A group of home-schooled brothers in the United States self-trained in law and Constitution (no longer taught in schools, universities or law schools) figured out how to get cases all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

During the government-created banking crisis, as example, they got two cases against the corrupt banks all the way to the high court – which is unbelievably hard – (I filed three such emergency cases and never got certiorari).  They did.

And they have done it once again in perhaps the most important case in U.S. history.  Brunson, Raland J. v. Alma S. Adams, et al, Case No. 22-0380, was docketed under a rarely used emergency Rule 11 – and then the miracle happened.

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The Attorney who represents the Supreme Court itself (I didn’t know there was such an animal) called the brothers and asked that they amend the complaint to add a few points – and then asked how fast they could get it back to the court.

They answered, “Two weeks” and the Clerk of Court of the U.S. Supreme Court followed up as well to press them, so they did it in one.


This is like a doctor in the Canadian or British socialized health care system calling you up and asking if he or she could put your elective boob job or penis implant ahead of all the tumour-ridden patients waiting in critical care.

The importance of this case is more important than any boob or ‘package’ on the planet, but you get the point.  This simply does not happen in a court that hears only 70-80 cases per year of 8-9,000 petitions for certiorari.


These young bucks realised that thousands of affidavits alleging election fraud, filed with Congress by roughly 100 members demanding an investigation, precluded certification of the 2020 presidential election.

They were correct on this – as it only takes two witnesses/affidavits to convict someone of treason – yet these thousands of pieces of sworn evidence of foreign election interference and crimes were wholly ignored by those charged with the responsibility of preventing such.

Instead, evidence is now overwhelming that many at all levels of government from county election officials to the FBI and its big-tech partners, actually aided and abetted this.

So, the Brunson Brothers have sought the high court to charge the members of Congress – Republicans, Socialists and Democrats alike – who certified the fraud anyway – and all those who participated, with criminal malfeasance and removal from office.

As a kicker in ‘Relief Requested’ the Brothers seek to have a lifetime ban placed on all of these misfits from ever holding any office of public trust again, and charging them with treason where appropriate.


If offered a bet of any amount, I’d have put my money on the DOJ government stooges filing a motion to dismiss – which the Supreme Court attorney and clerk actually suggested be put in the Brunson boys’ filing so government could not later claim they didn’t have the chance to be heard.

But not only did the corruptocrats at DOJ not file the motion to dismiss – they quit the case on the eve of their required response – leaving only U.S. Solicitor General, Elizabeth B. Prelogar, as attorney on the case.

Now comes the part that sends chills up my spine – Solicitor General Prelogar filed a one line WAIVER the day their right to respond expired, stating, “The Government hereby waives its right to file a response to the petition in this case unless requested by the Court to do so.”


While the Supreme Court itself is pushing this case uphill, the Solicitor General has basically stood aside out of a seeming obligation to rule of law and Constitution and is letting this question about foreign election interference and criminal conduct by elected official move forward.

This is in itself a miracle—from a Biden appointee

And just two days before Thanksgiving – a national U.S. holiday – the Supreme Court set its date for holding its private conference to vote on moving this case forward.

What date?  January 6th of 2023 – the two-year anniversary of the biggest fraud in U.S. history – the Supreme Court will vote to take up this case or reject it.


Thousands of affiants and complainants alleging fraud and foreign interference in the 2020 election have been ignored by courts across the United States, though Amendment I requires government to never deny ‘the right to petition the government for redress of grievances’.

The fix was in and all the attorneys in the land subjugated by the corrupt international cabal of Bar Associations can rightly be considered worthless in matters of Constitution, but not these brave young legal minds who completely circumvented them all.

On January 6th, all it takes is four of the nine justice to move this case forward.  Though the radical left has tried every intimidation tactic including protests outside their homes and even attempted murder, it appears these justices are standing firm – another miracle.

If there really is evidence of massive fraud and foreign interference – just two affidavits being adequate under law – the Supreme Court can immediately grant all remedies necessary to correct the errors that only the blind refuse to see.

The Court can order U.S. Marshals to seize the credentials of the defendants in Congress if they were determined to have not fulfilled their oaths of office – which the majority are clearly guilty for certifying an uncertifiable election without hearing a single piece of the evidence.

This was a complete denial of their very purpose.

If two persons bring evidence of crimes to the authorities, their oath of office requires them to ‘redress’ the grievances, or they are subject to charges pursuant to Title 18, USC Section 242 and likely 241 (conspiracy), which are criminal charges carrying lengthy prison sentences and fines for violating citizens’ rights ‘under colour if law’.


Yes.  This is America’s last chance to save itself.  Congress has become a brothel where votes go the highest paying ‘John’ and few if any follow the law when making it. 

The Executive Branch is so far beyond its Constitutional skis and authority that it is a sick and dangerous joke – installed by foreign forces in collusion with domestic traitors.

The only branch that can save us – and their own jobs, by the way – is the United States Supreme Court, which the current illegitimate regime has sworn to flood with Marxists and judicial misfits to turn America into Venezuela on steroids.

The federal and state governments have refused to give these justices protection from mobs, threats and even attempts on their lives, on information and belief, to frighten them from doing the right thing.

Not even the left-wing crazies on the court want that at some depth of their souls and some are predicting all nine will vote to save the nation (and themselves).

And if any of these justices refuse to redress the Brunson’s grievances, then they are also in violation of their double oaths – yes, they take two – one to uphold the Constitution, and a second to uphold the purpose of the Supreme Court.

Will rule of law finally be followed?

I don’t know, but there is finally a glimmer of real hope.

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