‘Normal’ temperatures are now red ‘a dangerous climate crisis’—what these evil people are doing is unforgivable—shut them out!


The Vanguard media is now in hyperdrive to put us under the boot.

As we warned, the criminals of Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street, their media hacks and puppet leaders in our Western-aligned nations would pivot to the Climate Lie when their plagues quit getting traction.

They’re not just unable to get traction—the world now knows they were lied to about the manmade disease—and its even more dangerous ‘cure’.

In fact, at the World Economic Forum’s cult meeting in Davos, Switzerland [in May], Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said that his company is “in the process of throwing 30 million doses in the garbage because nobody wants them.”

Pfizer’s criminal ’n Chief, Bourla, has the same problem. At their Davos cult meeting, he also whined about ‘us’: 

“Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explains to the WEF there’s a surplus of 7,000,000,000 doses of his COVID vaccine sitting in warehouses because there aren’t enough ‘educated populations that believe the vaccines are doing well’.”


Now that deaths from all causes have spiked 163% and cancer rates are through the roof, even the most sheepish sheep are finally waking up.

The numbers don’t lie, but Vanguard media stooges do

As I rode my bike to the office this morning wishing for a sweater and cap due to the chilly July weather here in Poland’s capital, the Vanguard media was still pushing their new red colour maps and ‘deadly’ temps nonsense.

We’ve had only two days this summer where temperatures got into their usual range in the thirties, yet the lying liars were warning us not to go out.

I guess the majority of our species did fall for hoax after hoax—so they figure we’ll buy any of their drivel now—and they may have a point.

Here’s a test.  Gates’s gay flower at the W.H.O., Tedros Ghebreyesus, has unilaterally called for a worldwide lock down over the Covid vaccine’s admitted side-effect (once known as shingles) relabelled ‘Monkeypox’.

After seeing ‘Bathhouse Teddy’ strut his stuff in the gay bar clip above, I can see why he overrode his own Board and declared the ‘global emergency’ sua sponte, but that does not mean there is one, except among five of his fellow male bathhouse butt-babes.  He’s a lying liar like the rest. 

“WHO’s top monkeypox expert, Dr Rosamund Lewis, said this week that 99% of all the monkeypox cases beyond Africa were in men and that of those, 98 per cent involved men who have sex with men.

Experts suspect the monkeypox outbreaks in Europe and North America were spread via sex at two raves in Belgium and Spain.”


So five gay guys croaked from STDs and Bathhouse Teddy’s Gaypox and he not only wants to lock down the world, he wants to further destroy our economies—and of course, get his boss Gates’s Monkeypox vaxx into as many arms as he possibly can.  That’s how Sweet Teddy gets paid.

He’s even recruited Prince Charlie on a bad hair day, to threaten ‘more pandemics’ if we don’t buy into the BS of his family’s crusade with the Davos Nazis to put us back into feudalism under their ‘Reset’ 2030 Agenda.

Choosing one of the only two seasonably warm days this year, Charlie pumped the climate hoax narrative to put us in chains          

Even though NASA reported a two degree drop in global temps since 2016 (which was the Davos cult’s stated goal for the next century), and zero correct calls on their dire predictions, Chuck and the Gang are still pushing their Agenda to take over all (our) property—not theirs—and put us under digital ID like his Australian puppets are demanding Down Under.

So how long will the sheep keep buying Vanguard politician’s fear porn when these liars have literally never gotten a single thing right—ever?

Never right even once since their climate fear porn started in 1966—and they knew all along it was lies


The actual title of the tyrants’ trial run Down Under is “Trusted Digital Identity Bill 2021.” the draft bill- https://www.digitalidentity.gov.au/sites/default/files/2021-09/Trusted%20Digital%20Identity%20Bill%202021%20exposure%20draft.pdf

First of all, anything they call ‘Trusted’ cannot be Trusted, OK? 

But for the efforts of The United Australia Party, One Nation, and the Great Australian Party, the Chinese style tracking system would be fully deployed and ready to tie in with the Davos world feudalism app, now in progress.  This is where we must draw the line and not comply.

Let’t try another one: “Trust the science,” has now killed millions of our fellow human beings, as the only ‘science’ applied was in the Wuhan lab making the pathogen more deadly for humans.

Next, remember, “The Vaccine is Safe and Effective”?  It’s the most dangerous drug ever deployed, killing more humans than all vaccines in history combined, and while it is effective at killing us (and permanently decimating our immune systems) that’s its only efficiency to date.

Vanguard owns the media and the politicians—and all major pharmaceutical companies—so they are one


First of all, neither CO2—or their new Climate Hoax craze, nitrogen—can kill us. 

78.04% of the air we breathe is nitrogen and without the .04% CO2 in the air (and nitrogen in the soil), our world would be dead in days, as those two elements ‘feed’ everything that feeds us—which is why the Globalist psychopaths hate them.

The only factor worth considering is Earth’s proximity to the sun, which constantly changes.  When we are a million plus miles nearer the sun in our elliptical orbit, it’s warmer and we go into ice ages when we’re not.

We have not only the precession cycle, but the long cycle (100,000 years) elliptical trip around the sun

In 10,500 years, for example, our planet will be in a severe Ice Age and there is absolutely no amount of ‘Global Warming’ that can stop that or have the least effect on it. 

It’s hotter near the stove than it is far away from it.  And the Milankovitch Cycles fully explain that—as the Climate Hoax gang also knows—but they count on your being ignorant and believing their Vanguard media stooges.

Remember.  If their lips are moving, they’re lying—100% of the time—so do not believe a single word.  Think for yourself.

And they planned to pivot to the Climate Hoax to scare you into compliance, as our friends at Project Veritas caught on camera.


As Prince Charlie lied, saying it is climate change causing all these manmade diseases to leak out of labs, we know it is not. 

It’s the Globalists like him and his ilk, trying to reduce our numbers by creating these diseases and then forcing even more deadly ‘cures’ on us when we get sick from those diseases they already released upon us.

And our planet is not ‘warming’, Chuck, it is cooling.  There is record ice at the poles today, unlike their dire warnings it would all melt by 2013.

Look it up, after watching them lie back in 2009 about it. I watched the speech Gore gave in Copenhagen, so no amount of ‘fact checker’ fibbing about his speech makes any difference.

They are liars, and sorry if you’ve got a soft spot for Royal Lite Chuck, but he’s a liar just like Klaus Schwab, Al Gore and all their Davos Komrades. 

They live to lie and can do it unflinchingly as the Vanguard media repeats it until the masses buy it—or used to.

There are 500% more polar bears today than when Al Gore was in knee pants—back when he wore pants—though he knowingly lied that they would be extinct from drowning by the year 2013

All you have to do is look at where the Climate Hoaxers who are plotting to put us back in feudalism by using this scam choose to live themselves.

The scam’s financier, George Soros, lives in a beachfront mansion in the Hamptons.

His boy, Obama—Soros’s creation as we’ve reported—lives in a $13 million mansion right on the ocean in Martha’s Vineyard.


The Climate Hoax High Priest himself, Al Gore, lives in this beachfront mansion in California.

If these criminals believed their own nonsense, they’d be buying mountain houses instead, so they’ve been knowingly lying to you for decades—and coastal property prices keep going up!


Next time you visit your favourite beach, notice that there is absolutely zero difference in where the waterline is today than long ago when you first saw it, so you know the liars are lying—and have been for decades.

There has certainly been no change in America’s coastline since 1620 when the Pilgrims first landed at what still sits on the water’s edge, known as Plymouth Rock, so you know the liars are lying—again.

The liars are easily caught with just a little thought and observation, so always assume they lie, then look for the truth

Now, the Australian tyrants are going ‘CCP’ on their own people.  If you don’t believe me, watch Alan Jones lay it out for you:

A Digital ID, folks, that tracks your every move, every expenditure, social media, emails—your ‘carbon’ footprint—in the hands of people who have been saying (and writing) since 1972 that they want you dead.

Connect the dots and do not dare let them put this last piece in play—as that is game over.  Once they go digital money and tracking, they own you, as they can shut you down at will.

They will then control who can travel, who can eat, and who can speak out, based on a made up thing they’re calling ‘carbon footprint’ or whatever Marxist measurement they choose in Australia’s Orwellian night.

You will not be able to buy groceries, get medical treatment or access public services unless you fall in line and comply—including the next death shot and the next and the next—until your immune system collapses, allowing any pathogen to kill you, from pimples to sniffles.

You’re starving?  Do you really think they care?  Hell no!  That’s been their goal for six decades.

Just watch Beijing Biden paying farmers to destroy their crops in America while simultaneously predicting famine, Bill Gates buying farmland all over the world just to idle it, and the Dutch Marxists trying to destroy farming in the second largest food export nation in the world—Holland.

Do you think for even one second this is not part of their plan?

These are psychopathic narcissistic liars who want you dead.  Once you understand that, then the obvious next step is to prepare to shut them down before they succeed in their plot against ‘us’.

First, stop believing anything they say, then stop complying with anything that gives them more power over our lives.

Then start rolling back their unlawful creep of tyranny, by tearing down the institutions they’ve taken over from us, starting from the ground up.

Infiltrate, take control at the local level, then take down or change them for the good, including education, government, and the unelected NGOs now ruling/ruining our lives.

We can do this.

Welcome to the Devolution!

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