – then to be followed by created famine, but Trump delayed it all.

But they couldn’t set off a nuke, because maybe they didn’t have the codes? Perhaps.

Death threats and actual attacks from Antifa/Democrat Marxists on members of the court required putting key justices under military protection—which is likely—and the court is now fenced


The Marxist ilk is angry – because things are suddenly not going their way.

Baby-killing (a.k.a., abortion) has reverted to what State Legislatures decide in a recent Supreme Court decision – though the Court did not outlaw the barbaric practice as most media falsely reported.

Instead, the Justices ruled they never had the Constitutional power to create ‘rights’ or law.  A made up federal mandate like Roe v. Wade from an unelected court was invalid – which is freaking out the Biden Bolshevik regime – because that portends for the entire dismantling of their Administrative State, as most of it is built on sand as well.

And as always, they have resorted to violence when they didn’t get their way, and that will only get worse in the short term, I suspect.

Their ‘no good very bad’ month started when they were outed for all to see in Dinesh D’Sousa’s incredible film, “2000 Mules” –  created in conjunction with ‘True the Vote’. If you haven’t seen it yet,  please do.

It removes all doubt from thinking people – using Geo-Data tracking accurate to within inches – exposing not only the Marxist operatives (many of whom were also geo-located in Antifa riots) – but shows the actual places they picked up the illegal ballots, then showing that they returned to those same NGOs and Democrat political operations to get paid.

And you’ll never guess whose HQ was one of those NGOS trafficking in illegal ballots and paying off the mules

Yep.  Stacey Abrams’ political Headquarters is now one of those political organisations under investigation for the crime of the century.  The mules led the authorities straight to her door.

And that’s what really has them scared as tracking shows the left wing NGOs and political operatives who organised the ballot trafficking, making this an indisputable compound crime by leading Democrats.

The U.S. Constitution, puts Election laws solely under the purview of State Legislatures (Article I, §4), “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof.”

This means that all the outrageous vote-rigging schemes such as printing and sending out millions of mail-in ballots, putting out drop-off boxes where these excess fake ballots could be dumped (unmonitored) without the required matching of signatures or ID – all  in violation of law – renders those ballots invalid.

NGOs funded by George Soros and other Marxist dark money set these places up as  harvesting operations to add collected or fake ballots, while bribing local officials to move their vote-counting centres from the precinct level to their exclusive control in Democrat controlled centres (Mark Zuckerberg funded this illegal activity to the tune of $417 million) – which courts have deemed unlawful.

$7.4 million ‘Zuckerbucks’ were pumped into Detroit alone and 71 precincts, for example, had more votes than voters in the huge Zuckerberg vote-fixing TCF Center, after being forced into the massive complex rather than simply counting votes in their precinct offices as usual.

But the vote could not have been massively rigged there, whereas the Zuckerberg vote-rigging operation had two truckloads of ballots delivered at 3 a.m. the day after the election to make that happen–all for Biden.

Fraud was everywhere, in fact, at the highest levels. The legislature of my home state [North Carolina], for example, redrew voting districts based on the new 2020 Census, as was their sole right.

Undaunted, the Democrat-controlled State Supreme Court usurped that legislative authority and drew its own redistricting maps favouring their fellow Marxists – so they could win – which Democrats can no longer do without cheating.

But the United States Supreme Court just overruled them as well.  The map now reverts to the legislatively drawn version and the State Supreme Court got a smack down from above for breaking the law.

In Georgia – perhaps the epicentre of 2020 election fraud – the corrupt RINO Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, just certified his own win in the primary, but has been busted for cheating once again.

All 159 Georgia counties started out the day of the vote with the Dominion machines (that Raffensberger approved and purchased) pre-loaded with a +15% algorithm programmed in for him to guarantee his win.   And he did.


The ruling knocking down all the rule changes by governors, secretaries of state and even courts is big because it affects all the states where corrupt officials – both RINOs and Marxists – changed their laws without authority, just to rig the election, and the U.S. Supreme Court has called them out on it.

Pennsylvania election officials committed this crime as did governors, courts and secretaries of state in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia and Wisconsin, to name just a few.

In other words, the United States Supreme Court ruled that all of these ‘changes’ not made by the legislatures were illegal – meaning that so was Joe Biden’s election – which was these States sole reason for breaking the law in the first place.

The question now is, if the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that all of these massive violations were illegal and they have the real numbers of the votes absent the fraud (which they do), it becomes quite believable that they have quietly cancelled Biden’s alleged victory gained via fraud and are now figuring out what to do about it as this is something new for them.

The supreme court of Wisconsin, just agreed and said their drop boxes were illegal when used in 2020

We won’t have to wait long to find out, as more States follow Wisconsin.

“The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday barred the use of most ballot drop boxes and ruled that no one can return a ballot in person on behalf of another voter  –  dealing a blow to Democrats ahead of crucial contests in this perennial battleground state.”  [CNN]

As States begin decertifying their 2020 Electors due to this massive fraud, the Supreme Court will have to act.  Just three States decertify, Sleepy Joe drops below 270 Electoral votes, and he’s no longer in office.

The positive news is actually flooding out so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with it, and if those millions of ballots were ‘illegal’ when cast, then they have to be removed from the 2020 election results.

“Ballot drop boxes appear nowhere in the detailed statutory system for absentee voting,” Wisconsin Justice Rebecca Bradley wrote, in her 4-3 ruling.

The Court determined The Wisconsin Election Commission overstepped its authority – just as they did in all the ‘swing states’ (and most others) during the 2020 fraud.


I don’t know, but after reading that the courts are now admitting the Marxists broke the law in so many ways in so many places in 2020 – outside of all legal authority – there is no way this can be allowed to stand.

The rumour that the Supreme Court Justices are under military protection after voiding Biden’s election due to this fraud may be true – but on the other hand, Justice Kavanaugh and his family were hounded out of Morton’s restaurant in the Washington area just two nights ago.

It seems that one or the other is true, but not both in my opinion.

If Kavanaugh and the other non-Marxist justices are really under military protection for voting to void Biden’s election, I don’t think they’d be out and about in the public – unless they refused the extra protection.

Maybe Kavanaugh thinks he’s invincible after surviving an assassination attempt, which most of you did not hear about thanks to Vanguard – but it happened just last week.

A California leftist, 26-year-old Nicholas John Roske, travelled all the way from the Left Coast to Justice Kavanaugh’s Maryland home to murder him and his family just days ago – a fact omitted by the controlled press.

Though a felony, the Biden regime has encouraged protesters outside the homes of justices who follow the constitution to intimidate them—and Democrats, Sen. Chuck Schumer along with rep. Maxine Waters have both called for violence!

Armed with a pistol, pepper spray, a knife and zipties to bind up the family, Roske was arrested near Justice Kavanaugh’s home on Wednesday night last week – and it didn’t even make the headlines.


The U.S. Census Bureau estimates there were 153.07 million registered voters in 2020, including all the dead, ghost voters that don’t exist, non-residents, illegals, etc. but let’s count them anyway:

153.07 million registered America voters in 2020. said that 2020 was a U.S. record turn-out of 66.7%, so roughly 103 million registered voters were in the game on Nov. 3rd – semi-legally in that they were ‘registered’ to vote, even if dead.

103 million of these registered voters turned out to vote.

But wait a minute….CNN said Trump got 74.2 million votes, Biden got 81.2 million votes and the independents scored 2.8 million votes, which is a total of 158.2 million votes, right?

So 103 million voters cast 158.2 million ballots yet there is ‘no evidence of fraud’?

The fraud thus far proven has been 100% on the Marxist side in Joe Biden’s favour, so the likely outcome of the 2020 election when the illegally switched votes are restored to President Trump is roughly 80 million to 23 million for Sleepy Joe – a number reflected by Biden’s current popularity (which stands at only 18% in ‘Right Track/Wrong Track’ poll).

If I could do this simple math based solely on the U.S. Census data and the announced election results, I’m betting the Supreme Court Justices were smart enough to figure it out as well.

Joe Biden is an imposter intentionally installed by foreign and domestic enemies in nothing short of a treasonous coup.

As for The Supreme Court, what will they – or have they – done about it?  I don’t know, but something big is in the wind as they’ve voted four out of the last five cases in favour of the Constitution and Trump’s agenda.

The biggest ruling yet was West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency, which we’ll discuss in a future article but it basically outlaws the Administrative State from creating their own laws and enforcing them – which they’ve done for decades illegally, though solely a duty of the legislature.

This ruling can rightly be said to be the means by which Trump can unroot the Deep State and crush its power for good – so you can expect more violence from the Marxists this summer – unless he’s back that is.

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