UBS offers fire sale price for Credit Suisse. guess who owns UBS? the same gang that owns Dominion voting machines—the CCP

Swiss regulators actually engineered the $1 billion fire sale price for CCP-owned UBS to take over Credit Suisse.

This highly questionable move at a such a low price tells any rational observer that some in the secretive Alpine gnome clan have been taking notes from the Biden Crime Family on how to sell out their nation and its assets.

Now confirmed that the Swiss government is providing a $6 billion ‘backstop’ to the Communist Chinese owned UBS – after the Swiss National Bank had already pledged $54 billion in loans to the troubled Credit Suisse – it looks more like part of a sinister plot.

Our readers have known for years that UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) is 75% owned by the Communist Chinese as part of our reporting on the election abnormalities of 2020 when UBS bought Dominion Voting Systems.

Just one month before the stolen election on November 3rd of that year, UBS took Dominion and its voting system as collateral for a $400 million deal with the company’s Canadian owners, giving the Chinese Communist Party direct access and control over the machines deciding whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump would lead their rival – the United States of America.

The Biden Crime Family was already a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CCP while Donald Trump couldn’t be bought, so the choice of which to install was simple.


Neal David Sutz disclosed that the vote-switching software admittedly uploaded by Italy’s Leonardo-owned space satellite to switch the 2020 vote was also Swiss-owned

Scytl’s vote-switching software and source code was bought out of its bankruptcy by none other than Swiss Post, wholly owned by the Swiss Federal Government.

“Switzerland is clearly tied to numerous financial aspects of the US 2020 Elections. Whether it is the fact that Chinese conglomerates own 75% of the UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) or the fact that Switzerland’s Federal Postal Service, Swiss Post, co-developed and currently owns the Scytl source code, this little, unimaginably powerful, geographically-miniscule, Alpine country, is unequivocally involved in this situation.” (Neal David Sutz)


Swiss billionaire, Hansjörg Wyss, illegally funneled $208 million to Marxist Dems and $135 million to their ‘sixteen thirty fund’ between 2016-20 according to a New York times investigation

Switzerland is the global centre of the very cabal working tirelessly to bring all of mankind into slavery – Feudalism 2.0 – a.k.a. The Great Reset.

The hub of the Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street empire that controls 92% of the world’s wealth (according to Oxfam) is joined at the hip with the source of global capital that has allowed them to take the majority of our planet’s resources – The Central Banks’ banker – The Bank of International Settlements, or BIS.

The Bank of International Settlement in Basel, Switzerland is a civil organisation enjoying total immunity from the world’s laws so no one can successfully attack them.

But someone did. 

All Western Central Banks are members of this club and one man alone has had the courage to challenge them – Donald J. Trump.

As we reported in January of 2021:

Trump had plans in place to restructure the world’s monetary system and basically already merged the Federal Reserve (U.S. privately owned central bank) into the U.S. Treasury as we reported last year – which made the cabal furious.

President Trump also announced that he was putting the entity that stood as collateral for the Federal Reserve – the United States of America Corporation – into liquidation, meaning they’d be screwed out of ever getting paid.

Also, the cabal makes its money from wars and warring.  When you control every central bank, you simply play one off the other, earning interest on both sides – but how do you make billions with a peace-maker like Trump in charge?  The answer is, you don’t, and you can’t.


Very good question, as this is not what the Globalists expected either.  World power has shifted, centralised, and has three major players – the United States, Russia and Communist China.

The Globalists fully expected to have brought down America by now and be at the top of the heap with a subservient China, but they over-rated themselves and under-rated Chairman Xi, who will be subservient to no one.

The CCP controls the current president of the United States as well as the means of rigging elections to suit China’s purposes anywhere voting machines and tabulators are allowed.  It also controls the production of much of the globe’s necessities from pharmacological precursors to production equipment.

Their power should not have been underestimated, and the Globalists have been forced into an uneasy power-sharing agreement in financial matters and the rigging of elections.

The Globalists now have two targets to be destroyed at any cost and by any means necessary:

  1. Vladimir Putin, who has stubbornly refused to give them control of Russia’s central bank and its natural resources.  Putin and Russia must be taken out, even if it takes a nuclear war and;
  2. They must destroy Donald Trump, who has sworn a blood oath to take them down before they can destroy his beloved America.

In a forceful policy statement this week, Trump vowed to end the “Globalist Neocon Establishment,” that is responsible for “perpetually dragging us into endless wars, pretending to fight for freedom and democracy abroad, while they turn us into a Third-World dictatorship right here at home.”

As if to confirm what I write, it was leaked in America this week that corrupt prosecutors in New York who have hounded President Trump since he first announced his candidacy for the office in 2015, will arrest him on Tuesday of the coming week for unspecified charges.

Within the same news cycle, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. (

Coincidence?  Not hardly.

Did the threats bother either of them?  Apparently not. President Putin immediately drove to Ukraine where the International Criminal Court claims he’s a war criminal and visited his fellow Russians in Mariupol.

Putin went to visit his people in eastern Ukraine where the ICC claims he’s a criminal (Mariupol)

And Trump is holding rallies, where even the Fake News admits he’s never been more popular (Emerson poll – Trump holds a 41-point lead among rivals).

Trump’s ‘arrest’ would seal his winning the White House in 2024

Both Putin and Trump have emerged more popular than ever, so the Globalists, warmongering Neo-cons and Marxists need to get a new playbook.

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