There is a reason the founders precluded a federal police force or prosecution of but three crimes – because it would end up like this – either or both would become political tools of tyrants


We the People specifically granted the federal government 17 duties under Article I, §8 of our Contract (the Constitution).  ALL other powers, per the capstone of the original Constitution (Amendment 10) are withheld for the States and people, meaning, the federal government can’t usurp them. 

That’s why Congress told then-president Teddy Roosevelt in 1907 to pound sand when he proposed a ‘federal bureau of investigation’ to harass his political opponents. 

He was clearly told by the Senate that a national police force was not a lawful duty of the federal government, and therefore, unconstitutional.  It still is, by the way, and now you see why.

But by then, Teddy had been sucked into the vortex of the so-called ‘progressivism’ killing America today.  He used an equally unlawful ‘executive order’ (also not found in the Constitution) to do it anyway.

Teddy violated his oath of office and established his secret police force outside of law and Constitution. Just two weeks later, they were caught illegally rummaging through the Senate office of his nemesis, Senator Benjamin “Pitchfork” Tillman – in the middle of the night.

So much for ‘fidelity, bravery, and integrity’ from the criminal beginnings of this illegal FBI to what should be its final months in existence.

Trump declassified all documents in his possession – as was his legal authority as president – so claims he is somehow illegally in possession of classified material is another lie on top of yet another hoax


I’m so glad you asked – and the answer is, it is equally illegal, but for different reasons.

The federal government is authorised to punish only three things:

  1.  “To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States”,
  2. “To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations,” and under Article III,
  3. “The Congress shall have the power to declare the Punishment of Treason.”

That’s it, folks, and until the Civil War, it did not take but one man to charge the odd pirate or counterfeiter – the Attorney General.

He also dealt with the occasional dispute between States and other nations, but still had lots of time on his hands – including drinking heavily with then-president and resident White House drunk – Ulysses S. Grant.

It was over a drinking game that Grant and crew decided to create a ‘Department of Justice’ to attack political opponents while the southern states were not allowed to vote

The War was fought because the Republicans claimed the Southern States had no authority to secede from the Union – yet Congress created this unconstitutional ‘Department of Justice’ without allowing the Southern States to vote on it.

This legally renders it improperly passed.  The Department of Justice quickly became a rogue predecessor ‘agency’ to attack Grant’s enemies, followed by Roosevelt’s Executive Branch police force – fulfilling all the Founders’ worst nightmares.

This hellish pair has spread its tentacles overseeing the attack and prosecution of tens of millions of Americans, ‘punishing’ them with 314,000 fabricated ‘federal’ crimes – despite being authorised to punish only three.

Yes.  It is time for them to go. Enough harm has been done, making The United States ‘justice’ something that would make third-world dictators blush – as we saw this week with 30 SS thugs raiding President Trump.


Only 14 of 1,000 cases go to trial, though the constitution requires every crime to be tried by a jury – and political opponents and criminals are simply held alike till they ‘give in’ to rogue prosecutors – which is the real crime wave in America

The Sixth Amendment not only requires that ALL criminal defendants must be tried by a jury, but that it must be ‘speedy and public’.

But the rogues of the FBI and DOJ simply do not follow the law or Constitution.

Let’s take the patriots still being illegally held since the Fedsurrection on January 6th, 2021 – instigated by roughly 80 FBI agents and hired provocateurs in the crowd, as we’ve covered from Revolver News and other sources.

By law, those non-criminals had to be arraigned and tried within 70 days under the Sixth Amendment and its codification, 18 USC §§3161, et al (The Speedy Trial Act of 1974).

Not one of these 700 grannies and selfie taking Trump supporters were treated as required by law and Constitution, yet none of these hundreds of judicial operatives and misfits of the DOJ’s federal prosecution teams have suffered in any way for their crimes – and yes – what they’ve done to these citizens and millions of Americans over the years is criminal.

Just one case – 17 violations of civil rights ‘under colour of law’

18 USC §§241/242 make it a crime – and when prosecutors, judges, FBI agents and even defence attorneys collude to do it every day in a conspiracy to deprive citizens of their Constitutional rights–they can and should face many years in prison (but they don’t).

In fact, they should all spend the rest of their lives in prison, but here’s the problem – there is no one to charge the criminals of bench and bar who violate the rights of ‘We the People’.


OPTION ONE – These agencies – the FBI and DOJ – are beyond rogue and no one I’ve asked can tell me one thing either has done to benefit America in the past decade, if ever.

They’ve colluded with Russian spies to create a hoax to take down a president, they’ve lied to the FISA courts to spy on him, fabricated and altered evidence in those court documents, denied him due process of law and actively worked to deny his constitutional rights – for seven years – all under colour of law, but again, who is going to bring charges against ‘them’.

I’ve written and covered their crimes for over a decade because I was subject to their criminal acts and worked on over 400 federal criminal cases in which each defendant was similarly violated – in every single one of them.

So we need to get rid of these Marxists within government, lock, stock and barrel.  They were illegal ab initio and there is nothing they ever did that could not be handled by the States as intended by my home nation’s Founders.

And charge each of them on the way out the door under 18 USC §241 (conspiracy) and § 242, and off to the jails they go!

OPTION TWO – Create a new system – Courts of Ombudsmen – under Art. III, where a citizen with no other qualification, is elected in each Congressional district (not federal judicial district) to act as Ombudsman with full authority to:

          1.  Investigate and grant immediate relief to any person whose Constitutional rights were violated by anyone acting ‘under colour of law’ (or conspiring with them, as defence attorneys do in almost every case), and;

          2.  The power to prosecute, fine, imprison, and punish any bad actors of government who so violate any citizen of that district.

If rogue prosecutors and judges want to illegally hold citizens in dangerous, dirty county jails beyond 70 days to force a plea of guilt, then those same dirty judges and prosecutors can be charged by the Ombudsman for violating federal law and face imprisonment – and heavy fines – themselves.

If FBI agents and DOJ rogues want to alter evidence and order illegal raids on the Marxists’ political opponents, then they can be arrested, jailed, and put on trial by the Ombudsman’s court and jury to see if it was legal.

And these courts of Ombudsmen should use locally elected sheriffs to arrest, charge and hold the government rogues who violate citizens’ constitutional rights, not corrupt federal marshals and thugs who work for the other team.

I’ve got 30 FBI thugs and an attorney general who should be first on trial in Palm Beach County Ombudsman court after what they did to the rightful president last week.

These courts would pay for themselves quickly as incarceration in America plummets – once the illegal acts of government are exposed and stopped.

The rogues now populating federal prosecutions from bench to bar can be severely punished while granting the targets of their crimes immediate relief if their rights were violated by these criminals in black robes and pinstripes. That, my friends, is the only way to stop them.

The United States is the only nation claiming to be free and democratic that does not have courts of Ombudsmen to charge corrupt public officials, so this idea is neither mine or new – but it works.

Howell Woltz (now on Telegram)
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