The bastards tried to kill us with a manmade disease and cripple us with mandated poisons—now it will be famine—unless we stop them


Klaus Schwab’s W.E.F.-trained tyrant kids are finally getting trounced.

BoJo is down for the count, as Britain seeks a less foolish Tory to fill #10.

Klaus’s L’enfant teribble, Macron, has been rendered toothless after stealing his recent election according to reports (four million torn ballots were not counted for LePen).

His beleaguered Ensemble! Coalition lost its majority in the National Assembly in June, however, as Marine LePen’s France First, National Rally picked up 81 seats—a ten-fold increase.

In a telling defeat, the new Assembly saw the radical left Socialists join with Marine LePen’s national-centrists to shoot down Macron’s W.E.F. plot to force a vaccine passport on the descendants of the people in the painting above.

They were not having it and voted it down—on the eve of Bastille Day.

Sri Lanka’s government fell this week and its president fled the rioters.

Ecuador and Ghana are in default, headed for possible revolution.

W.E.F. stooge, ‘Jussie’ Trudeau can no longer walk the streets of Canada without being insulted and booed.  He will fall now that it is known his Trudeau Foundation got 25% of the profits on lipid nanoparticles in all Moderna and Pfizer poison shots he forced on his fellow Canadians.

Rioting Italians no longer accept Premier Mario Draghi’s tyranny and their massive protests forced him to offer his resignation yesterday.

Austria changes tyrants like Antifa does its underwear (three times in six months) and its corrupt ‘health’ minister, Johannes Rauch, just tried to blame his own Marxist mandates on the doctors—claiming they should not have listened to him—perhaps to avoid the noose at Nuremberg 2.0.

Australia’s new tyrant, Anthony Albanese, has visited every nation it seems but his own since the election (out of fear perhaps) and is on a more or less permanent Global(ist) walkabout with his girlfriend, Jodie.


The Dutch farmers’ revolt against the Globalist/EU agenda to steal their farms, found allies in the fishermen now blocking the ports.

They were joined this week by German and Polish farmers who know something about communism and refused Brussels’ attempt to take over the food supplies in Europe (or their family farms).

The week’s biggest news is that Communist China is on the brink of economic collapse.  Ten of the nation’s top bankers fled (that we have been able to verify) and many more are trying to escape through Mongolia, Vietnam, and elsewhere as the system collapses—before they are blamed.

China’s population is 970 million to 1 billion according to the latest statistics yet the CCP has blown up its real estate sector to well over $100 trillion U.S. dollars in over valuation—with entire cities completely empty.

Those companies are now in default and the Chinese citizens who bought the unfinished flats are no longer paying—and they are very angry.

China has just had its worst quarter in history across all sectors

As Bloomberg reports, ‘“Disgruntled Chinese homebuyers” are refusing to pay mortgages for unfinished construction projects, exacerbating the country’s real estate woes and stoking fears that the crisis will spread to the wider financial system as countless mortgages default.’

‘According to researcher China Real Estate Information, homebuyers have stopped mortgage payments on at least 100 projects in more than 50 cities as of Wednesday, up from 58 projects on Tuesday and only 28 on Monday, according to Jefferies Financial Group Inc. analysts including Shujin Chen.

“The names on the list doubled every day in the past three days,” Chen wrote in a note published Thursday. “The incident would dampen buyer sentiment, especially for pre-sold products offered by private developers given the higher risk on delivery, and weigh on the gradual sales recovery.”

G-TV has records from one of the escaped Central bankers showing that roughly 50% of these mega banks’ assets are now worthless—which is why they cannot give people back their savings, now that runs on the banks have begun.

A run-on bank of China headquarters in Zhengzhou & others, this week


The stakes could not be higher, as Xi Xinping, seeks a third term—which is forbidden by party rules—but most of the 25 member committee are his protégées, so if all remains calm, the rules will be bent for him, no doubt.

The financial and real estate executives are under strict orders to hide—by any means—the facts about the dual meltdown of the real estate market and bank assets until after the November meeting when Xi’s power is to be consolidated.

That’s why it is important for the world to know the truth now—including the lao baixing (the working people of China who can’t get their money)— so this does not happen.

They must be part of our global uprising.

The CCP has lost the ‘Mandate of Heaven’ and it is time for this international criminal enterprise to fall rather than consolidate.

Most of our world has seen protests and riots for many reasons since 2020—but we are now joining, just like the left and right in France—against a common enemy- the globalists elites


This is the first time in history that all of its people have had cause to join together to fight a common enemy. 

The Globalists have attacked all of us with their depopulation agenda, their takeover of 92% of our assets (including the media) via their Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street cabal—and now they plot to put us into famine.

While Russia and NATO have their squabble, the W.E.F. Globalists have tried to kill us all—Russians and Europeans alike—so they are the enemy of the people of all nations. 

The brutal Chinese dictator had an estimated 438 million people on deadly lockdowns without food or freedom in June—perhaps a trial starvation run as example for his Globalist W.E.F./EU/U.S. pals.

Yes. The dictator who did this, Xi Jinping, is a beloved ally of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros and the other killers, whom we must take down together.

Rogue’s Gallery—all up for lynching when this is over

The hour is late and we must join together to stop them.  The Australian born idea of a GLOBAL WALK OUT to define the battle lines is an excellent one.

We will see who is with ‘us’ and who is against us.


The best way to end Globalism is to end the Globalists.  Any leader who is in any way attached to the W.E.F. must be turfed out.  Start at the local precinct level and get active to change things from the bottom up.

The Globalists’ agenda from the beginning of their plot to rule the world (and ‘de-populate’ us) was put in writing, so only the stupid or willfully blind can say it isn’t their plan. 

Sir Alexander King and Aurelio Peccei—the original founders of The Club of Rome—decided they would use a climate hoax to scare us into submission.  That’s right. Their fabricated plot was born in 1972.

Since 1972 it has been in print—as well as their ’30-year’ update—so they didn’t even try to hide it

From the beginning, they decided to claim this fabricated crisis was caused by ‘us’ and we would destroy the planet if they did not reduce our numbers. 

Knowing the Milankovitch Cycles would cause a temporary warming trend (which ended in 1998) they decided on ‘Global Warming’ as their Trojan horse.

Now that temperatures are declining, we have seen their lies about our cities being underwater and a world out of natural resources were all bunk. 

It’s time to take down their Greenie cover and get back to living.

The key to ending inflation is cheap energy, which most nations have if they would use it.  That requires exposing the Greenie lies intended to destroy our nations and elect leaders who will use our God-given resources as needed.

POINT—The term ‘fossil fuels’ was reportedly invented by Standard Oil monopolist, John D. Rockefeller, to make oil and gas sound limited to make them more valuable in the public’s mind.

Energy is not finite (with the exception of coal, perhaps),  but rather infinite—for at least another billion years or so—as the theory of dead animals and plants creating vast pools of oil can only explain those found near the surface, and actually makes very little sense.

For example, what about the White Tiger (Bạch Hổ) oil field under the East Sea off the coast of Vietnam, found beneath 1 mile of granite rock?  Dead plant and animal ‘fossils’?  I don’t think so.

The massive gases still escaping our molten core collect under such structures into vast pools of constantly renewing resources, so don’t believe the nonsense the Greenies spout.

Were we not constantly drawing out these renewing resources, they would be causing constant volcanos around the world (as they once did) with attending tsunamis, so oil and gas usage makes our world safer as a by-product.

It’s time to call out the Greenies on their lies.

Donald Trump had America not only energy independent, but energy dominant just 18 months ago before the Biden Bolsheviks seized power in an election coup—with the help of the CCP— and shut it down.

Inflation, correspondingly, was less than 1%. 

Cheap energy = low inflation

Food, for example, is roughly 60% energy in cost.  The tractors use fuel.  Fertiliser is made from natural gas.  Trucking the foods to market—and storing them in coolers—takes massive amounts of energy.

Cheap abundant energy = cheap abundant food.

When gas was $1.86 under Trump all was well.  Now that it is $7.00 + a gallon, things are down the gurgler—by intent.

So that’s where we start.  We go back to dependable real ‘renewable’ energy gathering constantly under the earth’s crust and get the cost of everything back to being affordable.

We then take the 92% of our world’s wealth accumulated by Oligarchs and Globalists under their Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street cabal ruling our leaders as compensation for their manmade virus and the death jabs they forced on us.

With that 20+ trillion, we create the biggest boom of new small businesses in our independent, free nations ever seen.

Any nation not willing to acknowledge and recognise God-given rights and freedoms, will not share in this tremendous wealth.

And speaking of God-given—while I’m not suggesting or promoting national religions—it’s time to recognise that in large part, it was our Christian heritage that caused the world’s greatest, most advanced civilisation to come into full being.

It wasn’t the brutal political ideology of Mohammed which despises freedom and knowledge (Spain alone produces more new book titles each year than dar al-Islam has in 1,000 years), and it wasn’t Buddhism or Hinduism which accept the brutish life of submission—it was Christianity.

Free societies will not remain that way without that distinction—that those rights are from God—not from any intermediary be it royal, government or even clerical.

We have a direct connection to our Creator and any who try to insert themselves between us and that power ever again, must be removed.

We can do this, but first we must connect with our fellow citizens of all nations to rise up against the common enemy of humanity—the Satanic death cult of the Davos Vanguard.

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