The Vanguard/Blackrock/State Street thugs are losing their grip on the global grenade


That’s what has happened in my home nation, folks.  Every time they use law fare to destroy Trump he goes up, while every Woke screwup takes Vanguard lower.

A New York court allowed a case against its most famous son—Donald J. Trump—where an unknown woman accused the president of raping her in Bergdorf Goodman—nearly half a century ago—to get money when her accusations fell flat.

The statutes of limitation had long been exceeded, but that’s no problem for Marxists you see.  The Democrat legislature rushed through a new law to allow it.

Meanwhile Vanguard’s #1 beer—Bud Light—hooks up with a transgender to offend its customers and lost $27 billion in market value as of June 1, (, and I think these phenomena are related in a way.

While the jury in this Ground Zero for Trump Haters didn’t find him guilty of the charge (rape), they did say he may have sexually battered her and defamed her name—when she accused him of rape—which the jury found did not happen.

If you’re having trouble following this, you’re right on target.  It makes no sense.

Such legal effrontery could only happen in New York where TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) stands at epidemic levels.

What year was this alleged rape?  She doesn’t remember. 

What does she recall about her attacker?  Only that his show The Apprentice on Sunday nights was her favourite—and he was so sexy—oh, and she confessed that rape is her fantasy, which got the interview shut down.

Forgive my segue but I lived around the corner from Bergdorf Goodmans back then—the most expensive clothing store in Manhattan—and there was no occasion during which there weren’t guards or clerks as this woman claims. 

They were everywhere.

What happened after this verdict?  Trump’s number in the polls rose three points, while the Vanguard Woke companies lost $44 billion in just two of their companies—Anheuser-Busch and Target Stores.

Why?  Because the case against Trump is so damn ridiculous, and attacking your customer base’s values when you sell them beer and clothes is so stupid.


Marxist to her/its core, like Alvin, she also ran on the “I’ll get trump” ticket and wins, of course, but all of New York loses

Yep.  She also ran only on the “I’ll get Trump” ticket, which in Communist New York assured victory, but what is she doing for New Yorkers?

Nothing. They’re leaving by the hundreds of thousands, tax revenues have nosedived by 45% and their importation of illegal aliens policy is bankrupting the State, while she sues Trump—who is no longer even a New York resident.

This corrupt Attorney General sued him for $250 million for ‘defrauding banks’ but there is just one little problem.  Trump never defrauded a single bank and all of them made money on every single loan ever made to this man.

What happened next?  Trump’s numbers went up….again..…while Vanguard’s Target brand lost $15.7 billion in market value after also pushing Transgender.


“Satchel-ass” Bragg and crew have already been sued twice by the heritage foundation for their fake indictment of President Trump

Satchel-Ass created an indictment of America’s president by attempting to graft a newly created state statute as predicate onto a federal crime—which can’t work.

What happened, Alvin?  Trump’s numbers went up yet again to their highest and serious people are flocking out of your Woke/Broke city to avoid law fare attack.

Alvin will also be hanging out in the wind like Lawless Letitia, as soon as a real court reviews his nonsense—but he got headlines and an indictment of America’s favourite president, so mission accomplished!

The Dem-Socialist Party will likely make you President, Alvin, during their next selection-by mail-in ballots and machine fraud.


Perhaps with a great deal of therapy or addiction counselling, Democrats can recover, but TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) has no antidote but truth, so this mental disorder may yet prove to be terminal for these people.


Democrat money launder Sam Bankman-Fried, was freed by this jerk, Lewis Kaplan—democrat fix-it guy

Judge Lewis Kaplan on the right—is the guy who allowed a $5.5 million win against Trump for the weird lady claiming he raped her in Bergdorf’s even though the jury said he didn’t.  What if I told you Kaplan is the same  guy who just let the Democrat’s biggest money-launderer off the hook?

Anyone still believing that America’s justice system isn’t beyond repair need only look at this one corrupt judge and how he misapplies the law.

He lets billionaire Dem-Marxist fundraiser, Bankman-Fried, off the hook for now, while hiding evidence and enforcing a false win for a fraud against Trump.

This story has been buried, but the fuzz-ball on the left laundered Bitcoin through his exchange known as FTX for the Dem-Marxists and was personally their second largest donor in the last election cycle.

Fortunately for them, Judge Lewis Kaplan, set their boy free on bail before anyone could find out how much of that vast Bitcoin bacon fed to Democrat Marxists was from foreign governments and forbidden donors being filtered through Bankman-Fried’s FTX in The Bahamas.

He dumped $40 million of his own ($24 billion dollar) fortune into the 2022 midterms while laundering an untold fortune for them via Marxist PACs around the world, so this boy is more protected than the Spotted Owl.

Headlines last week read, “U.S. withdraws new charges in Sam Bankman-Fried case, punts them to 2024.”

They needed Sammy Boy back in Nassau laundering the Bitcoin cash before the Big Game next year in November of 2024—the rematch—Sleepy v. The King.

Will Sam Bankman-Fried ever be brought to justice?  I’d say that’s unlikely.

But now the Demo-Nazis have the most unlikely target of all—a Kennedy—which is Democrat Party royalty, proving this party is no longer even American.

Every major network in America hates this man

The people are now awake with Trump in the ascendancy and the Marxists falling apart from their Vanguard companies to their ivory tower propaganda institutions.


Those who do not already know and admire this man, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., will be very surprised to learn about his amazing history.

While I don’t understand some of his Leftist dogma (like supporting the Climate Hoax agenda), I see him as a man with great integrity who can and will listen to facts—which explains why the Vanguard Lamestream Media hate him so badly—and why I know we’ll bring him around on The Climate Hoax when he sees the facts.

The six remaining Vanguard-controlled media conglomerates do not deal in facts, only propaganda (which includes The Climate Hoax) and their major funder of ad buys is also a Vanguard-controlled company named Pfizer.

Who is Pfizer’s number-one critic?  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  He had the audacity to call them out by asking why all-cause deaths skyrocketed after the Covid jab was forced on the public by mandates and threats.

Asking poignant questions about harms from vaccines—RFK Jr.’s mission of the past three decades—has put a target on his back for the Globalists and their depopulation plot which is adhered to as religion by the Uniparty of Dem-Nazis and RINOs—and every evening ‘news’ show ending with, “brought to you by Pfizer,”  the Vanguard sister company and number-one source of ad revenues.

And guess who owns/controls all six of the vax merchants?   Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street, the same guys who own the six remaining media outlets.

Are you starting to smell the coffee?  I know our readers get it, but occasionally an outsider gets past the censors of Vangaurd-controlled social media and finds us, so the point is worth repeating.

The Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street cabal owns and controls 92% of the world’s wealth according to Oxfam.  So, anyone who attacks their Big Pharma, Big Media (social and unsocial), Big Retail, Big Beer is attacking them and must be destroyed.

Oh, and back to RFK, Jr., he still believes in the U.S. Constitution, which does not allow mandates that take away God-given rights.  This definitely puts him at odds with both Marxists and RINOs who love campaign donations from Pfizer as much as Vanguard Media counts on ad revenues from their fellow Vanguard companies making the deadly jabs.

Who does vanguard media hate more?  RFK, Jr. or Donald J. Trump

RFK, Jr. has gone very public now, which means the Vanguard thugs must destroy him now.  The Soros/Gates/Rothschild/W.E.F. owners don’t have a choice.

He actually went on the most popular podcast in America (Joe Rogan)  and asked the question, “Why do five of my seven children have allergies?”

I cannot show you this interview because it seems to have disappeared into the ether, but fortunately, our independent media hero, Tucker Carlson, trapped it, so watch it here.

How dare this man, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., ask why one in four kids living in black neighbourhoods now have asthma and allergies when these things were virtually unknown when RFK, Jr. (and I) were kids?

And how dare he correlate without accusation, of course, that the dates of the autism and auto-immune disease explosion in America coincides with the vaccine mandates developed during our lifetimes?

I recently read that 78 vaccines are now required for children from birth to adulthood—but again I can’t give you the link—because it has also been disappeared by Vangaurd/BlackRock/State Street’s Big Social Media.

Fortunately, I wrote it down in anticipation of removal.

All the facts must be removed to destroy this guy—which means we will report more on him.  But the good news is, people are turning off the Vanguard Media propaganda outlets, while shows like Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson are booming.

Since Fox’s firing of Tucker Carlson to please Dominion Voting Machines and the Murdoch whelps, their number one host—Sean Hannity—has sunk below the braindead MSNBC hostess, Joy Reid to give you some idea of Vanguard’s media meltdown as Trump rises and the cabal sinks itself.

Perhaps the dumbest person on cable—Joy Reid—but beating Fox!

And if RFK Jr.  gets his Climate Hoax stuff as fact-based as his Vax-facts (which would end his support for it), I’d consider him for The King’s running mate in 2024.

At any rate, it’s refreshing to see an honest, sincere Democrat for once. These types existed in America before that party was taken over by the Communists at home and abroad. Even better to see the aforementioned Democrat emerge as a candidate for president.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post