The Federal Reserve—which is neither ‘federal’ nor a ‘reserve’—and its globalist co-conspirators have brought us to the brink.


That, ladies and gentlemen, is the secret sauce of central banking, from the mouth of its inventor back in 1693 in his pitch to a very desperate King William who had squandered England’s wealth on endless wars.

Does that sound familiar?

Who does war benefit? The Central Banks and those who own them—not the citizens who finance them or their children who die in them.

And now the world’s ‘central bankers’ have put the globe in such desperate debt worldwide that they must subdue us by any means necessary.

Killing us with manmade diseases and even more deadly ‘cures’ was simply part of putting us into the financial straight jacket of digital passes and money controlled by the same cabal—to hide what they’ve done to us.

The grandpa of today’s global bankruptcy was William Paterson

If people understood the central bankers’ dark art known as the science of money there would be a revolution by morning, so I’m here to spill the beans as a former banker, in hopes that we have one.


To create a federal reserve note, a.k.a. ‘dollar’, there must first be a debt.  If this makes no sense at all to make debt risk the value behind money, then we’re off to a good start. 

You’re right.  It makes zero sense to normal people—but central bankers and those who control them are not normal people.  They’re crooks.

I’ll use the example of the Federal Reserve in my home nation as I’ve studied it for decades, but the same outrageous formula is at work in all nations other than Switzerland and Russia, which back their money.

Originally, governments created this debt by issuing bonds, on which it paid interest.  This ‘debt’ then became collateral against which the private central bankers printed money.

In the case of this original scoundrel, Paterson, and his Bank of England, “Although the money was to be created out of nothing and would cost nothing to create, the government would pay ‘interest’ on it at the rate of 8%.” (The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin, p. 176)

The Federal Reserve and globalists have now put America in a massive unsustainable debt hole, $30 trillion dollars deep

So, government created debt in the form of bonds on which it paid interest and had their central bank buddies print mountains of cash against that ‘debt’ as collateral on which they paid them another 8% for doing nothing.

But once the Globalists took control of the United States, that just wasn’t enough.  The plot was to bankrupt and destroy America, not just cripple it.

Under the warmongering Bush/Cheney regime and the Soros Globalist Muslim warlord Obama’s junta, the Fed’s excess bank reserves had risen to approximately $2.7 trillion by 2014.

Trump forced them back down to approximately $1.3 trillion by 2019—which is perhaps why they hate him so much.

But to put this in perspective, “That was still about 76,000 percent more excess bank reserves than existed in 2008.” (Lords of Easy Money, by Christopher Leonard, p. 243).


These gangsters running the Federal Reserve embarked on a decade long policy they called ‘ZIRP’ (Zero interest rate policy)—to hide what they were doing seems to be the only logical explanation—as nothing else makes any sense.

Pour enough water in the soup, and soon, it’s not soup

If interest rates were zero, the mountains of debt and money being created would be under the radar of the Vanguard media (Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street cabal being the greatest beneficiary of this lamebrain scheme) and only now as we near the precipice is anyone discussing it.

The Obama junta’s appointed gangsters to the Fed Board actually pushed a new and worse scheme they called CLOs (collateralised loan obligations) to print trillions more against junk bonds and hedge fund debts—like the repackaged bad home loans which almost brought down the economy in 2008.

They learned nothing from that—or did they?  It seems they learned that no matter how bad the judgment of the Big Finance crowd, government hacks making ‘bank’ printing money will always bail them out.

And that is exactly what happened.  Had these nasty Fed people simply let these foolish hedge fund billionaires, corporate debt junkies/promoters, and the banks that financed them go broke, there would have been pain, but it would be borne by the billionaire gangsters rather than ‘us’.

This room full of gangsters—the Fed Open Market Committee— has brought about the greatest disparity of income in history as they further enriched the rich and impoverished the poor

Worse, guess who ended up with these trillions of dollars of bad corporate debt time bombs, as the Fed pushed investors further out on the risk curve?

They packed them off on ‘We the People’ once again, loading up our pension funds, death benefit insurance companies, and retirement schemes, which will leave our most vulnerable broke as they enter their golden years and beyond.


The Lords of Easy Money packed so much collaterised and re-collaterised junk bond debt into the portfolios of these companies with their outrageous policies that there is a new term for them—“zombie companies”.

“When Bloomberg analysed three thousand large, publicly traded firms, it found that about 20 percent of them were zombies.  These companies posed a risk beyond their own financial stability.” (Ibid, Lords of Easy Money, p. 298)

Got some worthless junk in the garage?  The fed might print money against that collateral too!  Nothing is too worthless for this crowd!

In short, packing trillions of grossly dangerous debt and refinancing based on corporate junk bonds, prevented resources from going to new firms and entrepreneurs that could have done something positive with them.

Instead, these huge ‘loans’ are simply rolled over at mammoth fees to the Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street cabal when these monster debts come due—or more junk debt is created to do increasingly risky leveraged buyouts with free money.

It is a perverse scheme that may very well be the last straw in the game of ‘screw the public’ to make the rich, richer.

By May of 2020, this collaterisation of junk corporate debt and bonds to print more cash to flood the system had raised the Fed’s balance sheet to over $7 trillion. 

Consumer debt in the U.S. went over $14 trillion in late 2019—just before the Fauci flu was released on an unsuspecting public—and it’s worse now.

Never, ever, in world history have the fools running our nations sipped from the same deadly Kool-aid to such an extent—and it was intentional, as no one can be that stupid. 

Assuming we survive this, these debt junkie leaders must be turfed out and “central banks” and bankers, removed from any part in managing our nations’ finances.


Xi and Putin are collaborating on a new world reserve currency backed by gold and hard assets

I’m so glad you asked.  Unfortunately, the only examples of nations doing it right are the ones we like the least but give the devils their due.

The United States—thanks to its private central bankers and Globalist politicians—has ruined its position as the world’s reserve and payment ‘go to’ currency for transactions.

By exploding the number of dollars, each one is lessened in value with each increase in supply.  It’s basic economics, a discipline that is strikingly absent from the Biden regime or Federal Reserve today in America.

Other nations such as India and Iran are asking to join this new currency, as are certain middle eastern oil producers like Saudi Arabia.

The dollar’s day may not be done, but absent a quick return of President Trump, they could be numbered.

Each nation must immediately resurrect and strengthen its own currency in a similar fashion, or face ruin.  Fake money is as passé as fake news.


Hardly any nation on earth can compare with the natural resources of Canada, Australia or the United States—and those reserves of oil, gold, silver, uranium and coal under our pieces of earth’s crust—are of immense value.

Imagine an ‘Oz’ dollar backed by the uranium reserves sitting under public Australian land.  Why not?  It would be worth much more than the present Aussie dollar, backed by nothing except government debt—and it would have limits as to how much money could be printed against that value.

Tie your currency to something real, tangible, and marketable, then its value is protected even against political stupidity, Globalist machinations and Marxist Greenies’ attempts to destroy us and our money.

For advice on personal investment in ‘real’ things, one of the smartest guys I’ve found on the planet is Mr. Barry Dawes at Martin Place Securities in Australia.

Sign up for his newsletter and you’ll be ahead of the crowd.

Meanwhile, do what you can to get your own assets into something real, cause the bubble created for us this time by the hapless central bankers and their Globalist masters is a Depression sized financial tsunami.

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