Winter wars with Russia have never gone well—but children of globalist/Marxists won’t be dying—so why should they care?

Open a gap for the enemy and retreat until they freeze and starve – it always works

It worked on Napoleon.  It worked on Hitler.  And it will work on far lesser thugs and W.E.F. puppets like GI Joe Biden, EU president Urzula von der Leyen and Germany’s hack Marxist, Olaf Sholz. 

Remember the last big ‘surge’ outside Kyiv just a few weeks ago, when Vanguard media disinformation specialist were wetting themselves over Russia’s withdrawal out of an already vacated zone?

What happened next?  You don’t know, of course, because the Vanguard media didn’t tell you, but the Ukraine/U.S.-backed Neo-Nazis and foreign sojourner soldiers rushed into the void, claiming a major victory.

And they were then obliterated.  Russian forces surrounded and killed them, almost to the man.

Fast forward to today and Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson back across the Dnieper River to what is technically Russia (now that snow is expected to fall) is also being touted as a major victory by the Oligarchs running the EU, U.S. and Ukraine.


Below is a picture of the poorly named “Treaty of Perpetual Peace” ceding everything east of the Dnieper River – where Russian troops will be spending the winter – to Russia in 1686.

Russia will forever own the territory east of the Dnieper

That has never changed.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

But history is a malleable thing in the hands of Globalist and Marxists who would have you believe that a man can birth a child and what really happened in the past never did – if they say so – but we deal in facts.


Let’s start there.  Ukraine (which translates to ‘the borders’) is not a country.  It is and always has been a territory – a regional killing field.

In 1992 when Secretary of State, James Baker, swore that NATO would ‘never move an inch eastward’ to cajole then-Russian president Gorbachez into dissolving the Soviet Union, he lied, and my government has done nothing but lie to Russia ever since.

Do I like Russia or Putin? No.  But as a Native American by heritage, I also know what it is like to be constantly lied to and tricked by Washington thugs and Elitist who want to steal your land and destroy you.  Their behaviour is insulting and their double-dealing is treacherous.

Now NATO surrounds Russia—they lied and people will die as a result of their years of treachery

All U.S./NATO promises and assurances have been violated by the EU Globalists to spark a war – which was their goal – to bring Russia under the western Central Bank institutions and control.

But the fools just fell for the oldest Russian trick in the book, which tells me that Putin is in control–and winning.


First of all, Russian President Putin will spread – or not deny – rumours that his health is failing.  When strong – appear weak (Sun Tzu).

While he is practicing martial arts with Steven Seagal and competing in judo tournaments – at age 70 – the Vanguard media and W.E.F. shills will laugh about his impending death.

International ‘health specialists’ speculated this week that he (Putin) was already dead (Ukraine Today), would soon be dead ( revised to state he only had two years to live (also and that he has only three years to live and is going blind (

Meanwhile, here is Putin just three days ago after telling the G20 hacks he would not waste his time meeting them in Bali, looking quite well for a dead/dying man, no?

The ‘West’ and NATO’s Oligarchs will hold their conscripts through this Eastern European winter – the same harsh weather that defeated every foe in history who decided it was a good idea to attack Russia this time of year – and the Russians will be well rested and ready to resume fighting in Spring, supplied with food, weapons (staying warm and comfortable with the power on in the Russian territory of Donbass).

The U.S.-funded Neo Nazis and Oligarch conscripts? 

They are being shipped to Kherson Oblast now to fill the void left by the Russians – but still in Ukraine, where much of the power remains off – and they will suffer a harsh winter on the far eastern border of non-Russian Ukraine at the very edge of NATO/Oligarch supply lines.

I just watched miles of white pop-up outdoor tents on tractor trailer trucks on the road to house the Neo-Nazis and conscripts on the new battle front.

The Oligarchs are already flooding the empty zone with their conscripts and mercenaries as of yesterday. Tents are not a great place to live in winter here where I live in Eastern Europe, so there will be massive desertion and death.


Strategic Russian strikes by air and from the sea will stop shipments of food, fuel and weapons to the soldiers who were sent to fill the void in Kherson left by the Russians withdrawing from Ukraine territory this week.

They were drawn in to the void for a purpose.

Their current bravado and confidence – presently fuelled into giddiness by the Vanguard media and NATO – will wain as the freezing temperatures without food or fuel take their lives in the bloodlands of Eastern Ukraine.

What happens in the Spring of 2023 will not be an SMO (Special Military Operation), but a full assault using regular Russian Army, to wipe out the few remaining U.S.-funded Neo-Nazis – just as Putin promised he would do – after he secured the historically Russia Eastern sector.

For those Ukraine flag-posting sheep who have not studied the history of this region, it is about to repeat itself.

For Joe Biden and the NATO war-mongers, willing to ‘fight to the last Ukrainian’, perhaps you should ask them how they feel about being used as your proxies, freezing and starving them simply to advance your Globalist Agenda.

Their answer – which I hear on the ground over here every day I’m in Poland’s largest refugee centre for Ukrainians in Rzeszów – is “No.”

Those pushing this war aren’t doing so for Ukraine or its people, and most thinking people now see that.

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