Colonel Qiao Liang—now a general—will be remembered as the man who wrote the plan to take down the United States—and won under Joe Biden and his CCP-groomed political operatives


Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, two senior colonels in China’s People’s Liberation Army, published a document in 1999  Un-restricted Warfare outlining the strategies that are in the final stages of destroying America.

Download a copy to read during the next CCP-mandated lockdown in your nation so you know none of this was by accident, but rather the most outrageous (and successful) plan to destroy the West and its aligned nations, ever.

Qiao’s 1999 tome is shocking in its scope (and brilliance) – completely void of morality or conscience – just like the CCP and its vast army of reporters, politicians, oligarchs and financial traitors in its American cadre.

The stage was set for final U.S. capitulation in a rigged 2020 election using Dominion voting systems (owned by the CCP) to put their puppet in office, just as those same machines have in an estimated 54 other nations.

All of the CCP’s vote-rigging machines are still in place in America, with perverted Marxists still in charge of every one of them – ready and prepared to steal the 2022 midterms – ‘by any means necessary’. For those just smelling the coffee, we reported this two years ago.

“On October 8, 2020, these men [Staple Street Capital in Toronto]  took $400 million from UBS Bank in Switzerland, which is 75% owned by CCP government entities.

The manner in which they did it, however, was and is intended to cloud everything, as Staple Street gave Dominion Voting Systems – and complete control over it – to UBS Bank (under CCP control and ownership) as ‘collateral’ rather than in an outright sale.”

Financial traitors bought control of Dominion for the CCP one month before the 2020 steal to prevent Trump’s win.


When Qiao wrote ‘no rules, with nothing forbidden’, that included buying off and/or honey-potting America’s politicians (both RINO and Marxist) as a start, which was embarrassingly easy it seems in hindsight. 

For example, RINO Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell, was honey-potted by Chinese Elaine Chao and made a millionaire in her family’s CCP- beneficiary shipping operation (Foremost) – and Mitch is now worth a fortune ($31 million as of 2008).

“Un-restricted” meant buying off both sides including octogenarian Marxist Sen. Diane Feinstein of California who shared secrets (and God knows what else) with her Chinese spy driver for 20 years before the FBI (under Trump) suggested she change for a less obvious CCP operative.

The Marxist kids – like married California Rep. Eric Swalwell (2020 Democrat presidential candidate) – were outfitted with their own Chinese hooker/spy campaign workers to guide them (Swalwell’s was named ‘Fang Fang’) and the list goes on ad infinitum.

She got her fangs into Eric Swalwell alright. The big enchilada – or Spring roll, I should say – was electing America’s most corrupt political family (which is saying something after the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas) by the most outrageous election fraud in history.

Like highwaymen of old—the Biden crime family still wear masks


Before U.S. CCP media operatives get their panties in a wad screaming ‘no evidence of fraud!’ let’s do some quick math:

153.07 million registered voters in the United States (U.S. Census Bureau), voted at a record rate of 66.7% in 2020 ( which means:

102.09 million legal U.S. voters cast ballots on November 3, 2020 for president.

NOW EXPLAIN THIS – They say Biden received 81.2 million votes, Donald Trump, 74.2 million votes and the Independents, 2.9 million which equals 158.2 million votes for president in 2020!


When just 102.09 million legal American voters somehow cast 158.2 million ballots for President – THAT MAKES IT THE MOST MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD IN HISTORY

But ‘Un-restricted Warfare’ doesn’t stop by just taking over the political process – oh no – that’s just the first step in subsuming a nation according to the manual I provided you (which I’ve summarised into notes, and will gladly send a copy upon request).

The plan was to infiltrate all institutions of higher learning (we can check that one off), infiltrate and guide the culture in damaging ways (check), destroy moral principles (check), turn citizens against their own nation and history (check) – and most importantly, destroy faith-based institutions.

The plan takes in all aspects of society and undermines them from within to bend to the CCP’s will.  Even in 1999, the plan was to use electronic warfare online to achieve this – which has been a resounding success.

The CCP now controls everything from the White House to the outhouse – literally – as example, CCP agents manage water/sewer plants in some of America’s largest cities.  What could possibly go wrong with that?

For just $1.5 billion and a handful of child hookers for the kid—the CCP bought the Biden Crime Family for life

The CCP’s ‘un-restricted warfare’ against America employed CCP sponsored trips, bribes, hookers and ‘training institutes’ in China to take control of the media, and worse, a deep financial sapping of America’s retirement/insurance/pension capital, draining those resources to the CCP.

Those trillions now reside in advanced tech operations in China (using largely stolen designs), mammoth real estate operations (such as Evergrande, now bankrupt) and in advanced war toys to kill us.


Yes.  I did say ‘almost’ because there is some small hope – really infinitely small hope – because it will take tremendous courage not seen since heroes like Godfrey of Bouillon retook Jerusalem from the heathen jihadists in 1099, with a far smaller force – by believing God was on his side.

Godfrey clove the Muslim leader in two, on his horse, with one blow of his sword through armour, bone and flesh

I also believe God is on our side, which needs to be acknowledged.

And like Godfrey – who refused quarter to the Muslim hordes defiling Christianity’s most sacred ground – we must go scorched earth on the CCP or Western culture and Christianity – our sources of power – will both die.


Qiao’s plan was for the CCP to infiltrate and ultimately control non-government organisations increasingly ruling our world, including W.H.O., United Nations, and others designed to supersede national governments, by subtly usurping their power with CCP operatives.

The CCP-installed puppet, Joe Biden, as example, secretly proposed rules to the World Health Organisation’s conference [February, 2022] that granted unilateral authority for the CCP’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, to shut down the world by declaring ‘health emergencies’ which we had a small part in stopping.

Who is Tedros?  His closest allies are the man who put him in the job, CCP leader Xi Xinping, and the W.H.O.’s largest private funder, Bill Gates – which gives one an idea of how corrupt this organisation is today. Tedros is a silly person, making a mockery of such groups, all of which we must immediately abandon – thereby removing this particular ‘battlefield’ of NGOs.

Watching this CCP-controlled organisation try to destroy the world’s freedoms during their Scamdemic was all the evidence one needs to see that this was a great success in Qiao’s plan – but therein also lies the remedy.

  1.  Withdraw from all supra-governmental organisations under CCP manipulation and control, including the W.H.O. and UN

We eliminate the CCP’s battlefields rather than fight on or for them, thereby neutralising that piece of their ‘un-restricted warfare’.

Qiao’s plan also includes compromising supra-national banks and corporations, which the CCP has accomplished in stunning fashion.

By owning Swiss mega-bank, UBS (and controlling many others) the CCP was able to rig the U.S. elections against Donald Trump by purchasing Dominion Vote (rigging) systems as well as gaining access to U.S. pension funds to finance its projects like Belt and Road to dominate the world. 


Further, by trading cheap production in exchange for intellectual property (a contractual requirement of doing business in China) the CCP took control of the most important asset of hundreds of multi-national Vanguard enterprises including critical suppliers like Westinghouse, IBM, and Apple.

Every CCP made products is a potential opportunity for spyware and manipulation of consumers and businesses worldwide when needed in their ‘Un-restricted War’.

A CCP made I-phone with the right ‘chip’, as example, is a listening device, detonator – or propaganda disseminator – whenever needed.

A CCP -Westinghouse produced electric grid switch or component, can be used to shut down our nations’ power at will in Un-restricted Warfare.

Allowing the CCP to become the world’s pharmacopeia, gave it control of health outcomes – as we’ve seen – and the results are horrifying, especially combined with its control of a health disinformation vehicle like the W.H.O., which is still pushing deadly jabs as ‘safe and effective’.

This is the very definition of Qiao’s ‘combination’ strategy, using two seemingly unconnected avenues to accomplish a single objective in the CCP’s Un-restricted War against Western Civilisation.

Almost all Pfizer death jabs, for example, are produced in just eight Chinese factories, now killing more people than the Fauci/CCP flu combined worldwide – when all-cause death spikes from weakened immune systems are included – as fertility worldwide plummets.

This cannot be allowed to continue.  The CCP has us paying billions for our own destruction, while feeding us poison through needles under ‘mandates’ from bribed/honey-potted politicians elected by fraud and installed NGO minions like Tedros at CCP-controlled NGOs. 

Worse, our undermined and infiltrated ‘health’ agencies and their Fauci-like operatives have been bribed into pushing these deadly drugs with no testing, supported by CCP politicians put into office via Dominion!

2.      Ban any banks, financial firms, or manufacturing operations owned wholly or partly by the CCP and accept no pharmaceuticals or products using electronic components from, or assembled in, China.

The U.S. media is so compromised by the CCP that truth is simply not told, and that is not just cable and TV news.  The CCP, for example, also owns America’s leading financial magazine, Forbes, and trains its media ‘personnel’ using often compromising ‘trips’ to China. The scope of this worldwide propaganda campaign is so enormous that even leftwing The Guardian briefly took up the issue in 2018 (until larger CCP ‘donations’ were received, in my opinion) as the Top Gun example proved.

CCP controlled Hollywood wouldn’t allow a Taiwan flag on Cruise’s flight jacket, so imagine what they were doing to patriotic content?

Until recently – and only after much adverse publicity for attempting to scrub a small Taiwan flag from Tom Cruise’s flight jacket, AMC, which controls most U.S. theatres, was owned by CCP’s Wanda Group.

Wanda Group’s censors dictated what movies could be made and shown across the U.S. and world – a fact we’ve also covered over the years.

After this scandal, they were forced to sell much of that ownership – which is a small start that needs to become universal.  No CCP ‘Un-restricted Warfare’ can be allowed in our cultures anymore.

92% of all media (and wealth, according to Oxfam) is controlled and owned by the Vanguard/State Street/BlackRock cabal, which is in turn controlled by the CCP.

How so, you ask?

Because the CCP is the main supplier for all of the cabal’s electronic products, machinery, computers, batteries and pharma (all death jab makers’ front companies are Vanguard owned, as example), so who ultimately controls the Vanguard cabal?

The CCP, that’s who.

This is what General Qiao referred to as Unrestricted Warfare’s ‘side principle’ 

Rather than directly attack or control 92% of the world’s wealth (making them a target) the CCP quietly controls almost all means of production for BlackRock/Vanguard/State Street companies – and has their intellectual property – as a contractual part of each manufacturing agreement.

This gives the CCP means to control the cabal (or destroy it by counterfeiting their products) without the need of ownership.

No CCP production for Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street cabal companies (or funding from Vanguard owned financial firms on Wall Street) – and the cabal crashes – which leads to the next step in how we can bring both the Vanguard and its CCP masters to complete destruction (while we still can).

3.  Ban any media, manufactured goods or products, owned in part of whole – or supplied – by CCP-related companies.

Now you see why we are unlikely to save ourselves, right?  There are no God-loving Godfrey of Bouillon types in the Joe Biden, Scott Morrison or Boris Johnson ilk of leadership weaklings who have the raw courage required to take such bold steps in saving our world.

But there are a few not presently on the scene who could and might, and I’m not just talking about Trump.


LET ME REPEAT THAT – If we do not bankrupt and bury this evil plot now, there is no future for freedom, our own Christian values or our Western world for that matter.

This leads to perhaps the quickest and easiest way to put the CCP asunder and that is to stop financing its means of destroying ‘us’.

4.  Criminalise funding CCP-related IPOs or corporations, using anything other than personal wealth.   No more pension, insurance, or collective ‘investment’ money going to fund our own destruction.

We must force Wall Street and its sister criminals in The City of London to stop financing the evil that we face, which will cause a revolution in China that can bring down the CCP in a matter of weeks.

No Western trillions, no CCP.

No CCP, and 1.3 billion Chinese are freed from bondage who will want to join our ranks.  We win, and Un-restricted Warfare loses.

In PART TWO we reveal how this can be accomplished.


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