VP turncoat Mikey Pence applauds as Pelosi breaks federal law, tearing up President Trump’s archived speech—with no penalty


When the highly successful ambulance-chasing attorney, John Edwards, decided to get into politics, he met my old client, N.C. Republican Party Chairman, Samuel T. Currin, at the Mecca Restaurant in Raleigh, NC, to seek his political advice.

In answer to Edward’s question as to whether or not he should run for federal office, Sam asked, “Well what do you believe in, John?”

Edwards replied,  “Pretty much nothing, Sam.”

“Well, how have you voted in the past?”

Edwards replied, “Hell, Sam.  I’m not even registered to vote. Never voted in my life.”

Sam, to his credit, said, “Well John, if you don’t believe in anything and never cared enough to vote, then you should probably run as a Democrat.”

And he did.  ‘Senator’ Edwards not only ran but won (with huge cash harvests from black churches and shakedowns of highway contractors, I know about from one of Edward’s former bag-men). This smiley guy below soon became Vice-Presidential candidate with an even worse Soros-picked candidate, John Kerry, for the Democrat party’s choice to run what was once known as ‘The Land of the Free’.

Another perfect Democrat! Edwards had a secret love child, lied and abandoned his wife during her cancer and death


But there will be no cavalry charging the guns from the pathetic right come January 3rd, my friends.  Put those dreams into the rubbish bin – unless the King returns, that is – which can change things quickly.

Unmanliness is not just the cross-dressing transgender left, it is the ball-less eunuchs on the right who spout platitudes every two, four, or six years seeking your votes and then do nothing to fix the nation’s problems. They may actually be worse than the Marxists, with a very few exceptions.

Traitors to their nation, constituents, and world.  They are worse than the Marxist left with which they now collude

Democrats have taken off their masks and shown the world who they really are but the eunuchs on the right still lie to you. RINOs (Republican in Name Only) just exposed themselves by voting for the $1.7 trillion bill.

Examples?  Lindsey Graham, Richard Burr, and Tom Tillis, for just three of whom I know personally, and am most disappointed.

Burr and Tillis did not support the budget-buster thanks to an outpouring from us who know them well, but Lindsay and the girls will support anything the Uniparty and CCP tell them to back.

The Dems are unabashed Marxists, invested in Global Communism, destruction of your family, your religion, who are openly indoctrinating your kids into evil in public schools.

But the Republican Party is clearly OK with that – because it is only getting worse, not better!

I consider them worse than the openly anti-family Democrat-Marxists.

Why? Because 18 of these weak sisters in the U.S. Senate just sided with them on this demonic $1.7 trillion bill to:

  1.  Start WWIII by upping their bizarre funding of the Oligarch wars in the Democrat’s money laundering centre (Ukraine) for a total of $112 billion!
  2. Approved $410 million deficit dollars to Tunisia, Egypt, Oman and middle Eastern Oligarchs to secure their borders while forbidding enforcement along their own.
  3. Put into law unconstitutional vote-fixing methods to secure wins for all times for the Marxists – (and 18 ‘weak sister Republicrats’ agreed to it!)


Let’s show your masters in Beijing and Switzerland how completely you now control what was once a Republic that until recently (and still by law, 50 USC §842) forbid you and your Marxist ideology from doing what you’ve done.  It’s still on the books but ignored now that the Marxists have turned those institutions into enforcement gangs for their ideology:

The Communist Party of the United States, or any successors of such party regardless of the assumed name, whose object or purpose is to overthrow the Government of the United States, or the government of any State, Territory, District, or possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein by force and violence, are not entitled to any of the rights, privileges, and immunities attendant upon legal bodies created under the jurisdiction of the laws of the United States or any political subdivision thereof; and whatever rights, privileges, and immunities which have heretofore been granted to said party or any subsidiary organization by reason of the laws of the United States or any political subdivision thereof, are terminated: Provided, however, That nothing in this section shall be construed as amending the Internal Security Act of 1950, as amended [50 U.S.C. 781 et seq.]

So here’s how you show Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Xi Xinping and their Globalist ilk that your takeover of America via the coup on November 3, 2020 is now complete!

Pass another budget-busting bill which the weak-sister McConnell squishes in the U.S. Senate will again rubber stamp, while getting federally-funded Stanford University to add ‘land of the free’ to its list of forbidden words.

That’s right, they forbid words like “American” in case you only watch Vanguard media and didn’t hear about it.  Why not forbid all words associated with America and freedom?

Our new Bust-the-budget bill will include:

  1.  Extended ‘Abortion rights’ to one year after birth.
  2. Unlimited funding to the most corrupt nation on earth – Ukraine.
  3. Billions more to secure every border in the world – except America’s.
  4. Build walls around all U.S. oligarchs homes with tax dollars – while leaving the people defenceless from those flooding across the open border to take their jobs (and vote for the Marxists).
  5. Add more IRS troopers to the 87,000 just funded to attack those who believe, “America First”, “My Body, My Choice” (on vaccines, that is), or any other American ideals that once made that the greatest nation on earth – and of course, any supporter of Donald J. Trump.
  6. Eliminate Christianity from the public square and First Amendment protections, acknowledging only the death cult of Islam, the Climate Cult and Hollywood’s pagan Scientology.

Such a bill would be passed by 100% of the demonic left and enough RINOs to get it across the finish line, absent a complete change of leadership in the Republican Party.


These four trumpet players are surprisingly our best shot

As we reported a few weeks ago, the Supreme Court of the United States has docketed a case for review on January 6th – just days away – which does not challenge the now-proven ‘steal’ on November 3rd of 2020, but the fact that over 100 Congressmen bringing evidence of it that day were not allowed a redress of those grievances.

That was in direct violation of rights under the First Amendment and the fact that the court has strongly encouraged and even aided the Brunsons in the bringing of this case indicates that the four votes of nine required to bring it before the High Court will be reached.

I encourage everyone to read the article if you didn’t and learn the incredible if not unprecedented story of how this came to be.


On January 3rd, Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio will take the gavel of the House Judiciary Committee away from perhaps the sleaziest of Marxists in the United States, Adam ‘Schifty’ Schiff (as the real president still calls him).

That is good because he plans to turn it into an oversight committee of criminal wrong-doing by government agencies who have escaped penalty even for their now-proven collusion in overthrowing the United States government on November 3rd of 2020.

The direct messaging via secret portals between these government agencies, the Democrat Party and social media giants has now been made public by Elon Musk, proving overt criminal conduct to rig the election against Donald Trump by crushing negative comment and content.

51 “intel” liars helped rig 2020 for Biden

How important was that?  Just in the case of the suppressed Hunter Biden laptop story, 71% of voters say that would have likely changed their vote in 2020, had they known the extent of the Biden Crime Family’s corrupt dealings with and on behalf of foreign nations – with direct involvement of Joseph Biden – also now beyond question or dispute.

Those 51 liars should have their security clearances taken for knowingly lying to protect Joe Biden and should face criminal charges for sedition.  Jim Jordan is one of the few in Congress with the courage to pursue that.

But until there is a wholesale change at the DOJ, no prosecutor will actually charge the bastards for their crimes, so here’s the backup plan.


The Holman Rule puts enforcement in Jim Jordan’s hands, as he and other lawmakers can offer amendments to appropriations bills that could legislatively fire any federal employee or cut their pay to $1.

Funding for the continued harassment and persecution of hundreds of Trump supporters arrested and imprisoned for their legal protest on January 6th of 2021, for example – many still in prison awaiting trial on false or minor charges – could be suspended until those prisoners are released and exonerated.

All DOJ, FBI and Homeland Security goons involved in this corrupt political campaign of harassment can be fired or have their pay cut to $1.

The 87,000 new IRS agents just authorised to be hired by the Marxists to attack Conservatives and Trump supporters?

Use the Holman Rule to shut down the funding of that operation. By removing the funding (or these new political employees) this Marxist wet-dream is ended before it can begin.

But none of this will happen under current Republican leadership – or rather the lack thereof.

From the head of the Republican National Committee, Ronna Romney McDaniel, to the Senate’s old crow Marxist-loving Mitch McConnell – they’ve got to be turfed out.

Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy who exposed so much election fraud, and Harmeet Dillon, a Trump attorney, both want the job and I recommend they become joint chairs – Harmeet focuses on law fare to restore election integrity and Mike focuses on fund raising and cutting the RNC budget so donations go to win races rather than booze, jets and flowers.

House leadership?  Kevin McCarthy is too weak in my opinion but he has had to make so many concessions to have a chance at the job, that he may be controllable.

My hopes are on Jim Jordan as Judiciary Chair, and McCarthy or whomever wins the Speaker spot just needs to make sure he or she supports Jim Jordan all the way, for America to have even a prayer of being saved from the Marxists and RINOs.

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Happy New Year!