One man is owned by the CCP via his Chinese wife’s family. One is owned by no one. Guess which one the republican party prefers?

“China Mitch” as he is known, is married to Elaine Chao.  Her father, James Si-Cheng Chao and one of her sisters run the company that builds warships for the CCP.

This mother-company is known as The Foremost Maritime Group which is tied to the CCP and membership on the Board of The Bank of China.  In other words, China Mitch’s in-laws, the Chaos, are soft-on-China insiders.

Speaking of ‘mother’, Elaine Chao’s mum, Ruth, left a whopping $59 million estate when she died in 2007.

She and ‘Papa San’ turned Elaine’s hubby, Mitch, from a Kentucky hayseed not worth peanuts into Leader of the Controlled Opposition in the United States Senate worth $33.1 million in 2008 (when he was still stupid enough to brag about ‘gifts’ from China).

Such brazen ties to the CCP would be cause for resignation from the Senate or perhaps a grand jury investigation throughout most of American history – but in Biden World, Mitch is just another guy on the take from Beijing – and who is Joe Biden to criticise that?

How many of your in-laws were invited to be on the board of the CCP’s national bank?


Should Mitch’s leadership of the Uniparty’s Controlled Opposition – once known as the Republican Party – actually support real issues Republican voters care about, his days as Dear Leader would come to an end quickly.

The top issues for conservative voters are Trump’s issues:

          1.  Election Integrity

          2.  Invasion at the Southern Border

          3.  Inflation

Actions speak louder than words, so let’s see how Mitch McConnell and his Controlled Opposition RINOs have done for their constituents:

          1.  Fighting election integrity at all costs is number one priority

          2.  Open borders to flood the zone with cheap labour for Big Donors

          3.  Mitch approved spending created greatest inflationary cycle ever

Bad news in fortune cookie, sweetie.  “Trump train run you over!”

It was only after watching Mike Lindell’s amazing Moment of Truth Symposium this weekend that it dawned on me – the reprobate Controlled Opposition RINOs at the state and national level are benefitting from crooked elections as much or more than the Dem-Marxists!

The center of election corruption in the United States, for example, is Georgia.  Guess who illegally purchased Dominion vote-rigging systems without legislative approval in 2020 (for $107 million)?

Republican governor, Brian Kemp, and his partner in crime, Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, that’s who.

They have fought tooth and nail to keep illegal ballots sequestered and they hid a fraudulent ‘contract’ with Democrat Stacey Abrams, to rig the 2020 election – but were caught – yet nothing has been done to them.

Why?  Because reprobate Republicrats in the legislature and their co-conspirator Attorney General, Chris Carr, refuse to do anything about it.

And why is this?  Because they may have been ‘selected’ rather than elected as well using the same vote-rigging scheme. There simply is no other logical explanation.  RINOs and the Marxists are both in on it.

Arizona?  It’s turncoat Republicans who also got elected by the vote-rigging machines that have refused to investigate or overturn the results in spite of overwhelming evidence of the most massive fraud in history.

Just a note here for ignorant media types still claiming ‘no evidence of fraud’ – when you have more votes than voters, there was most certainly ‘fraud’ – and that happened across the U.S. in every state.

Speaking of ‘more votes than voters’, 71 precincts just in Wayne County, Michigan (Detroit) had this particular fraud, thanks to $7.5 million in ‘Zuckerbucks’ from the Facebook Oligarch and his Chinese wife to rig the vote – since ruled illegal – but again, no one has done anything about it – and Michiganders are angry.

It’s starting to backfire on them. Tudor Dixon is not a Rino prostitute

You see, Controlled Opposition RINOs also run the legislature in Michigan and apparently got where they are by spreading their legs rather than standing on principle – but that is about to change.


Meet Tudor Dixon (above), who just decimated all Republican Party RINO challengers in the primary for governor of Michigan to take on the Wicked Witch of the midwest, Gretchen Whitmer – with 1/10 the money – armed only with President Trump’s endorsement.

Absent more voter fraud, Tudor will take out the Marxist witch this fall.


Armed only with the truth about election fraud in Arizona, a low budget, incredible charisma – and an endorsement from President Trump – Kari Lake also buried every RINO Republican Party Controlled Opposition candidate they sent against her.

Notice a pattern here?—the Rino-run Republican party fights the  best candidates—and we’re about to tell you why

Trump has repeated this miracle in other Swing States electing governors this year, including little-known State Senator, Doug Mastriano, of Pennsylvania.

They hated him from day one because he demanded an audit of the 2020 election fraud in Pennsylvania—then won in a landslide with nothing but hard work—and president Trump’s endorsement!


Mitch McConnell is on a six-year lease, with four to go, but The Republican Party is wrecking things right now, just before what is perhaps the most important election in U.S. history.  Why would they do that?

I don’t think that is an accident. Meet the former Michigan GOP chair – who got all those RINOs now fighting against Election Integrity in that state elected – Ronna Romney McDaniel.

Yep.  Ronna is from the Trump-hating Romney family, just like uncle ‘Mittens’ who turned on Trump—after he got Mitt elected

Having Ronna Romney running re-elections – and allocating millions raised off President Trump’s name – to fund his opposition, is criminal.

To put that in perspective, read how Mitt Romney stabbed Trump in the back – after Trump got him re-elected – and you’ll know the crooks with whom we’re dealing.


Ronna the RINO and the Reprobate Republican Party were sending out millions of emails every day after the stolen election in 2020, promising to challenge the criminals in State governments (most of whom we now know were their own people).

But no money ever went to fight for election integrity – oh no – not a penny.  Guess where the money went – or at least several million of it?

It went to the scumbag Republican RINOs who actually voted to impeach President Trump on made up (since admittedly false) charges!

That’s right.  Eight of 10 who voted to impeach Trump have been OUSTED, just two to go—which will happen in November of 2022


Trump took down 8 out of 10 impeachsters so far, but Ronna Romney RINO and the grifters couldn’t stop using his name and picture to raise money, because he’s the only thing keeping the lights on at the RNC.

Eventually, however, the ever-patient Trump had enough, and sent them all a ‘cease and desist’ letter to stop using his name and image. Get this:

Attorneys for former President Donald Trump sent letters on Friday [March 6th, 2021] to the Republican National Committee and the other leading GOP organizations ordering them to stop using his name and image on fundraising emails and merchandise without his express permission.

The cease and desist notices were also sent to the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senate Committee, Politico first reported.

Try finding a Rino Republican fundraising ad without this amazing patriot front and centre—you can’t—cause Rinos don’t win without him


The Rino’s ‘karma’ has already circled back to destroy the bush, Cheney, Romney, and most other evil Rino dynasties

Few people know that Trump told the RINOs to stop using his image and name, because they continue doing it to this day – so many simply quit giving to Republicans, reserving our precious money only for Trump’s PAC or endorsed funds.

How did all of this chicanery work out for the Marxists and the RINO Republicans who screwed Donald Trump?


The last FEC (Federal Election Committee) numbers I found were from February of this year and they showed Trump having more money piled up for his ‘chosen’ people than the Democrat and Republican wings of the Uniparty combined!

Campaign cash on hand 2/28/2022:

Trump:      $110.4 million

DNC:         $52.9 million

RNC:         $45.5 million

So Karma is a bitch, folks, but don’t expect them to learn from it.

The smartest move the Republican Party could make would be to fully embrace Donald J. Trump and his chosen candidates today, but the crash dummies running the party won’t do it – so crash they will.


Using just our three Trump-backed examples – Tudor Dixon in Michigan, Kari Lake in Arizona, and Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania – as governors of three of the six most corrupt states in the 2020 election, real investigations into election fraud will begin in January of 2023 when they are inaugurated – and then it’s game over for all involved in the fraud.

As if laying out the game plan for them to follow, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida just started a criminal Election Crimes Unit before the midterms and 20 people have been arrested in just its first two weeks of operation.

My guess is a lot of Uniparty RINOs and Democrats are quite nervous about how they’re going to steal elections in Florida this fall.

And as Charlie Kirk pointed out on his wonderful podcast this past Friday. (The Charlie Kirk Show, which I highly recommend) the Republican Party may not want to actually govern.

The present hacks in charge seem comfortable sitting in the shadow of the Marxists and collecting bribes from their Vanguard donors, but that won’t last much longer, thanks to broadcasters like Charlie Kirk and the great Stephen K. Bannon (Warroom, which I also highly recommend).

The 2022 midterms are not just an election.  This will be a reckoning, between the Uniparty RINO Old Guard presently in charge, and the MAGA (Make America Great Again) Trump warriors.

While the November battle may not be decisive in itself, the predicate has been established for MAGA’s ascendancy to control of the Republican Party, thanks to heroes like Dan Schultz and his precinct strategy process.

Dan – a regular on Bannon’s show, Warroom – wrote a book on the subject and has spent the last few years encouraging actual conservatives to take over the Republican Party, one committee chair at a time.

By following this plan, Republicans won across the board in the blue state of Virginia in 2021—Governor, lt. Governor and AG

Dan Schultz realised that half of the 400,000 Republican Precinct Committee positions across America were unfilled – meaning that America First patriots could actually retake the party from the Uniparty hacks simply by joining their local precinct committees.

Precinct committees choose State Party leaders, who choose National Party Leaders, as well as their party’s candidates at all levels.

This grassroots strategy is starting to pay off – and it has the Uniparty psychos of media and Washington, DC all in a panic.

This example of actual democracy from the ground up, is being labelled everything it is not by the Fake News/Vanguard media, which lets me know we’re on to something big. 


When Trump and his America First candidates take over the Congress and governorships of key states – as now seems very likely – he will also be re-elected President in 2024.

The Republican Party and its ‘leadership’ will be swept out and replaced with those who want what is best for America (for a change).

A minimum of 50,000 Marxist-aligned bureaucrats and the entire leadership cadre of most cabinet level agencies will then be put in a category ‘Schedule F’ created by Trump’s Executive Order when he was still in office.

Though the Marxists undid Trump’s Schedule F on Day Two after stealing the White House, it will be re-instated, and this group will be terminated to prevent their blocking progress of Trump 2.0 as they so effectively did in his first term.

A roster of over 4,000 (described by former White House Advisor, Steve Bannon, as an “army of patriots” and “shock troops”) is preparing to take over the government when Trump is back in the White House on Day One.

Government will be slashed to free the nation, energy production will be unleashed again, which together will quickly end the Marxist’s intentionally created inflation and severe damage they did to the nation’s economy.


Those who wish to trade with the new America will have to adopt its freedoms as part of bilateral agreements – or be left with the rest of the unfree world to pay heavy tariffs in order to access America’s markets.

Why would President Trump do this?  Because he believes the freedoms enshrined in America’s Constitution are God-given, not up to the whims of dictators and tyrants now running most Western-aligned nations.

Why enrich those who steal the rights of their citizens as has happened to most of America’s allies – and the U.S. itself – under the Biden Marxists? I’ll end on that note, but can promise you the world is about to change – for the better.

Trump will align with leaders who love their own nations, rather than global marxists who want to destroy them
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