Batshit and robin (no offence batman) are sucking up U.S. natural gas rights and drilling companies for their masters in Beijing


Whistleblower to the House Oversight Committee provided documents and information proving the Biden Crime Family were providing U.S. natural gas assets to China’s Communist Party as far back as 2017.

“The President has not only misled the American public about his past foreign business transactions, but he also failed to disclose that he played a critical role in arranging a business deal to sell American natural resources to the Chinese while planning to run for President,” [Representative James] Comer wrote.

Joe Biden and his family took $5 million from China’s energy giant, CEFC, as we’ve previously reported, as part of their corrupt pay-to-play scheme when he was Vice-President under Barrack Hussein Obama.

Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, actually had their own offices in the joint venture with the Communist Chinese (Hudson West III LLC) in case the Fake Checkers try to claim there is ‘no evidence’. 

We have the text messages from Hunter, specifically asking for office keys for his uncle, father and step mother.  

Yes. I’ve got the ‘evidence’ – from his own son’s emails – so read on.


That’s right.  On day one Joe Biden, as resident in Trump’s White House, put a stake in the heart of American energy independence. He did this by shutting down the U.S. energy sector as best he could via unconstitutional ‘executive orders’ – breaking all of his campaign promises not to do so.

Hunter Biden wrote to his CCP partners saying, “We began to investigate the opportunities in the United States well before the public announcement by the Chinese government of its interest in Natural Gas imports from around the world.”

He offered the prospect of contracts for large quantities of liquified natural gas “at very competitive rates” in the short term, as well as the possibility of acquisition or partnership in a promising natural gas project in Louisiana that would advance CEFC’s long term goals. (as per the link above)

Joe Biden has never done anything in his corrupt life except build political power while enabling his brother, sister and son to sell it.  I welcome anyone to prove me wrong.  Make my day.

Liar Joe stated on stage in a debate with the real president in 2020 that he knew nothing of the business deals that he and his son jointly set up – and Twitter, Facebook and Google throttled any who told the truth or showed the evidence to the contrary – including me.

I covered the Biden Family’s crimes in Ukraine for years before the cubicle dwellers and bot crowd posted their first blue and yellow flag on their Twitter feed supporting the oligarchic totalitarians running Ukraine.

Keep in mind while you watch the clip below that Joe Biden shut down U.S. pipelines on his first day in office, while stopping drilling and fracking on federal lands, creating a nearly immediate shortage and now you know why.  Shortage = high price for Hudson West and partners.

Corrupt Joe Biden, the alleged President of the United States, then sold America’s strategic oil and gas reserves, which are meant to be kept for war and natural disasters, to his CCP partners.

This is treason, with a capital ’T’ and should be Article I of impeachment.


Not Russia.  As Joe Biden himself promised, Russia’s pipelines to Europe would be destroyed – and they were this week, using undersea explosives only a few nations could deploy – namely US, UK, Russia and China.

Unlike the others, however, Joe promised to do this on February 8th in a joint news conference with Germany’s nitwit leader, Olaf Scholz, saying of Nordstream 2, “We will bring an end to it. I promise you.  We will be able to do it.”

He said it again this week – the morning after perhaps the greatest terror attack in recent memory – blowing up not one, but both of Russia’s pipelines to Europe, Nordstream I and II.

And with this clear act of war, Sleepy Joe changed his tune on natural gas production.  Amazingly – he’s now for it – and wants America to sell all it can to Europe, since Russia is no longer able!

Funny how that happened, no?

Biden’s Hudson West III and its CCP partners are buying up the same natural gas drillers and frackers (for peanuts) that this traitor almost destroyed with his ‘ban’ in an attempt to help China take over the U.S. gas industry.

And thanks to Joe’s treasonous acts, they’re getting them cheap!

Unless stopped, the Bidens will have given Communist China control of my home nation’s natural gas – and where it goes – for huge profits.

Soon, Hunter can quit painting and go back to being a full-time crackhead influence-peddler for his dad.  The biggest gravy train in history just arrived.

Others have covered who destroyed Russia’s pipelines – their main source of income – better than I can, but all fingers point to the guy who not only promised to do it, but positioned his family ‘business’ to make the most from shutting off Europe’s natural gas.

That would be the Biden Crime Family’s Hudson West III and their syndicate partners, the Chinese Communist Party, for whom they work.

To put this terrorist act (4 bombings many miles apart) into perspective, this blast wave is two miles in diameter!

I recommend Mike Adams’ report on who is responsible.

Living in Poland, on the Baltic Sea where this crime occurred, it was of great concern to us when the BALTOPS war games began in May of this year. 

The track of the U.S./NATO war game ships as shown in most reports now – and their deep underwater mining ‘drills’ – were directly over these blast sites.

Yes, all of them.

USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) in port in Tallinn, Estonia, May 27, 2022

If you want to see those trackings for yourself, I recommend a wonderful site sent by one of our intrepid readers from a news show called “Redacted”.

Here’s the link: Redacted with Clayton Morris

It’s undeniable at this point who is the guilty party. 

Joe the Blow had motive – (vast sums of money); opportunity – (the fake ‘war games’ this summer in the Baltic); – and the means (control of the US Navy) to carry out this act of terror by planting those devices when directly over the targets with deep diving operatives under the guise of ‘war games’.

It wasn’t war ‘games’, however, it was actual war, and those of us living here are about to pay the price.

History has proven that Joe Biden’s crime syndicate will commit any heinous act for enough money.

It’s all starting to make sense now, isn’t it?

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