Say hello to my little friend—a Klaus Schwab look-alike cicada, no? Cousin to the locust, he eats, consuming everything in sight while providing nothing—while he still can!

The Vanguard/W.E.F. Strangelings are reminiscent of the 17 year locust (actually, cicada above) in my opinion.  They produce nothing, while consuming everything in sight—as if it belongs to them—this noisy but useless .00001 scab on a minority.

It was the year of the 17 year locust when I was born, and now in my fourth cycle, it seems emblematic of this amazing time in which we live.

Their world is falling apart, and soon they will go deep underground leaving only their evil seed to spring forth on another generation in the future—unless we destroy them completely this time.


Same state, same crooks still in place fixing elections using the same Dominion vote-rigging machines and fake mail-in ballots—so what did Kari Lake and the patriots do to beat the crooks?

Arizona was the railhead of the Globalist’s Election Steal in America in 2020, and this woman—Kari Lake—just took out the trash in 2022

They overwhelmed the system with real votes—holding them until the actual day of the election—running the tables at a 70% margin, too late for the Marxists to rig it and ‘find’ fake ballots to cover.

Rather than wait for FOX, CNN or other fake news media outlets who lied about the outcome in 2020, Lake and Crew announced their wins publicly and aggressively, proving no path to a win for their opponents—who could not come back from a 70/30 shellacking on Election Day!

It worked.  Media hacks were the last to announce results this time, leaving no room for back room fixes like they did in 2020, counting fraudulent mail-in ballots behind closed doors for a month.

The Arizona hero we interviewed earlier this year, Mark Finchem, also won his race to be Trump’s candidate for Secretary of State, as did Blake Masters for the President’s Senate choice.

Even late-comer, Trump Attorney General endorsee, Abe Hamadeh, whipped a Supreme Court justice for the top spot—making it a complete rout in Arizona for Trump-endorsed candidates.

Will the Marxists cheat again in November in the general election?  Of course they will, because that is all that is left for them, but now that every poll has Republican watchers and Kari Lake and Crew have the formula to swamp their algorithm on Election Day—it’s game over.

In January when these patriots take office, Arizona will become the first State to completely revamp the corrupt Globalist election system installed to defeat America First candidates—and they will move to decertify the 2020 presidential election due to now-proven fraud.

The other Swing States are booking similar wins and might beat Kari and Crew in the race to fix 2020 in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and even the most corrupt—Georgia as the evidence of fraud continues pouring out, two years on—and they elect Trump candidates in waves.


The U.K.’s Green Tory-Lite crew will quickly dissemble into chaos this winter as a tanned, rested and ready Nigel Farage mounts the stage to once again snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and save his nation.

He’s down 40 pounds to fighting weight and announced just today at CPAC in Texas where he spoke, that he would not allow Great Britain to go to ruin without a battle royale.  His hat, it seems, is in the ring.

What form it will take, I don’t know or care.  He’s Nigel Farage, the second most consequential man the British have known in centuries who may well beat out Churchill for number one, given enough time.

In Italy, Draghi, another Globalist puppet fell by the wayside and Giorgia Meloni —the dynamic woman now running the Brothers of Italy (another story of our times)—will pull Salvini off the party circuit, sober him up, and align the other pro-Italian forces to create a centrist national government to oppose EU/W.E.F. Global Marxism.

This is another nightmare team for the W.E.F./Brussels Monkeypoxxers who want to rule Italy under their Fascist merger with world Vanguard monopolies, but under these patriots, Italy will stand for no more of it.

Throw in Berlusconi’s power base, and this can happen and be effective.

As my mother—an Economist—used to say, “Sometimes the best man for the job is a strong woman.”


The first question a real journalist would ask any EU, Australian, Canadian or American pol destroying domestic energy sourcing is why they are funded by Russian-backed ‘Sea Change’.

Sea Change was exposed in 2017 by Congressional investigators to be behind “Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club and Climate Action Network, whose agenda is to shut down fossil fuels and restructure our entire economy around a socialist-style Green New Deal.”

The same dark Russian money is behind the Greenie Marxists across the Western aligned world, funneling Russian cash through shell corporations in Bermuda, according to now public evidence.

Smith and Weber assert that the Russian government and “complicit parties” had a scheme that “allows money originating from foreign countries like Russia to funnel through Bermuda-based shell companies to environmental groups in the United States with the aim of disrupting the U.S. energy industry.”

They alleged that “tens of millions of dollars” were handed to Bermuda-based Klein Ltd., which then funneled the money to the Sea Change Foundation, which distributed the funds to various NGOs.

NATO Sec. General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, knew it back in 2014 (look at that guilty mug when asked about it), but let the Russia ploy continue to bait Europe into a war!

“Russia duped Europe into energy dependence by funding ‘rabid environmental groups’ ”: experts say…


Amazing voices such as MdEP Christina Anderson, of Alternative for Deutschland, and others are rising up across Europe and the world saying “No more!”

Rational leaders like Viktor Orban of Hungary and Marine Le Pen in France—who simply put their own people and nations’ interests above all else—are becoming ever more popular as the Globalist losers intensify their attacks on them for what was once expected of all leaders.

Vladimir Putin’s strategy of funding the Greenie Marxists and their anti-energy shenanigans to make Russia Europe’s only remaining source of dependable energy was truly brilliant, but reality is about to smack the EU dupes who fell for it out of their stupor.

When food shortages appear in earnest due to shutting down LNG fertilizer production in Europe and NATO’s war provocations against Russia, the tribes of the continent will not quietly freeze in their hovels while the Greenie Marxists of Brussels eat cake and drink champagne.


Yes.  A time of reckoning cometh, and it cometh right soon for the Locusts. 

The Vanguard media doesn’t even have two single-digit ratings to rub together to start a fire this winter, they’ve fallen so far into disrepute. 

The world turned to to learn the election results this week in America—and got the truth instead of Marxist spin for a change.

A record number of Vanguard’ Big Tech stocks are down by 50% and more as fake bots and rigged algorithms designed to forge public opinion and stamp out free speech are exposed.  

Even Netflix hemorrhaged another million viewers this month as the now thinking public decided to turn off woke trash and pedophile bait flicks.

Their day is done—and a cold winter will take them down—now that the masses see that they were fooled.

No Greenie, regardless of how braindead he or she may be, will allow their children to starve or freeze to death while the unicorn crowd claim horrendous windmills and sun can feed them and heat their homes in the dead of winter when reality is showing them the facts.

Brace for impact but know that this must come in order to crush the locusts of the EU and other Globalists’ Marxist agendas of world control, once and for all.

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