Prague, Czech Republic this weekend—the globalists’ crimes against humanity caught up with them! The masses are fed up with their evil arrogance and are saying ‘no more’!


Protests have broken out all over Europe—which should be newsworthy to any but those against whom this massive protest was held—tyrants and their media (really one and the same) but both are silent.

Our readers are well-informed about the criminal Vanguard cabal behind this attempted takeover of our world, but most outside this circle, unfortunately are not. 

So in short, for new readers, one incestuous group of financial firms owned by the Globalists trying to destroy us—Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street—controls 92% of the world’s wealth according to Oxfam in London.

This cabal includes that same percentage world media companies—perhaps explaining their silence on the most massive protest in history—going on now from Holland to Chile and Czech Republic to Australia.

And by ‘media’ I don’t just mean cable and TV—no—I mean all of it from newspapers and movies to publishing houses and social media, throughout the Western-aligned world.  That’s why only one viewpoint is heard, so please watch and share this video.

It may be the most important thing any of us see.

The cabal’s control of 92% of the world’s wealth gives it collateral control of governments and direct ownership of food production, transportation, medicines (yes, all jab makers from Pfizer to Moderna are owned by the same people), and Big Tech.  The cabal controls them all.

If you buy the myth about competition between the world’s major suppliers, you’ve been duped.

You like Coke better than Pepsi?  That doesn’t really matter because the same small group of Oligarchs own both—as well as most other significant food and beverage companies—in the world.

But media—or the absence thereof—is our topic today, and as you can see below, all major information outlets are controlled by the Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street cabal as well.  Competition is merely a chimera.

Outside of free independents, all the information you are fed is purposed propaganda and fear porn directed by the same cabal that just tried to kill you


I’m glad you asked that question, because that’s the part that gave me trouble as well.  It made no sense at first look.  But let’s dig deeper.

Their manmade flu—Covid-19—for example, was created over a 20 years period as we’ve reported.

But it was made far more deadly by having cabal-owned ‘health’ and hospital groups employ a pre-programmed protocol to kill massive numbers using an un-tested poison produced in Communist China in an operation jointly-owned by George Soros and The Clinton Foundation.

Yes. We have the SEC filings and receipts.

In the U.S., the government/pharma/health section of the cabal, forced intentionally false result-producing PCR tests on the public and when those Vanguard media-frightened souls came to cabal-owned hospitals, they were heavily sedated and put on respirators. 

The hospitals then began methodically dripping deadly Remdesivir into their veins, which caused organs to fail in a matter of 14 days or less.

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Center for Disease control have mandated Remdesivir, a never-approved drug, to be the only treatment for COVID-19 in hospitals. It is the contention of Dr. Ardis that Remdesivir is highly toxic, and that Dr. Anthony Fauci knows it is toxic because the drug was used to treat Ebola in Africa some years back.” (Emphasis added)

Fauci’s Remdesivir test in Africa failed miserably, so he and his fellow gangsters of the cabal mandated it as the only treatment—at $3,120 per patient—and 46% of those patients died within 14 days of a flu with a now-proven 99.97% rate of survival.

Hopefully, the picture is becoming clearer 

The Brits’ used a far cheaper would-be competitor, Midazolam, to murder their elderly and weak by giving them “a good death” (a British lay term to describe euthanasia) according to Tory Health Secretary, Matt Hancock.

Midazolam is a central nervous system depressant that is the opposite needed when battling to breathe. 

Hancock—forced from office for an illicit affair rather than murder—refuses to apologise to the families of the thousands killed in nursing homes and hospitals with midazolam on his watch.


This is the stated plan of The Great Reset.  If you doubt me, buy Klaus Schwab’s book by that name about it and let him tell you.

As of July of this year, 98 independent U.S. food facilities were intentionally destroyed and here is the list.

Please, always do your own homework—but all 98 were deemed ‘accidental’—yet no one seems to remember a precedent food production facility fire in decades.

All across America, non-cabal food processing facilities from meat to soybeans go up in flames—but FBI has no time to investigate real crimes, so all are being called ‘accidents’


The Marxist leader of The Netherlands, Mark Rutte, answers to the cabal  (an executive of Unilever, owned by Vanguard) but now marches to orders from Klaus, their political front man at The World Economic Forum.

This Global Bitch-master of Evil actually arrived in Cape Girardeau in this Austin Powers outfit thinking it was cool

Schwab’s alter boy (with privileges?) in The Netherlands, Mark Rutte, and his Fascist government commanded farmers to cut back on nitrogen—plant food—or lose their farms, which has set them (and Europe) on fire.


If you are still alive after this deep breath, that means Mark Rutte, Klaus, Greta, the cabal, W.E.F. and Climate Hoaxers behind all this, have been lying to us once again.

That breath you just took was 74.04% nitrogen, and if it were a deadly element like Rutte, Klaus and Co. are telling us, we’d be dead before our next meal—grown by these same farmers they’re destroying.

The tiny Netherlands is the world’s second largest exporter of food behind America, and these hardy people have farmed these same dyke-protected, sub-ocean level fields for 2,000 years—using nitrogen—either from the animals they raised, or fertilisers made from LNG.

If it were truly problematic, that would have been evident long before Mark Rutte ever read Das Kapital or Mein Kamfp and became a Klaus Schwab diciple/operative alter boy (with privileges).


Why were cabal companies open—yet small ones were shut down?

They can now kill roughly half of us—which appears to be their interim target as vaccine injuries and deaths explode—and with just a few more lockdowns, provide ‘us’ with everything we need as our only sources, once they’ve destroyed all independents.

Open 24 hours per day, while every Mom n’ Pop restaurant was forced to close. The difference? Mickey D is cabal-owned and Pete’s Pizza is owned by one family

Are your eyes beginning to open?  Why would a McDonalds be ‘safe’ while local family-owned Pete’s Pizza was a deathtrap?  There was only one difference, and that is now clear.

Before the cabal launched its long-planned virus/cure population reduction scheme, for example, small businesses employed roughly 65% of my home nation’s people.

Thanks to intentional lockdowns and other tyrannical (non-scientific) tactics to destroy independent operations, small business’s share of providing for the public dropped to 47.3% according to recent data.

Their genocidal scheme wasn’t as successful as planned, but the long term effects of multiple vaccines is VAIDS—Vaccine Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome—so millions more are now dying of other diseases because their immune systems were intentionally destroyed.

In fact, former BlackRock guru turned white hat—Edward Dowd—just published his report on that deaths, year over year, are up 87% in age group 25-44, since the death jab was forced on our world.

HIV (AIDS precursor) is actually in the Covid vaccines, per FDA letter of approval letter for Emergency Use Authorization 105, dated December 22, 2021 to Pfizer, Inc.’s Director of Global Regulatory Affairs, Karen Baker.


If they can shoehorn all of ‘us’ into their deadly ‘health’ protocols to shorten (or end) our lives and take total control of our food supply, they have control. That’s why their deadly experiment destroying (usually) peaceful Dutch farmers is so important to them, and why the farmers have risen up. 

Destroy the world’s second largest food exporter while cabal partner Bill Gates buys up agricultural land in America, producer #1 (and idles it, as he’s doing) the world is on its way to starvation!

Concurrently, this Fascist combo of Huge Business and controlled governments are using the Tech portion of its holdings to monitor our every move and silence those of us who speak out against them. 

As example, over 50 of the Biden Junta’s executives and 12 federal agencies were just implicated in their most recent scandal acting in concert with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to crush/report accounts of Trump supporters, which is a crime itself under 18 USC §§241/242, “violation of rights under colour of law”.

The conspirators of government and their private sector harpies in Big Tech can all be charged under §241 as co-conspirators, facing 10 years in prison and up to one million in fines—perhaps even death—if their collusion caused death.

As part of this conspiracy (admitted by Mark Zuckerberg on Joe Rogan’s show) it involved the co-ordinated coercion to take a deadly Pharma product, while concurrently suppressing information about protocols that actually saved lives such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Vitamin D.

Under 18 USC §241, you’ll note that such conspiracy to deny our right to free speech—if it leads to death, as it did in this case in the millions—the penalty is death for the government and Big Tech co-conspirators.

This has been a serious crime spree between government and Big Tech—real Fascism—and it needs to be punished.


Their too-big-to exist banks, for example, are also instituting similar protocols to de-bank opponents, at the same time hired tyrants press for ‘vaccine passports’ which in actuality, are social credit scoring digital IDs.

If you don’t comply, you don’t eat, you don’t have access to money and you will be ‘othered’ out of their Orwellian society.

This is why Europe is (finally) waking up—and why North America must as well— or die.

The Globalist bastards wrote this plan while I was still in school and published it in 1972 (Limits to Growth) and have fervently lived by it, republishing it ever since (including a 30-year update) so believe them.

I’ll close with a brief example, by putting out a headline from the ongoing criminal trial of Burisma next door to where I live (Poland) in Kyiv, Ukraine, which should be front-page news.

Burisma is the Oligarch-owned company that paid Joe Biden’s son Hunter $83,000 per month to be a member of its board—though he knew nothing about energy and didn’t speak Ukrainian—or attend a single meeting there.

Do you think any of this affected Joe Biden’s decision to fund/launder $69 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars (so far) into the Oligarch war in Ukraine.

Was “The Big Guy’s” cut still 10%, as his son Hunter’s laptop confirmed was the case in their other scandalous business ventures?

 “Burisma admitted in Ukraine’s criminal court of bribing Joe Biden with a $900,000 payment.”

That’s a real headline.  Let me know when—or if—you ever see it in the cabal-controlled press in America, Australia, England or Europe.

Unless we fight them—and fight like our lives depend on it (as it does)— our amazing civilisation will be ‘disappeared’.

I rest my case.

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