Ukraine’s Zelenskyy was introduced last night to the Hollywood perv community by this washed-up guy on the left—Sean Penn


Remember the RINO CIA boss, George H.W. Bush, who lied his way into the White House by saying, “Read my lips.  No new taxes,” and then undid the Reagan legacy by raising taxes across the board?

Or his wicked little spawn, George W. Bush, who lied his way into America’s longest conflict swearing his enemies had “Weapons of mass destruction,” in Iraq, which was the biggest lie since the one his daddy told about taxes.

I quit his Presidential Roundtable over that one in 2003. He was a liar.

So today, I get a clip from one of our wonderful readers asking if I’m OK here in Poland – in the sense like, “Are you still in one piece?” 

Here’s the clip that prompted the question – stating that Poland is on the edge of collapse.

At the moment I saw the message, I was locked in one of the worst traffic jams here in Warsaw I remember since before the Scamdemic, trapped in a seeming circle of extremely expensive automobiles – in my wife’s little Toyota.

I’m talking Lamborghinis, Ferraris, big SUVs and such – all with Ukraine license plates – and I had to laugh.  Yep.  Poland is flooded with Ukrainians, but only Zelenskyy’s oligarch buddies sitting out the war in Warsaw.


It’s true that back in February and March of 2022, millions of scared Ukrainians fled – not just the Oligarchs from there who drive these amazingly expensive cars.

It was all very real. I went to the border and refugee centres to report on it.

Between just our family, friends and employees, 41 Ukrainian women and children were housed and fed, but all of them left to go back home months ago.

Why women and kids only? Warmonger, Zelenskyy, will not let the men leave Ukraine so he and Biden can ‘fight to the last Ukrainian’  

I went so far as to build a lab to make lenses and eyeglasses for the real refugees in the largest such centre in Poland – where  over 4,000 women and children came and went just in the month of March – yet today, it is empty – a good thing – which I memorialised in this photo. 

Our lens lab has to make for other shops to survive in Rzeszów as there are no ‘refugees’.


That’s not a typo.  The Dem-Marxists and RINO Uniparty in America gave Volodomir Zalenskyy $112 ‘large’ (billions) in less than one year.

So if this warmonger, Zelenskyy, was on the up and up with all this raw cash rolling in from his Globalist cohorts and partners in crime, why was our Ukrainian nurse, Zorianna, in tears last week when her cousin was conscripted by Zelenskyy and sent to the front in Eastern Ukraine to fight the Russians in winter – without a gun?

Will Zelenskyy kick off WW III to keep the gravy train rolling?  Yes—but will he succeed?  I’m not so sure

She said only one in 10 is being issued a weapon, yet being sent to ‘fight’. With what?

So now I’m worried.

When this tinhorn dictator – who has jailed all his rivals and shut down the press – tells us there will be no WWIII – but does so in Hollywood where nothing is real except pedophilia and ‘woke’ movies no one watches anymore – my BS meter goes off the scale.


Vladimir Putin on the left, Volodimir Zelenskyy on the right

We know who the world’s richest are behind this war, and it’s not Russia or Putin. So let’s see who they want to protect and win it.

I had hoped Putin would resist the provocation(s) of NATO’s 30 years of lies, but if Zelenskyy and NATO continue on their present course, he will be forced to retaliate.

So let’s take our quiz.


  1.  Who likes to do their thing half naked?  Answer:  Both it seems from the photos
  2. Who does transgender “Let’s go gay” dance routines?  Answer: Not the Guy on the left
  3. Who spars with martial arts legend, Steven Seagall?  Answer: The Guy on the left
  4. Who has rebuilt 35,000 Christian centres of worship and cathedrals destroyed by the Communists in his nation?  Answer:  The Guy on the left
  5. Who has jailed and killed his political rivals?  Answer: Probably both
  6. Who has outlawed his nation’s Christian religion?  Answer:  The Dude on the Right in the heels
  7. Whose nation was promised in 1991 that NATO would ‘never move an inch eastward’?  Answer: The man on the left and the nation he served
  8. Who took that ‘promise’ of the 12 NATO nations in 1992, and is now applying to NATO to become its 29th member?   Answers:  The Guy on the left bought the U.S./NATO lie from the 12 members that they would never move further toward Russia, and the Guy on the right has applied to be the 29th member of that same NATO, now surrounding Russia with missiles and U.S. funded bioweapons labs.


Neither in my opinion – but we should shut out all media noise and think for ourselves for a moment as our lives (mine for sure) depend upon it.

Putin has been isolated by the Western Central Bank world and Globalists for refusing to bow to their dollar hegemony and control.  He is one of the only men in the world who can effectively resist them – and the West has now forced him into an alliance with the other – Xi Xinping of China.

I personally like that about Putin, without liking him or many of the things he has done.  He’s standing up to them.

Zelenskyy, on the other hand, is clearly being controlled by the same cabal who feels they must destroy Russia and control all of ‘us’, by any means necessary.

I also thought destroying Russia was a good thing until recently. 

After the cabal tried to kill us with their manmade disease(s), locked us down to destroy our small businesses and middle classes, and then forced a deadly untested drug on us, I am of the opinion that we must all assert ourselves and resist before they finish their plot to kill most of us.

Zelenskyy – a bit actor until recently – now has world-wide fame, a $35 million mansion in Miami, Florida and roughly $1.2 billion in a bank in Costa Rica (Dresdner) with no skin in the game.  He’s not even in Ukraine.

He is shuffling hundreds of billions in and almost all ‘out’ of Ukraine in his money laundering scheme for the cabal with zero accountability – yet my nurse Zorianna’s cousin can’t get a $189 AK-47 and a few bullets.  This is beyond crazy.

This literal ‘actor’ (yes, that’s his day job) is now in the U.S. under his business partners’ protection.

That includes Joe Biden (over whom Zelenskyy has enormous leverage) and Dem-RINO  beneficiaries of his money-laundering scheme.

With a Vanguard media guarantee of the narrative they will create for him using their 92% control of all media, per Oxfam’s Winnie Byanyima and the fact that the Blackrock/State Street/Vanguard are now partnering with him as well,  this is a cabal  that must not only be stopped, but must be destroyed.

Supporting Ukraine is not only a fool’s errand that is inevitably leading to WWIII but has the possibility of ending our world as we know it.

Anyone doubting that this is their plan should simply read their words.  They’ve been writing it down since 1971 (Club of Rome) and now Klaus Schwab openly advocates it, while controlling the cabinets of most of our governments.

If you’re not awake yet, it’s time now to smell the coffee.

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