Divide, disrupt, demoralise, flush and repeat—Marxist rules


Let’s first set the framework for who these people are. According to Sleepy Joe’s daughter, Ashley, she was forced to take ‘inappropriate’ showers with “Daddy” for starts, but a brief look at my friend, Garrett Ziegler’s, photo library of Biden’s sicko son, Hunter, will make you gag.

Check out Garrett’s new site to get an idea of who these pervs really are before we get to the family’s bribery scandal. https://bidenlaptopmedia.com

Tara Reade – now having to live in Russia just to stay alive – spilled the beans on Senator Joe’s out-of-control libido long ago, but the evidence is now in that the sicko acorns he spawned fell right under the tree and grew up just like him.

The whole family is afflicted with perversions – but the newly disclosed fact that they are all on the take from foreign governments and (fellow) gangsters is the one that should bring them down – but will it?

In an honourable nation with a functioning press, the bribery story disclosed this week by Congress revealing that Joe Biden took a $5 million bribe from a Burisma executive in Ukraine would be covered 24 x 7, but that is not the case in Joe Biden’s Banana States of America with a controlled press. Nope.  The Score is 291 minutes covering Dictator Joe’s legal assault on Trump and zero minutes of coverage on the greatest presidential crime in history.

291 to zero—lamestream media covered the wannabe dictator’s actions against Trump but is keeping mum on ‘gangsta Joe’s’ bribe


Congressman James Comer – the man heading up the investigation – estimates the bribes paid to nine members of Joe’s family by fellow mobsters in Russia, Romania, China and Ukraine, funnelled through 20 LLCs and shell corps amount to $30 million, but Brother Comer is missing the big one.

As we disclosed long ago (https://richardsonpost.com/howellwoltz/28348/part-1-chinas-un-restricted-warfare-wins-under-biden/) Biden & Co. hooked $1.5 billion from the CCP’s Bank of China to ‘manage’ two weeks after an official sortie by Joe Biden on Air Force 2 – with son, Hunter and his step-daughter of another son/cum Hunter’s comfort mistress, Hallie, in tow.

There was an alleged 2% ‘management fee’ for sitting on this Commie Cash, which amounts to $30,000,000 per year for the Biden Crime Family, in addition to their China Energy deal (worth an estimated $10 million) and other pay-to-play bribes rolling in from all over the world.


Meet Mykola Zlochevsky—the Biden crime family paymaster

Burisma and its energy oligarch Chairman above, had a little problem.  Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor general, was looking into not only Zlochevsky and Burisma, but the corrupt activities of Obama/Biden mentor, George Soros.

Shokin clearly had to go, so Zlochevsky did what any number of corrupt officials and oligarchs did when Joe was Obama’s Vice-President – they called 1-800-PaytoPlay – and cut a deal with Hunter to buy Daddy’s influence.

What did Soros and Zlochevsky want?   To have Viktor Shokin fired.

What has just come to light, however, is that Zlochevsky taped these phone calls arranging the bribes – not one, but 17 of them – and they are now coming to light thanks to a courageous whisleblower from inside the bowels of the corrupt FBI.

15 of the taped calls were between Zlochevsky and Joe’s crackhead son, the bag man (Hunter) – but two of the calls were directly with ‘The Big Guy’, Joe Biden.

According to another whistleblower and investigation run by Senator Chuck Grassley, Joe Biden was paid a $5 million bribe through one or more of his 20 shell companies, while Hunter was paid $5 million via monthly instalments of $83,000 between 2014-2019 as a do-nothing member of Zlochevsky’s Burisma Board.




I’m so glad you asked, and we’ll let Gangsta Joe tell you himself what he caused to be done to Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin in exchange for the $5 million bribe he was paid by Zlochevsky in the clip above.

And Trump would still be president.

Selling influence for cash and altering or setting national policy in exchange for bribes is the very definition of treason on Joe’s part while his weaponised DOJ’s false indictments of Trump fail to even state a claim or law that applies.

In other words, Trump should be in The White House and Joe should be in the Big House.

But my home nation is no longer a functioning democracy with Rule of Law. That all went out the window long ago as I can confirm from bitter personal experience. It is, however, getting more and more difficulty for the Biden Crime Family and their institutional protectors in the FBI, DOJ, other agencies run amok or their media hacks to keep on covering up the Bidens’ crimes.

This truthful chyron made it only 27 seconds on Fox before the person who did it was fired by the Murdoch junta

The good news is that America and much of the world have simply quit listening to the gasbags on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and so on.  Their ratings are down the gurgler.

They’ve told so many lies from the Russia, Russia Trump Hoax, Impeachments I & II, Mueller Hoax and now trying to make us believe Ukraine is winning the war while all the evidence is to the contrary that people have simply turned them off.

That now includes FOX.  Once they fired truth teller, Tucker Carlson, they went from winning the ratings game as the top Cable channel to the pathetic level of MSNBC.


So what is this major shift away from Fake News doing to the body politic?

Biden’s numbers keep on dropping and Trump’s popularity goes up with every false indictment proving that the controlled press has completely lost its mojo.

Trump tops Biden by double digits and is 42% ahead of his closest rival in the Republican Party, so President Trumps promise this week to rip out the Deep State root and branch when he returns may be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The more he says it, the more America wants him back it seems.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post