And it’s not just the Bill and the Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, or the Rockefellers, Carnegies and Rothschilds, it’s their Globalist partners of the Vanguard Corporate cabal who own most of our world – now pushing their ESG agenda.

Almost all funding of left-wing, Marxist, and globalist causes intent on destroying us come from non-voter elements

How much do they own?  According to the head of Oxfam, that number is 92% – which is why we the voters, have little if any say in what our governments do.

I’m asking my own pathetic government to take a test.  How many times do the words ‘corporation’, ‘foundation’ or ‘trusts’ appear in my beloved U.S. Constitution?  The answer?  Zero. 

So how did these enemies of my nation gain the powers once reserved only for ‘We the People’ – the only stated party to this contract (the Constitution) – gain such rights where none existed?

By FRAUD.  That’s how.


That’s how outrageous the fake decision giving these boxes of papers powers of citizenship actually was. We told this story a few years ago so we’ll make it short, but the above is a very accurate analogy.

The case was Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific—a mundane tax case—used to fraudulently grant citizenship powers to non-humans who could not vote—but could buy elections like he did

J.C. Bancroft Davis – past president of Newburgh and New York Railway – was made ‘clerk’ to officially record the illegitimate case in front of the railroads’ attorney cum Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court – Remick Waite, to rule on a case about, well, railroads, not corporate citizenship. 

Sound a bit shifty?  It gets worse.

There was no mention of ‘corporate citizenship’ or their being able to flood politicians with bribes – it never came up.  Not a single word in the entire transcript about it, in fact, so how did it happen?

Before the case even began, the Zuckerberg-style ‘clerk’ asked his railroad buddy, Chief Justice Waite (in what could only have been a well-planned scheme) if he wanted to discuss ‘citizenship rights for corporations’ during this unrelated case on property tax.

This crooked judge, Remick Waite, allowed Soros, the Rockefellers, Vanguard corporations across the globe, the Chinese and Bill Gates to take over my home nation via fraud

Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific, had nothing to do with the fraud of ‘corporate citizenship’, nor was it ever brought up in or by the court – yet every major oligarch-owned news rag in unison falsely reported that as the court’s ruling the very next day.

You think the Fake News is new?  Not hardly.


We can eliminate this fraud on our nations by simply forcing our legislatures to define the word ‘citizen’ using the U.S. Constitution and similar legal agreements.

Was the Magna Carta meant to cover non-people?  Of course not.

In America, We the People created the government of the United States using our States as proxy agents, but the document is clear that we are the entity creating the contract. 

“We” are, therefore, the only party to that contract with any right to add or remove participants.  Not even the Supreme Court can usurp that power.

In fact, Amendment X of the Bill of Rights forbids any such shenanigans and “People” does not include boxes of papers, corporate seals, offshore trusts, or international dobbers and nations seeking to destroy my homeland – yet they and those they put in power now control us all.

Legal citizens and natives only!

The word People means people.

And, yes, i wrote the book on this

No possible reading of my beloved Constitution allows such entities to usurp the powers of those authorised to elect their own representatives.

The only way the Railroad magnates (and future owners of the non-federal, non-‘reserve’  Federal Reserve – yep, same guys) could pull this off was by being able to legally bribe our elected representatives.

And they did once Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific fraudulently allowed it by saying they were ‘citizens’ like real people.

J.P. Morgan and crew bought up the 26 newspapers controlling the narrative back then (sound familiar? – like Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street of today) and the court never investigated the fraud or looked back.

The word ‘citizen’ – now includes every ‘corporation’, ‘trust’, ‘non-profit’ and foreign nation using them as shills to control almost all of our countries – with the exceptions of Russia, Iran, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and perhaps India – who are creating an alternative.

Railroad lawyer Waite and Railroad prez, Bancroft delivered the goods in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific – serving up our globe on a silver platter like John the Baptist’s head, to the New World Order – using the Hermetic cabal of wizards pretending to be gods among us since the times of Plato. (watch the interview with Dr. James Lindsay to understand this)

The two worst candidates for speaker of the U.S. house—both Rino’s working on behalf of the Uniparty—Ryan and McCarthy


Day One, define who has the power to buy, bribe, and ultimately coerce my representative, which the two shills above – past Speaker Paul Ryan and present candidate for Speaker, Kevin McCarthy – would never do.

So we must change the rules and the leadership if we want real change.

The new ‘rule’ must reflect Constitutional intent.

Any entity or person not named in the Constitution and authorised to vote in the jurisdiction of the election, must be precluded from buying/bribing, aiding or abetting our representatives – as is done by Wall Street, K-Street, Beijing, and corporate oligarchs every day – using the fake ‘citizenship’ ruling made in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific.

It must stop.  Does Congress under a ‘Paul Ryan’ or a ‘Kevin McCarthy’ have the courage to do this?  Probably not, so let’s keep looking for a real leader, no matter how long it takes.

The Cartel Mafia of Democrat Marxists, RINOs, Globalists, Oligarchs, and war mongers will just have to wait another day or two, but we either end their ability to buy off our leaders, or freedom and the advance of human kind is finished.

The choice is clear.  It’s them or us.

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