Biden White House chief climate hack busted and sanctioned by National Academy of Sciences for “green energy transition” lies


It’s a good week when Jane Lubchenco, head of the Marxists’ Office of Science and Technology Policy in Biden’s White House, gets busted for fake data dumps and the German Greenies have to run back to real energy to prevent their heads ending up on pikes at the Bundestag as temperatures drop here in Europe.

While these same hacks were on the news talking about a deadly heat wave on the continent, it was just 13 degrees here in Warsaw when I left for Greece July 31st—as if we couldn’t feel the weather!

But having Commie Jane and German Greenies busted the same week was almost too much to believe after decades of their media supported lies.

Jane was not only caught using fake data but changing her peers’ scientific documents to match her Marxist Climate Hoax propaganda.  The National Academy of Sciences was not amused and drummed her out of the corps.

As for the Germans—once thought to be incredibly bright—how did they not realise they were headed for disaster long before their Putin excuse became available as cover for their stupidity and self-destruction?

Merkel’s open border nonsense seems to have finally caused the national IQ to take a hit—as no intelligent person can be a Greenie in face of the facts—yet today’s German voters lap up lies like spilt beer at Octoberfest (or perhaps their elections are rigged like in America).

This picture from February 11, 2021 in world news era of Germany’s failed solar production might have been a clue that shuttering coal mines and nuclear plants was not very smart!

And my week just got better when Germany’s Parliament passed “emergency legislation to reactivate mothballed coal-fired power plants in order to support electricity generation amid fears of gas shortages as Russia curbs capacity.”


If anyone knows a Greenie—and is willing to admit it—can you please ask them how using coal, oil and natural gas trucked in from Russia cuts German ‘carbon’ (as if that were actually a problem in the first place)? 

It seems using trucked-in coal, oil and LNG would be worse, which makes my point that none of this is about the environment but rather part of the Globalist plan to take down our nation states, leaving them vulnerable to other machinations to put us under their Marxist control.

But could it be that the two strongest leaders of nations who actually love their countries—which makes them Enemies #1 and #2 of the Globalists—plotted some of this to stop them?  Let’s explore this thought.

I’ve heard it from some interesting sources and originally dismissed them as crazy—but I’m having second thoughts!


Since 2013, there has been a plan to start a nuclear war with Russia as part of the ‘Great Reset’ which we’ve covered repeatedly.  This was to kick off as soon as Hillary became president of the United States in 2017. 

THE SET UP—As Secretary of State in the Obama/Biden junta, Clinton approved the [Uranium One] sale of 20% of America’s reserves to Russia’s Rosneft —in exchange for a small $145 million ‘donation’ to her own Clinton Foundation.

A girl has expenses, you know.

THE PLOT—The Obama junta’s plan was to create small ‘dirty nukes’—using Uranium One material retained for that purpose—then set them off in U.S. cities to start a nuclear war in 2017 with Russia by blaming the bombs on them.

“It had to be Putin,” they would say. “The residue proves the uranium was from Uranium One stock!”

But guess what happened on the way to their war?

They unexpectedly got Trumped in 2016! 

What to do? 

REVISED PLOT—U.S. State Department Marxists had simultaneously booby trapped Ukraine, funding their own Neo Nazi brigades in 2013,  which they used to create the Maidan ‘Colour Revolution’ to overthrow the duly elected government in 2014 and install their puppet.

Yes.  The U.S. Government did that—and they even bragged about it over here to some of my sources as well as publicly in what they thought were closed meetings (such as when Alex Ross spoke at the embassy in Kyiv).

These are the same U.S. State Department operatives who created a joint venture with George Soros (‘AntAc’) to undermine Ukraine, and claim ‘corruption’ while their allied oligarchs seized control of natural gas leases (which they also did successfully).

Now admitted by then undersecretary of U.S. Department of State, Victoria Nuland (under oath before Congress)—they also funded and built bioweapons operations across Ukraine during that same period of time.

Ukraine became the new ‘front’ for their global nuclear war to usher in the Great Reset—intended over time to take out about 85% of ‘us’. Please read the words of Bill Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros, The Club of Rome and Klaus Schwab before sending me hate mail—as these Dr. Evil style criminals have been very open about what they plan to do.

The plan to ‘reduce our numbers’ was published by the Club of Rome (‘limits to growth’) in 1972.  Here are several members of the cabal in 2001 giving each other awards and plotting global ‘pandemics’—Fauci, Soros, Turner, Rockefeller and ‘daddy’ Gates among them

As we’ve relentlessly covered, the territory known as Ukraine (it’s not a nation, the name means ‘outskirts’) has been the Globalists pedophile playground, money (and information) laundering centre since the Obama days, but not only for Marxists.

RINO Globalists like Lindsay Graham, John McCain and Mitt Romney have also visited and benefitted from the Ukraine adult playground and money-grubbing operations there.

Rino creeps John McCain and Lindsey Graham even got medals from Poroshenko, while ‘mittens’ Romney had his CIA man, Cofer black, on Burisma’s board with the Biden spawn, Hunter

Ukraine is ranked the third most corrupt place on earth—per Steve Bannon’s Warroom Show—and it not just open to corrupt Soros types.

Any crook can make a deal there by bribing the right people—and I’m not talking just about Ukrainians—but U.S. officials as well.

To that point, the United States has now been forced to admit (after Putin presented the actual evidence to the U.N.) that it built and funded 46 of these bioweapons labs across Ukraine after vehemently denying it.

As is also now coming out, Biden-owned company, Rosemont Seneca, illegally laundered millions from The U.S. Department of Defense to Metabiota, the company that built and managed the bioweapons labs—all in violation of the Bioweapons Treaty of 1975—initiated outside of law under the Obama/Biden regime.


I’m so glad you asked.

Fortunately, Biden is not in charge of anything ‘nuclear’ (he can’t even get in The Pentagon—as we’ve also covered), but enough ingredients were gathered to produce one dirty nuke, planted at the site of the Chernobyl meltdown in Ukraine, to be set off on March 8th of this year (2022).

If I as a journalist in Eastern Europe was able to find out all of this, you can bet Putin’s FSB and Trump’s team knew about it too (in fact, I made sure of it).

Putin pre-empted the planned bioweapons release(s) and dirty nuke explosion on March 8th, by going in on February 24th to stop it before the ‘Great Reset’ criminals were ready. Their plan was to immediately strike back at Russia with nukes to kick off WW III, while simultaneously releasing U.S. developed pathogens from Biden funded Metabiota bioweapons labs in a bizarre plot using ‘chipped’ migratory birds (seized by Russian troops in Mariupol).

As brilliant as it is evil—and the Russians have all the evidence, ready to present to the U.N.

As the birds spread throughout Eurasia and Northern Africa, the pathogen vials would be opened via satellite—spreading various deadly viruses and diseases across much of the world—to kill off those missed by the nukes.

Had I written about this Obama/Globalist plot a few years ago, I might have been put in a straight jacket, but now, the world has seen a trial run of global tyranny using just one of their manmade pathogens—Covid 19—and watched W.E.F.-trained ‘leaders’ turn tyrant over night.

That’s right.  U.K.’s Johnson, Canada’s Trudeau, New Zealand’s Ardern, Germany’s Merkel, France’s Macron were specifically trained by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, with Australia’s Scott Morrison receiving special recognition for his mindless obeyance at Davos last year.

These chosen ‘leaders’ were put into place using various vote-rigging schemes combined with the 92% controlled Globalist/Vanguard press, which also might have been unbelievable just a few short years ago—until the world saw them do it in America (2020) to get rid of Trump.


What were once ‘conspiracy theories’ are now proven and/or admitted facts:

  • A manmade disease was created, released, and intentionally spread worldwide in 2019, just as plotted at Bill Gates’ Event 201, the month prior.
  • An even deadlier non-vaccine ‘vaccine’ was ready for deployment, and forced on the public using illegal mandates by W.E.F. installed ‘leaders’.
  • A false Covid-19 test (tellingly patented for Covid-2019 in the year 2015) was used to give the appearance of a pandemic and spread fear.
  • Every one of these Western oriented ‘leaders’ issued harsh mandates and tyrannical practices that violated law and the Nuremberg Code, to which all were parties—on orders of the cabal.
  • The United States built 46 illegal bioweapons labs across Russia’s southern border in preparation for this event (in Ukraine) between 2008 and 2017.
  • Rigged voting machines and mail-in ballots, allowed 102.09 million legal U.S. voters to cast 158 million ballots for president in the 2020 election, removing President Donald J. Trump via fraud.
  • The other obstacle to world rule under the Globalist—Vladimir Putin—was targeted for removal by NATO and a global war to reduce ‘us’ by 85%—as planned long ago and written on the Georgia Guidestones, (recently destroyed).
  • The Marxists will flood our nations with hostiles to destroy us, by implementing ‘open border’ policies.

The Climate Hoax would be used to destroy these nations’ economies and social structure by eliminating real sources of dependable energy.

Their goal was written in stone—“maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”—which means they have to kill about 85% of ‘us’


Trump’s popularity has never been higher as he prepares to take back America.  His endorsed candidates in 2022 have wiped out their opponents, 209-17 as of last night’s primaries.

Absent more fraud from his RINO and Marxist vote-rigging nemeses, Trump and his America First agenda will sweep the nation, putting a new Congress in place to help him eliminate the Deep State Bureaucracy that worked so hard to destroy him and his beloved America.

He’s gone from ‘Make America Great Again’ hats to ‘Save America’

And Vladimir Putin?  He has a record 83% popularity today—highest ever—since going into Ukraine to stop the Globalists’ pretext for their ‘Great Reset’ to kill us.

Here’s Putin at the largest rally in Russian history—after going in to save Russian speaking Ukrainians and shutting down U.S. bioweapons labs on their border

The Global press attacks on Putin have backfired as the U.S. backed oligarch puppet, Volodimir Zelenskyy, flounders and Russia’s economy stands as the greatest beneficiary of the NATO/U.S. ‘sanctions’.

President Putin made a fool of Biden and the EU hacks who tried to destroy the Russian rouble and shut down his energy sector by cutting them off from his energy until they begged for it (to avoid revolutions in their own nations).

He then humiliated them further in front of the world, by requiring payment for his supposedly banned energy in gold-backed roubles!

As the price of oil, natural gas and gold have skyrocketed, so have Russia’s fortunes, its currency—and Vladimir Putin’s notoriety.

Their collective foolishness has him launching a new asset-backed global currency to compete with the unbacked U.S. dollar, as a new means of international trade, exchange, and reserves.

The world is waking up to all the lies as all of this plays out in real time.


The power of this intentionally fabricated false narrative is taking on a new dimension as the W.E.F. planted Marxists of Holland attempt to steal farmland over nitrogen. 

Similarly insane tactics are underway in U.K., the U.S. and Australia under the auspices of the Globalists’ Agenda 30.

When these arrogant fools start causing starvation over an element  (nitrogen) that is 74.04% of every breath we take—now that their Global Warming nonsense is no longer sustainable with temperatures dropping—people will simply not take it.

It has been said that there are just nine meals between peaceful protests and revolution, so Globalists be warned.

President Putin has exposed their attempts to drive the world into the fake promise of ecologically disastrous windmills and Chinese made solar panels powering an industrial world as nothing more than a means of controlling us.

The W.E.F. installed leaders will then decide who gets heat and electricity using their Marxist ‘social credit’ scores and if they can force us to all drive their electric cars then they can control our very movement.

President Putin gets credit in my opinion for exposing the tyranny of the Climate Hoaxers, and when President Trump is restored to power, America will quickly return to not only Energy Independence, but energy dominance.

As the prices of everything begin to drop like a rock (once energy prices return to normal and nations begin to produce their own) even the hardcore former Greenies will have to acknowledge that it was their stupidity which nearly brought our world to the brink of nuclear war and disaster—not plant food (CO2) or nature’s fertiliser (nitrogen).

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