What is the lead here, Garrett?  That you found 459 corroborated state and federal violations of law involving the Biden Crime Family (including The Big Guy) or that the media scum and prosecutors are playing hide the bacon to prevent the world from knowing about it?

Dear readers and subscribers, if you have forty minutes, you must watch Eric Metaxas interview Garrett on the results of his 13-month, six man investigation of admitted, provable crimes including the President of the United States – Joe Biden – and his entire family.


Let’s take just one of the Biden Family Crimes – massive money laundering, for example – that we’ve written about now for years.

We’ll start with Hunter’s day job at Burisma.  Burisma is an energy company in Ukraine that prosecutors revealed in an indictment paid one million in bribes to Joe Biden when he was the Vice-President of the United States in exchange for protecting them from prosecution.

He did – and bragged about it in his now famous blabber-mouth session to the oligarchs at The Council of Foreign Relations – as we also reported back in 2019.

Burisma then hired Joe’s son, Hunter, with zero experience in energy, speaking not a word of Ukrainian, for $83,000 per month for him and his now indicted partner – each.  That’s $1,992,000 a year, folks – also a bribe.

While that was a crime because neither Hunter, nor his equally inexperienced partner, were registered under FARA regulations (Foreign Agent Registration Act) for their activities, it’s the money-laundering we’re focused on right now.

As we reported over three years ago in “Ukraine – piggy bank of corrupt U.S. Democrats” the route to the Biden Crime Family coffers is circuitous and has a name.  It’s called money-laundering.

When the Biden’s millions flowed from Ukraine, they first went to a bank in Latvia.  They then went on to Cyprus through shell companies to occlude the source, only then going to Rosemont Seneca – a Biden Crime Family enterprise. ($16.5 million, according to a 2019 indictment).

Is Hunter a bioweapons expert—or just another democrat money-pimp and launderer?

You may have thought we were going to talk about the Bidens’ laundering untold fortunes from the U.S. Department of Defense and State Department through this same company – Rosemont Seneca – when they funnelled billions to build dozens of illegal bioweapons labs in Ukraine via a company in which they are partners, “METABIOTA”.

In case you missed that article, we even published the map above that Garrett and his team no doubt also located on Hunter’s laptop showing where the Biden’s bioweapons lab investments were located across Ukraine – before Putin and the Russians destroyed them to save lives (perhaps including my own, as I live in neighbouring Poland – so my sympathies are not with the Biden Crime Family who once tried to shake me down back in 1993 – another story).


We are once again making the assumption that there is an honest prosecutor left in America, for which there is no evidence at present at the federal level, so let’s go to the States and see what can be done.

The money-laundering charges could be brought in any state in which the Biden Crime Family does business or handled any of their illicit cash.

For example, Hunter’s lawyer, Kevin Morris lives in Arkansas and was apparently very involved in some of Hunter’s shady dealings (and has viciously threatened Garrett for this research, saying he would see him in prison).

Hunter’s lawyer to Garrett, “you’re gonna enjoy being a buttboy for 20 years, dude. Lube up,” Morris continued, telling Ziegler that he’d come visit him in prison, and that he knew where he lived. Morris now faces ethics charges instead

An honest Arkansas prosecutor could start with Morris on these threats and money-laundering charges and work his way up through Hunter to ‘The Big Guy,’ a.k.a., President Joe Biden for whom they all ultimately worked.

And if even one dollar of the laundered money ended up funding the Biden Family’s bioweapons labs that METABIOTA ran for the U.S. government in Ukraine, they and their government cohorts are all in violation of the 1976 Bioweapons Treaty, making them international criminals – and BINGO – you’ve got ‘em all.

I’d really prefer them getting jammed up for aiding and abetting the Chi-Coms and being Beijing’s bitches buying up U.S. natural gas and energy resources via drilling companies – while strangling U.S. production – as we’ve also reported.

But with all of this also in Garrett’s report, someone must be indicted soon.

This must include how the Biden Crime Family partnered with CEFC officials (a CCP energy company) to commit these dastardly acts of treason arranged by suspected Chinese spy and Biden office assistant/girl pal, Bao Jiaqi, as also corroborated by a letter on Hunter’s laptop.

Bao Jiaqi was taking care of Hunter’s business

“According to the letter, Hunter’s Chinese assistant, Bao Jiaqi, who previously worked as the research assistant at China’s macroeconomic management agency National Development and Reform Commission, sent him a detailed presentation containing political and topography maps, along with Chinese annotations, carving up America based on natural gas reserves. The 30-page presentation made particular emphasis on Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.”

So that’s four more states where criminal charges can be brought – Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming – if there is ever an honest prosecutor found who has the integrity to do the work.

Charges can be brought based on the $5 million bribe (aka, a no interest, non-repayable ‘loan’ to the Biden Crime Family) as un-registered foreign agents acting against U.S. energy security in these states – paid to them by this CCP’s energy giant (CEFC), with whom they all (including Jill and Joe Biden) shared offices – also corroborated by Hunter’s laptop.


With 459 crimes now identified and corroborated by Garrett Ziegler and his team at Marc Polo USA, this would be like shooting fish in a barrel, so even a lazy prosecutor could make a name for him or herself fast, quick and in a hurry with just one dose of courage.

File the charges and you’re famous overnight.  Do it – don’t listen to your Marxist boss – and once filed, you are in the history books.

Now our fun fact brings us back to the Biden’s backyard – Delaware – which the family has corrupted to the point perhaps of no return, but if the Bidens go down as we are predicting, someone with integrity might one day take over and decide to look into this.

QUESTION – Out of all the places on earth, where would a supposed Ukraine energy company, be based?

Ukraine?  Of course not!  That’s just where all the assets are.

Maybe you’d organise it in a corrupt nation or territory under shell company ownership, such as the money-laundering paradise of Cyprus?  Well that is what the original Ukrainian Oligarch owners did.

But then if you put U.S. Oligarchs (or their surrogates) on your Board – like Hunter Biden or Cofer Black (Mitt Romney’s ‘foreign policy advisor’ CIA boy), you’d probably want to get things closer to home – oh say like making Burisma a major partner in Sunrise Energy Resources – a Delaware corporation – where ownership can be completely occluded and hidden from the world.

And guess who now owns the actual Ukraine assets (Esko-Pivnich and Pari – the companies that have the licenses and produce the natural gas in Ukraine)?

Delaware’s secretly registered Sunrise Energy Resources, where no one can find out who owns it.

Who controls Delaware?  The Biden Crime Family.

So let’s end with one more set of fun facts.

Burisma Energy is not a Ukrainian company.  It is based in Cyprus.

Burisma’s energy assets are not owned by Burisma, but by Sunrise Energy Resources in the United States in perhaps the world’s most impenetrable haven for corporate secrecy from governments around the world – the Biden-controlled State of Delaware.

But guess where Burisma (Cyprus)/Sunrise Energy(Delaware) and the Biden Crime Family have their head office for their Ukraine Oligarch-run energy company?

Sunrise Energy, while being a registered Delaware corporation, has its official address as 5353 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas suite 4012—a luxury high rise residential building

What was your guess?

Ukraine?  Don’t be silly. That’s just where all the assets are.

Cyprus?  Again, don’t be silly. That’s just where the shell companies launder the money from Ukraine, on its way to the U.S.

Delaware?  Of course not!  That’s just so the Biden Crime Family controls it and can prevent real scrutiny of their crimes.

So where is does this criminal enterprise ultimately live?

ANSWER – The Great State of Texas – which opens the best opportunity in America for actual charges being brought against the Biden Crime Family and their co-conspirators because that State has an Attorney General with balls and a spine of steel – Ken Paxton. 

Go Get ‘Em Ken!

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