The feds turned Trump’s “peaceful and patriotic walk to the capitol” into one of many disarmament schemes illegally robbing the rights of his supporters to keep and bear arms


Let’s quote them for the Marxists trying to tear down my nation:

          1.  To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States; (Article I, §8)

          2.  To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations; (Article I, §8)  and

          3.  The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason. (Article III, §3)

That’s it – just three things – and Amendment 10 of the Bill of Rights forbade the federal government from any activities or powers not specifically named in that document, reserving them solely for the States or people:

Amendment 10- “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”


“More than 840 people have been arrested for storming the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, with charges ranging from obstruction of an official proceeding to assault. But 17 months after the attempted insurrection, a significant number of rioters are still awaiting their sentencing.”

How did Ray Epps (lower left) go from being top person of interest, to being more protected by media and FBI than a California snail darter?

This is the question riling most patriotic Americans.  The clear leaders of the alleged insurrection – Ray Epps and Antifa chief, John Sullivan – were not charged, and it turns out Ray and the Antifa criminal, John Sullivan (below), were far from alone – it was in fact, a Fed-surrection.

FBI plant dressed up in Trump hat
Antifa plant dressed up in Trump hat

But again, The Constitution forbids this endless holding and requires “A speedy and public Trial” (Amendment Six) which has been statutorily defined as 70 days from indictment (minus a short list of allowable delays).

The U.S. Government stands in violation of the U.S. Constitution.


Without going too far afield, this has now become a common tactic of the new Marxist oriented FBI and ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms), neither of which are found in the Constitution, meaning their very existence is anathema to the document.

In 2020, perhaps as a warm-up practice run for the January 6th false flag operation then being planned, the FBI paid one of its informants $8,600 to ensnare men online who wanted to stop Governor Gretchen Whitmer from continuing to trample the civil rights of Michiganders.

The FBI plot was leaked to the press, who promoted it as fact, though ultimately, 12 of the alleged 18 kidnap plotters were actually FBI!

Those entrapped were planning a citizens arrest of Governor Whitmer for her unconstitutional lockdowns and forced poison jabs, which is completely legal, according to the highest authority, the sheriff.

Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf, who knows several of the alleged kidnappers, says a citizen’s arrest of Whitmer is fully justified considering the barrage of intolerable acts she has inflicted upon her constituents over the past seven months.

 When Eric M. Allport refused to go along with the new FBI kidnap plot, he was shot in the back of the head – executed by the FBI – on October 2, 2020, just days before the fake Whitmer kidnapping was to be rolled out.

Eric M. Allport was shot once in the back and three times in the head by FBI at this steakhouse after refusing the switch in plan

Dead men don’t testify – or expose corruption – seems to be FBI thinking.


314,000 laws not authorised by the U.S. Constitution, and therefore outside federal purview, have been used to disarm one-quarter of America’s population – as this abusive system has now made one in four citizens a ‘felon’. (BNA Criminal Law Reporter, May 19th, 2010 issue: Vol. 87, No. 7- “The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 71 million people – approximately 25 percent of the American population – have a criminal record.”)

And as former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III wrote of this:

When the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790, it stipulated only 17 federal crimes. Today, Congress own research service can’t even count all the federal crimes on the books.

Our best estimate is that the federal code now delineates more than 4,500 federal crimes. And federal regulations create tens of thousands more. Our Founding Fathers would recognize relatively few of these offenses as crimes.

In fact, the American Legislative Exchange Council found that almost 300,000 of these 314,000 illegal restraints on liberty were never passed by Congress, but rather imposed and enforced by unelected ‘administrators’.

Keep in mind that every felony conviction – or I should say forced plea deal, as the required trial by jury is allowed in only 14/1,000 cases – which results in the citizen losing his or her right to vote, to self defence, and even the right to serve on a jury for life, also outside of law.

Historically, only piracy, murder, rape, robbery, fraud – real crimes – were called felonies, not ‘mistreating a mailbag’ or ‘freeing a mammal from a net’ not to mention ‘collecting rainwater off domestic roofs’ – yes, even your own – all Administrative State imposed ‘felonies’ for which you lose your rights to vote or even defend yourself and your property.


Guess how many federal ‘instigators’ and agitators were in the crowd leading the fed-surrection during Trump’s speech?

Estimates range from 20 (in court records) to 80 FBI and ATF ‘assets’ (the latest estimate of J6 reporter, Julie Kelly) were implanted in the crowd that day leading the way, before any of the Trump supporters could even arrive from his speech, a 45 minute walk that day. 

Yet Ray Epps and John Sullivan are on film encouraging peaceful people to enter the capitol – even a day earlier – yet neither of them are charged or on trial for their leadership roles in what is clearly a government plot.

Meanwhile, 69 year old Granny, Pam Hemphill, from Idaho who has cancer and no criminal history, was sentenced by a DC kangaroo court for taking selfies in the Capitol after being invited in by Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol police on January 6th.

She is now labelled ‘a domestic terrorist’ while Fed-surrectionists, Ray Epps and John Sullivan remain free, along with all their co-conspirators.

Granny Pam, can never vote for Donald Trump again – one of the goals in this scam – and she can never have the right to defend herself in her own home or own a weapon. 

For those who don’t know what a ‘domestic terrorist’ looks like, meet granny Pam Hemphill, the Marxists’ latest victim

And it was Joe Biden who similarly targeted blacks in 1994.  Joe certainly was not targeting his own crackhead son, Hunter, it was young black men whom he wanted unable to vote and unarmed for life


It was Biden’s bill and plan back in 1994 which he admits on tape – to keep blacks away from society, but how he did it is so outrageous, I’ll use a comparison to alcohol instead of cocaine to explain it.

A bootlegger making moonshine whiskey, gets caught – and he gets one year in jail for selling the pure stuff – but his customers on the other side of town, who are predominately black – can’t afford a jug of his liquor, so they team up to buy one jug and cut it with 7-up or Pepsi.

Joe’s legislation, put the crime of selling a can of 7-up with some moonshine in it, at a 100:1 sentence over selling the pure stuff.

One year for the white guy selling the pure cocaine, is 100 years for the black guy selling cocaine cut with baking soda – and Joe was proud of it.

Millions of blacks will never vote or own a gun again thanks to Joe Biden, who is now set to disenfranchise/disarm Conservatives in similar fashion.


Steve Bannon was convicted Friday of following the law

To show the disparity and true purpose of the Marxification of the FBI and DOJ in Amerika (not a typo), let’s take two cases on the same day – Republican Lee Zeldin running for Governor in New York, and Steve Bannon, Trump aide and confidante – also now host of the world’s largest conservative political podcast, War room.

Marxist, Kathy Hochul, published Zeldin’s campaign locations and calls him a ‘far-right extremist’. Hours later, one of her Marxist zealots tries to kill him— but is released without bail

An unelected, Marxist, stand-in governor, dog whistles her henchmen to attack and try to kill her Republican opponent – a standing member of Congress – yet her fellow Democrats in the court immediately released the would-be murderer back into the public without a penny of bail.

Meanwhile, an illegitimate committee created outside of Congress’s own rules subpoenaes members of Trump’s White House who have ‘executive privilege’ under the law – and were not even at the Fed-surrection – yet had them arrested, cuffed in leg irons (in the case of Dr. Peter Navarro) by their captive DOJ and FBI, then put before a kangaroo court to convict.

Same day.  A Democrat attempting to murder an elected official walks free while a law-abiding Conservative is convicted by a stacked court made up only of Democrats and Marxists of a non-crime.

If “Contempt of Congress” is now a crime, then 82% of America including me are guilty as well, per the latest polls.

Biden and his Bolsheviks are headed for single digits—so like cornered animals, they lash out and violate everything sacred to maintain power


If Mr. Bannon doesn’t win on appeal, he can’t vote or ever own a gun again, which was their plan, and they’ll label him a felon.

That is why I was so excited by the recent Supreme Court ruling, West Virginia v. EPA as we covered a few days ago that the Administrative State is now up for dismantling.

Biden’s Bolsheviks and DOJ/FBI shock troops should soon lose this vast trove of unconstitutional ‘laws’ and powers, which must happen if the nation is to survive.

But they’re not stopping there – they’re going after lawyers willing to defend conservatives and using their private cohorts to destroy them.

The Marxist’s professional monopolies, for example, are trying to criminalise even defending patriotic Americans, through a disbarment scheme – I kid you not!

“A dark money group with connections to the Democratic Party is reportedly looking to disbar and discredit more than 100 lawyers who worked on former President Trump’s post-election lawsuits.”

Biden’s militarised Department of Justice and FBI have set their sights on all Conservatives – now being disenfranchised and disarmed by throwing them in jail – held without charge or trial in violation of The Speedy Trial Act of 1974 until they can be coerced into pleading guilty to escape dangerous county jails – which must be stopped.


Disarmament always precedes genocide, please keep that historical fact in mind, and the Marxist plan has never varied. 

Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Obama/Biden – they always do the same.

First, there is a publicity campaign by those seeking complete control, blaming private weapons for events of their own making (like the FBI’s false flag events, and Marxist-backed BLM and Antifa violence), then there are calls for registration as to who has weapons and they are seized.

Biden and the Marxist’s plot in America is by and of necessity a bit more complicated because of our Constitution, but basically the same – using the controlled media to cover false flag events and make them about guns (though the only ‘gun’ on January 6th was used to shoot an unarmed Trump supporter to death – Ashli Babbit).

Then they employ lawfare to steal rights and disarm those they can’t control.

The Courts pander to the Marxists out of fear – while illegally imprisoning prominent Conservatives – so we need to make sure they have fewer of them [laws] to disabuse and less power to do so.

As Cicero famously wrote, “The more laws, the less justice,” and his insight has proven accurate in the once upon a time Land of the Free.

So let’s make a brief punchlist to be used after the Marxists are defeated and the Administrative State is taken down:

NUMBER ONE – No statute, rule or ordinance carrying a penalty or punishment is valid, unless:

          1.  Passed by the appropriate elected legislative body, and,

          2.  It falls within the narrow parameters of federal powers.

NUMBER TWO – The suspension of Constitutional rights – including disarmament – for any federal charge except those specifically authorised within the Constitution to federal government, are forbidden. 

While the States retain such powers, federal government can only punish or suspend rights involving convictions for:

          1.  Counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States; (Article I, §8)

          2.  Defined Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations; (Article I, §8)  and

          3.  Treason. (Article III, §3)

NUMBER THREE – The Speedy Trial Act of 1974, 18 USC §§3161-3174, et al, must be amended by Congress to require automatic release of any prisoner and dismissal of charges, with prejudice, for any whose trial has not commenced within 70 days as required by law and Constitution (Sixth Amendment).

NUMBER FOUR – Return to the required trial by jury ‘in all cases’ before federal courts.  Government prosecutors have proven dishonest and manipulative.  Justice must remain in the hands of We the People and our peers, as intended, not unaccountable hired guns seeking to put notches on their belt by any means necessary.

NUMBER FIVE – Private professional monopolies holding illegally delegated authority over universities and private practitioners as to how they practice medicine or law, or what can be taught, as well as any authority to grant – or take – a license to practice their profession, is a matter of local or state statute and regulation.  Private monopolies must be barred from having such powers, never to be granted again.

We can fix this – but only if we do something about it – and these five ideas are a start.

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