It’s a damn shame when a Russian spy and arms dealer has to call out my home nation—and he is the only teller of truth on the news cycle that day!


The Richardson Post was the first to report the origins of the manmade Fauci/Wuhan virus and the first to say that it escaped from the military bio-weapons lab in that Chinese city rather than the ‘wet market’.

I can’t tell you how we knew it (if we ever want other accurate information from China) but it is now verified by info dumps proving collusion between Big Pharma, Government(s) and Big Tech tyrants to silence all who told the truth—the RP and the many who followed us, included.

In a strange twist of irony, it was our completely truthful posts on Twitter that got us banned—on Twitter—as we can now prove, thanks to Elon Musk.  He’s making all shadow-banning from then public info.

Next we published the NIH’s own posts from 2005 stating that hydroxychloroquine was the most effective treatment known against SARS-Covid diseases—for which we were crushed again though it was Fauci and fiends who wrote it—we just happen to be the first to find it.

“We report, however, that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.” (2005)


The world’s second best troll behind Trump, Elon Musk, tweeted my pronouns are ‘prosecute Fauci’ — and the Marxists lost it!

Tonight, we are told, Elon Musk is releasing this next trove of illegal and collusory direct messages between executives fired from his $44 billion new toy (Twitter), Big Pharma criminals, Government thugs on the take, and the little worm on the right, Anthony Fauci.

As we also reported—thanks to Dr. David Martin’s research over a 20 year period, and our own digging in my home state (North Carolina)—Fauci has funded this creation of deadly SARS-Covid diseases with Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina and other sociopathic Dr. Mengele wannabees since 1999.

He funded and gave the bioweapons starter kits to the Communist Chinese when he was shut down under the Obama regime and greenlit the money to flow to Wuhan again unbeknownst to his new boss, Donald Trump, so the little scumbag has orange jumpsuits in his future—one way or another.


After listening to his interview with Maria Butina, Viktor Bout, is trending everywhere amongst those who still love and cherish America as ‘a voice of reason’.  I can’t go that far—but if you didn’t hear the clip above, here’s the snack version of the Happy meal:

“They’re losing their Christian values. They’re losing their families. They’re losing, literally their country. It is not anymore the same country we knew. America used to be, the model for the entire world and lead and be an example. Like they say, you know, a sparkling town on a hill.”

He’s right, of course, and coming in tandem with a torrent of evidence daily from Musk, the only distance between ‘conspiracy theories’ and fact are a few news cycles, so even the Normies are finally waking up.

Here are just a few of the ‘conspiracies’ that Twitter’s own dumps have now proven fact:

  1.  The Election of 2020 was stolen by an actual conspiracy of the FBI, Twitter, Facebook, Google, the Democratic National Committee, and co-conspirators of governments and intel agencies—both domestic and foreign—now verified in document dumps from Twitter and admissions by Facebook (Zuckerberg to Joe Rogan).
  2. Now that the evidence is out there for all to see, 71% of the populace including Democrats, Independents and Republicans believe the recent elections were also rigged.
  3. As a result of media lies on this and most other issues, they have lost their megaphone, as “Media trust is at an all time low.”
  4. Covid was a manmade disease and the ‘vaccines’ are slow-kill poisons forced on an unsuspecting public by Global Marxists who want the planet—and its wealth—for themselves.  Source?  Gates, Klaus Schwab, Ted Turner and other thugs said it!  Why don’t you believe them?  Do you really think they are joking after all of this?
  5. The Ukraine war is an intentional distraction that is intended to lead to a global nuclear war to eliminate many more millions of ‘us’.  How do I know that?  Because Zelensky just fired U.S. missiles into Poland 150km from where I’m sitting, trying to start one!
  6. As people are literally freezing to death across Europe due to their leaders’ abject stupidity (it’s the coldest winter here I’ve seen) Greenies and Marxists are facing their downfall—and maybe pitchforks and torches by New Year.
  7. Instead of putting Little Greta on a pedestal this year, Europeans now want to put the pedestal on her. 


Compare our empty refugee centre to what you hear on ABC

My company built a lab to produce eyeglasses for Ukrainian refugees inside Poland’s largest centre (pictured above)—but even in the freezing temps and snow—it remains empty—while 4,000 plus were processed through here in March of this year when the war broke out in earnest.

Lab is ready to go, but no refugees—just plenty of W.H.O. & army

Putin has the eastern region we told you he wanted (and would win) and now he’s lured the remaining American-backed Azov Nazis and fools volunteering from abroad into his Russian deathtrap on the Dniepre River, while he sits it out on the other side in the cozy comforts of historically Russian territory in the east. His troops are warm, relaxed and resting.

Few of the U.S.-backed Azov Nazis will survive the winter—as Putin stated was one of his goals, along with stopping U.S. proxies killing his people in Donbass—but that is how Russia always defeats its enemies.

They feign weakness just before winter, empty a region to make the enemy think he’s won (to lure him into it)—and then they let Mother Nature kill them— once they’re flanked or unable to move and get supplies due to the weather.

Pick up the bodies in the Spring, wash, rinse and repeat, until all of your enemies are dead without wasting bombs, bullets (or Russians).

Yet the hotel where I stay nearby the shelter has a couple of floors rented out to the W.H.O.—who are all off to Paris, Brussels or the Mediterranean it seems—and lots of U.S. soldiers, in uniform’ as if a real war were being waged here in Poland, where they have absolutely no business being.

U.S. soldiers actually came by the Refugee Centre a few days ago to hand out brownies and since no refugees were there—they gave us two pans—I figure at the cost of about a billion $U.S. each.

At least I got something back while my fellow taxpayers back home—and the Ukraine people—get nothing out of this tripartheid Oligarch’s War but a good screwing.

The U.S. and W.E.F./Vanguard Ollies want to sell trillions of dollars in war toys while depleting us ‘useless eaters’ that do most of the living, working and dying here in their NATO-provoked wars.

The Ukrainian Oligarchs driving their Ferraris and Lamborghinis here in Warsaw, Poland and Miami, Florida (like Zelensky), want to keep the flood of tens of billions in bitcoins and U.S. taxpayer dollars flowing through their accounts, while pitching back 10% for the Big Guy and even more to the Democrat Oligarchs fighting to keep their political monopoly going back home.

Does that sound crazy to you?  It’s not.  The Crypto freak, Sam Bankman Fried, was the number two Democrat donor behind George Soros and “As previously reported, the FTX crypto company gave at least $40 million to Democrat candidates and causes in the midterms.”

What do the Russian Oligarchs want?  They want their Donbass region back and then they’ll probably leave everybody alone—that is if NATO and the U.S. stop building bioweapons labs and planting missiles on their doorstep to provoke them.

Meanwhile, the world is waking up to all of this and will not long stand for it.  Change is coming and it cometh right soon.

Howell Woltz
The Richardson Post (now on