Our plan must be to destroy the CCP’s battlefields, not the Chinese people (Lao Bi Xing) who are our allies


General Qiao used a mixture of Niccolo Machiavelli, Carl von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu principles (or lack thereof) to create a way for weaker opponents to best bullies without firing a shot.

That is the same method adopted by Marxists such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, who studied Saul Alinsky’s similar tome, Rules for Radicals, to impose their ideology on the American Republic.

As evidence of this, Hillary’s thesis in college was on her beloved Marxist guru, Alinsky. I’ve been asked why we don’t just use the same immoral methods to counter the CCP, but say ‘no’ – though the U.S. Democrat Party has wholeheartedly joined the CCP’s effort against us already.

This may be rightly described as the American Democrats’ Bible

To a certain extent, General Qiao points out that his plot was in reaction to our own wickedness in The Gulf War, as example, which was started with a lie (“Iraq has weapons of mass destruction”).

That war was as much a media blitz against a weak opponent to test, showcase (and expend) American weaponry as a war.  I agree.

Qiao felt that America (and the 34 nations that joined my home nation) sowed the seeds of our own karma, prompting him to design a system to bring us to our knees via ‘Un-restricted Warfare’.

But we are not the CCP or some evil Mohammedans who codify rape, crucifixion and slavery in our doctrines or creed. 

We are the heirs of God’s people, using His own style of rule – freedom – and like Godfrey of Bouillon, it is time for us to retake our Jerusalem by laying waste to the enemy in the name of our God (or die trying).

We have turned the other cheek seven times 70, and now it’s time to follow Christ’s words for his disciples going out to spread the gospel:

“Let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.”

Luke 22:36 

But our means need not be violent. All required of us at this point is to pull out the various rugs of deceit plotted against us and planted under our feet to end the attacks – and our enemy falls as a result.

We take away their ‘battlefields’ by eliminating our participation in captured institutions, such as the W.H.O. and UN, and remove the CCP’s operatives from our own.

We also stop financing them via ‘investment’ or by buying their goods, for a start.

We shut down their propaganda against our wonderful ways and beliefs, by banning them and their companies from our media outlets, cultural venues, educational institutions and industries.

We stop allowing their financial puppets and bribed politicians to fund our own destruction – and severely punish those who continue to support this enemy that officially declared war on us 23 years ago.


Many of our readers know my deep respect for the American leader who tried to take on this cabal of evil, but please understand that our field of champions is not limited to one – though I’m more confident each day he will be back.

Just today, for example, the hero of Brexit, Nigel Farage, emerged from his quiet respite and is making his move on the Tory/Labour disaster once known as the British Empire.

Nigel announced his honorary presidency of reform UK and launched a ‘Gettr’ account

The man responsible for removing the UK from the cancer known as the European Union is equal to the task of launching this anti-‘Un-restricted War’ movement globally.  In fact, I’m sending a donation to his Reform UK party tonight.

But rumour has it Nigel’s friend, Donald Trump, may also be announcing his next run for office in 2024 as soon as tomorrow. We’ll see.

But we also have Giorgia Meloni/Salvini/Berlesconi launching a new government in Italy.  This has the potential to ultimately take down the EU – which has acted as nothing but a tool for the Globalists and CCP.

Marine LePen in France is now telling the W.E.F.-installed, Emmanuel Macron, what he can and cannot do, by controlling the legislature.

As Germany, Austria and most EU nations near winter, the calls for sensible leaders – and EU breakup – will only grow. 

I live in Poland, for example, and citizens are now sleeping in their cars waiting for days at coal mines to stock up in anticipation of an EU-imposed hazardous winter.

This makes absolutely no sense.

Poland sits on vast energy resources – coal, natural gas and uranium – unused due solely to weak leadership compromised by EU leverage, forcing its unworkable Greenie Marxist agenda on member nations.

Fools like EU chief, Ursula von Der Leyen, and her German Greenie cohort focus on fake agendas like “emission trading system” driving power prices higher—while empowering the CCP’s  ‘Un-restricted War’ agenda against them!

What is the EU doing about the crisis it helped create with NATO and the United States under its Greenie religion? 

It’s buying Russian gas – from the CCP! I kid you not.

Such dangerously silly people can never win against an existential threat to our culture and world-view like the CCP’s Un-restricted Warfare presents. 

They prove with their every move that they are compromised idiots and part of the problem, never the solution.


I’m very glad you asked.  He, she or they – must lead, that’s all.

This last example of EU foolishness like von Der Leyen’s ‘Emissions Trading System’ while China has 1,171 new coal power plants under construction is a perfect example of Un-restricted Warfare’s success. While the the CCP (and Russia, via its false front, Sea Change) appear to support these braindead Greenie policies using propaganda outlets and funding Greenie groups to destroy their enemies, EU fools in power are doing everything possible to assist in Un-restricted Warfare against us.

Could these three be our heroes?

A real leader, like Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, on the other hand, would be holding rallies against such stupid EU energy policies in the Adriatic port city of Ancona – as she did just last week!

It is very likely that former Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini; four time Prime Minister, Silvio Berlesconi; and Giorgia Meloni, (new head of the Brothers of Italy Party) will take over the Italian government after the September 25th elections.

Berlesconi is a media tycoon (Fininvest), bringing more to the coalition than just vast political experience. He can circumvent the Vanguard press.

Salvini was the man who stopped illegal immigration into the EU via Italy – for which they destroyed him – but he’s tanned, rested, and ready to return and finish the job.

Did I mention that part of Qiao’s Unrestricted Warfare includes flooding target nations with hostile immigrants to destabilise them via their political assets (bribed politicians) put in power in those countries? 

Yes.  That is part of this war, and Salvini is the guy to help stop it.

Meloni is slated to become Italy’s first female leader – and is an articulate fireball conservative Eurosceptic – just what we need.

This trio – heirs of the Roman Empire – could be the force that aligns with Trump, Farage, LePen and others (such as Viktor Orban in Hugary) to destroy the CCP huns’ attempting to take down their civilisation.

In other words, our ‘small hope’ mentioned in Part 1 grows by the day!

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