The only branch of the U.S. Government authorised to declare war is Congress (Art. I, §8 Clause 11).  Only the legislative branch has that power.

In fact, until Congress declares war, it also holds solitary control over the military.  The president only  becomes Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces after Congress has declared a war—with an end date, at which time that control expires. Don’t waste my time talking about The War Powers Act, etc., because the Constitution trumps Congress’s frequent attempts to circumvent it in the end.

War has been declared 11 times—Constitutionally—The War of 1812 against the British being the first and World War II being the last—yet by best count, every president in my lifetime with the notable exception of President Donald Trump has started wars outside of law. 

Yes. Approximately 38 wars, in fact, and all of them illegal, including both parties.


If these weasels have to stand up and publicly vote for this crazy war, I don’t think many would or could as unpopular as it is with the non-Oligarch class.  You know, the hard-working men and women who do most of the working, living and dying in our nations?

Yeah, ‘us’, who are overwhelming against our kids dying for Oligarchs a world away.

It’s our kids who will be sent to fix, fuel and drive these death trap tanks—which they are when one considers Russia’s missile capabilities.  Most of these vehicles will never even make it to their destination, much less ever shoot at a Russian. And under what authority did the Biden Bolsheviks approve sending 31 M1 Abram tanks to the Ukraine oligarchs? Where is the Senate-approved treaty with this non-nation, non-ally, known as the Territory of Ukraine? 

Ukrainians love nazis—parading for the bastards here in Stanislaviv in 1944.

Do these fools in Congress not know that Ukraine voluntarily joined the German Nazis?  Even the Marxist-marinated Wikipedia admits, “Ukrainians who chose to resist and fight German occupation forces joined the Red Army or the irregular partisan units.”

Got that?  Ukrainian non-Nazis joined the Russian Army—because they were Russian!


Where is the appropriations bill funding these tens of billions in highly sophisticated weaponry—and Congressional authorisation to send the hundreds of U.S. military officers and support personnel required to make them work?

The conflict these misguided U.S. warmongers and oligarchs are pushing to start WWIII must also be approved by Congress, not only by purpose, but amount.  Sending lethal aid to non-allies—or anyone in this humble Constitutionalist’s opinion—cannot find root in our founding documents, so that’s another way Congress can stop this madness.

Even Ukraine grannies love them some nazi—in Western Ukraine that is—but not in Russian Ukraine east of the Dnieper River


It is your duty to ferret out and punish all involved in the Ukraine bioweapons scheme from 2005 to present.  Under law, you don’t have a choice, or you are derelict in duty.

The Bioweapons Treaty of 1975—which America pushed on the rest of the world—outlawed and criminalised the existence of even one of these bioweapons labs.

But 47 of them were built with U.S. Department of Defence funds, laundered through Biden Crime Family firm, Rosemont Seneca to Biden/Oligarch owned Metabiota, which ran the criminal bioweapons labs in Ukraine for various U.S. Government entities.

They have now been routed out and destroyed in less than a year by Putin’s forces in Ukraine—and the evidence sits before a UN tribunal.

So Congress.  A question….”How are you going to explain that to We the People—and how you did nothing about it—once you knew our government funded and created 47 illegal bioweapons labs—as admitted, by Obama officials—before Congress?”

All involved, starting with Barack Hussein Obama and Sen. Richard Lugar, including any in the Trump Administration (like Anthony Fauci who knew about it) and ultimately, the Biden Crime Family beneficiaries of this immoral and illegal grift—must pay for these disgusting crimes against humanity.

These crimes are against ‘us’—the world, all of us—as these pathogens were set to be released via migratory birds in some ‘Dr. Evil’ plot last year from Mariupol, Ukraine, by U.S., British and NATO officers as we reported.


Fortunately, they were stopped and arrested by Russian forces.

It is a public fact that this criminal enterprise was started in 2005 by a low-level unknown Marxist community organiser adopted by George Soros as his pet project, Barry Soetoro, (coincidence?) along with Illinois Senator, Richard Lugar, as we reported last year from Issue No. 818 of the United States Air Force Counterproliferation Center’s Outreach Journal, which confirmed Obama and Sen. Lugar’s 2005 trip to Odessa, Ukraine.

“This laboratory was reconstructed and technically updated up to the BSL-3 level through a cooperative agreement between the United States Department of Defense and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine that started in 2005. The collaboration focuses on preventing the spread of technologies, pathogens, and knowledge that can be used in the development of biological weapons,” according to a 2011 report by U.S. National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on Anticipating Biosecurity Challenges of the Global Expansion of High-Containment Biological Laboratories.

Fact. Obama and Senator Lugar travelled to Odessa, Ukraine together in that year (2005) to investigate the lab left from the days of the Soviet Union—and then took it over using U.S. funds.  Why do you think they’re all so hot now to ‘retake’ Crimea and Odessa from Russia?

It’s pretty obvious both why they want it—and why Putin will blast Davos and Brussels off the map—before letting them take it (not to mention that 97% voted under UN supervision in 2014 to return to ‘Mother Russia’).

Under Obama’s presidential mis-Administration some years later, he and Joe Biden spread bioweapons labs across Russia’s border with Ukraine like it was a rash—47 of them—and used U.S. taxpayer funds from the Department of Defence and State Department to do it (without Congressional knowledge or approval, they’ll claim). 

But if we at The Richardson Post can track all this down using public sources and a little digging on the ground here in Eastern Europe, is it even possible that the Global Marxists and RINO shills in Congress didn’t know about it?  No it is not.

So why hasn’t Congress been all over this criminal enterprise that almost sparked off WWIII by forcing Putin to go in to Ukraine to shut down bioweapons labs they planned to use to kill his people—and the rest of us—as part of their 16 year plan? 

Because they were a part of it seems to be the answer—or the cabal had leverage over them.

A nuclear war with Russia was part of the 16 year plan, mapped out between Soros the puppet master; his minion, Hillary Clinton; and his Pygmalion creation, Barry Soetoro Obama—and I believe it would have already happened—absent Donald Trump stopping them in 2016. 

The three horses (asses) of the apocalypse (Obama, Clinton and Soros) still plan war, plague and famine for ‘us’—unless stopped—which the new congress can and must do

They never believed that ‘We the People’ would back him like we did.


  1.  U.S. House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, can force an on-the-record vote declaring war on Russia—which will fail—thereby stopping Congressional funding of the Oligarch’s proxy war in Ukraine as a result.  No war? No (legal) money.
  2. Appropriations for war cannot continue unless one has been declared under the Constitution, so this will, in effect, end the Davos/WEF/RINO/Marxist attempt to depopulate ‘us’ using the Ukraine Oligarch War as an excuse to go nuclear.
  3. Now that the House of Representatives is digging in to the Scamdemic—and the Soros/Ukraine communications have been accessed by Special Counsel, John Durham—this opens the Biden/Soros/Clinton/Obama ventures there wide open.

So with a small amount of courage, the new Congress can shut down the Oligarch Wars in Ukraine—and more importantly, WWIII—before it is too late.

Unless the Air Force’s own journal was lying over a decade ago, Obama was the Soros tool for kicking off the sixteen year plan—18 years ago—and our own reporting proves that the Biden Crime Family was in line to be the executor of the world’s greatest crime against humanity, while being its largest profiteer.

Let’s go for the jugular now that we know what the bastards tried to do to us.

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