Meet the Marxist’s next big hitter on serfdom’s road. With shoulders like that, it will be a homerun for the democrats!

No matter what baggage a Democrat Marxist carries from his or her past, it does not matter when the process is fixed before it even begins – as U.S. elections have proven to be.

The person above is very likely to be the next instalment in the White House by the Uniparty, to pave the final stretch of America’s road to serfdom. 

I am trying to avoid discussing the rather dicey topic of this person’s gender, as back in 2011 – regardless of the YouTube removals and Soros/Poynter paid ‘Fake Checkers’ – Barack Obama referred to the person above as ‘Michael’. 

Not once, but twice did Barack do this – and again – I don’t care whether Michelle tucks or not.  At The Richardson Post, we just care if this person puts high regard for liberty and truth over ambition and fiction.

If the next-to-be installed U.S. president is “Big Mike” as detractors have named this person, or ‘Michelle’ is unimportant to us, but it is a rather clear fact that no one on the Democrat Marxist plantation can win at this point but this person.  He/She is perfect in their eyes.

Other than the two or three famous shots which appear to show an unusual bulge, I’ve not thought much about it, though many public photos do raise the issue – no pun intended.


Public photos possibly showing a penis?  Big yawn.  No pictures of M with child or nursing?   The Polaroid was broken.  Oh well.  That explains it, so let’s move on.

In other words, this scam will work seamlessly, regardless of gender, as M’s ideology is that of her lesser half, Barack Hussein Obama, and matches that of the Globalists without exception.

M is rather obviously in favour of transgenderism.  M is in favour of scarfing all wealth outside that of his/her/their own privileged group, and is all in on the complete and utter control of us serfs – as long as she and Hussein get a piece of the action. 

Who on the Left could want more from a Uniparty candidate?


If America is saved, it will be because of its Constitution, which requires order in the transfer of power.  Sleepy Joe is only days away from being taken out by his own people using the Twenty-first Amendment (or a more permanent solution), but what happens then?

V.P. Kamala Harris (on the left in the photo below) is less popular than a pork pie at a bar mitzvah, so she’ll never be nominated, so what’s next?

These criminals go way back.  Here are B & M Obama plugging for Kamala Harris to become attorney general of California in 2010

Sleepy Joe Biden will be euthanised either politically or physically in coming weeks – many claim he’s dead already – so the next hat trick will be to make “M” Obama Vice-President when Harris temporarily moves up to the Oval Office as President.

But the Democrats were unable to rig enough elections in 2022 to keep control of The House of Representatives and only stole enough votes to keep 50% of the Senate – where Vice President Harris breaks tie votes in her dual role as VP and President of that body.

But who will break tie votes on important treaties selling out U.S. sovereignty to the WHO and Marxist appointments for activist judges while Big M awaits confirmation by Congress?

The delicious answer to that question is “No one”.


Article 25, § 2 covers that issue.  Whomever is being promoted as VP – including Big M Obama – must be confirmed by both houses of Congress.

Amendment XXV

Section 1.

In case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President.

Section 2.

Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress. The House of Representatives is ostensibly controlled by Republicans – though their weakness even on the budget issue today makes that questionable – and the U.S. Senate is comprised of mostly effeminate soy boys like Lindsay Graham and other Target Store officianados/Bud Light slurpers – so hope is fleeting at best when faced with a real crisis

Lady Lindsay prefers fellow gender fluid types, grafting billions from taxpayers to stopping graft, but we digress

Our only hope is that when Big M is drafted as presidential nominee next year in their hometown of Chicago, they will not have been confirmed as Vice-President by Congress.


If Congress has minimal courage and stops the confirmation of the Marxist’s Vice-Presidential choice when Kamala Harris moves up, then their legislative agenda to destroy America will also end.

Donald J. Trump is beating all comers in the polls and issues of election integrity are finally being discussed in key battleground States, so there is real hope that the 2024 election is not stolen from him.

As for the transgender issue with “M” Obama – Bud Light beer, Target Stores, and North Face’s billions in losses may be a reminder that most human beings – on the order of 99.6% of us – are not confused about who and what we are, and may not be OK with “M”.

I’ll leave you with the wisdom of comedienne Joan Rivers – who was unfortunately dispatched just days after this clip was taken – but died knowing what the Obamas were all about.

Joan’s daughter, Melissa, still claims that her mother was murdered for these words, but it is unlikely anyone will ever pay for the crime.

These are Democrats we are discussing, and my home nation’s two-tiered system of injustice protects these squalid creatures better than the Spotted Owl and snail darter.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post