The man serving President Putin in the photo above is called ‘The Chef’ for a reason. 

His catering firm—and main business before Wagner—was serving the Kremlin for over 20 years.  Yevgeny Prigozhin is also from Leningrad (St. Petersburg) like Vladimir Putin, and they go back decades.

The most important trait in a man for Vladimir Putin is loyalty.  A real ‘intelligence’ officer would look back on their relationship and understand that the CIA/NATO/Biden lackeys were just played.

“U.S. spies learned in mid-June Prigozhin was planning armed action in Russia,” states The Washington Post.

Was it the same 51 CIA/NSA ‘intel’ guys who lied about ‘Russian Disinformation’ to flip the 2020 election?  Probably so.

If the U.S. Intel grifters are so anti-Russian (and anti-truth when they told the world Hunter Biden’s verified laptop was ‘Russian Disinformation’ to rig 2020 for Biden) why would any thinking person believe them now?

More to the point (and facts) what do Defence Minister, Sergei Shoigu and Wagner Group’s Yevgeny Prigozhin have in common?

  1.  The complete trust of Vladimir Putin, and,
  2. Neither was originally a military man. Each was chosen for his competence (and loyalty to Putin)

Prigozhin was imprisoned under the Soviet Union regime for 10 years, then started a new life with a hot dog stand (kiosk) on the streets—before joining with Vladimir Putin—and eventually becoming business partners in high-end restaurants and a catering business.

Shoigu is a Russian-Ukranian civil engineer, whose mother is from the Russian Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine, which has now been successfully reunited with Mother Russia by Shoigu and Prigoszin.

Neither is a traitor to his Homeland—or Vladimir Putin—and the NATO/US spies only knew of this ‘coming’ coup, as reported by the Controlled Media, because they were fed real Russian ‘disinformation’…and they bought it hook, line and sinker.


While the hostilities between the private contractor, Wagner, and the Ministry of Defense, were probably real, this fake ‘coup’ was not.

The CIA and Mockingbird schmoes of Controlled Media projected this as ‘Putin’s fall’ and a ‘civil war’—wishful propaganda at best.

What the coup prank actually accomplished in just 24 short hours was to move Yevgeny Prigozhin to Belarus—just north of Kyiv, by the way—to control Wagner mercenaries and Lukashenko’s army in Bialorus for the next move by Putin on Zelenskyy if this does not soon end.

A negotiated peace is the most favourable outcome—assuming the NATO-Biden boy-toy hasn’t been killed by his own Azov Nazis—but Kyiv will be destroyed this time, should Prigozhin strike again.

I say ‘again’ because Russia left Kyiv in the spring of 2022 when Ukraine negotiators signed a peace agreement—then reneged

“It was called the Treaty of permanent neutrality and security guarantees of Ukraine,” Vladimir Putin said, showing a draft of the treaty to the African delegation seeking peace between them last week.

“We never agreed with the Ukrainian side that the text will be confidential but we never showed it before nor commented on it. This draft of the treaty was initialled by the leader of the negotiation group from Kyiv. He put his signature. There it exists.”

But Zelenskyy’s Shot Callers in Brussels and DC threatened to cut off the rivers of blood money and expensive war toys to Ukraine if the killing stopped so once the Russians withdrew from the outskirts of Kyiv, he reneged on the Peace Treaty before the ink dried.


Russia’s famous pincer move will encompass even the Western portion of Ukraine—which was never envisioned for capture or even wanted—by Putin and Russia.

This is not the communist Soviet Union, despite what the latte sipping TV generals would have us believe.  This is Russia, a thousand year old nation, which was also under the Marxist boot for over 80 years and chose another path in 1990.  

The 30 year encroachment NATO swore would not happen in 1991 to cajole Gorbachev to break up The Soviet Union was a ruse—just like the ‘Treaty of permanent neutrality and security’ signed in Turkey and the Minsk Accords—both of which NATO/U.S. violated, then admitted they had lied.

The Donbas region will always be Russia/Russian

Wagner forces in the Russian portion of Ukraine now report to Minister of Defense, Shoigu, and Czechen troops are moving in to re-enforce as the Ukrainian ‘offensive’ collapses.

Unless Zelenskyy and his warmonger allies seek peace quite soon—and swear to neutrality (in earnest, this time)—Russian forces will close in from the Bialorus and Polish border in the west, to the Western Banks of the Dniepre—the old boundaries after the last ‘Treaty of Eternal Peace’ in 1686—which declared the Donbas region east of the river, Russian for all times.


Unless the Biden Regime is dethroned (or imprisoned for now proven treason, exchanging bribes for policy) they will attempt to start a nuclear conflict.  Unfortunately, my home nation is no longer in capable—or trustworthy—hands.

It is run by warmongers of both parties, who report to a Globalist faction seeking to return humanity to a form of modern feudalism.

But their war is personal for me—I’m losing friends and employees’ family members—who are being dragged off the streets to be fed into the U.S.-NATO meat grinder for no purpose except to keep the money flowing to the profiteers and their political beneficiaries.

One of our doctors from Ukraine went home last week to bury what was left of her husband and our Ukrainian nurse lost her teenage cousin to the same charnal grounds being celebrated from the White House to The Chatham House by the scum who wish to rule us. They will stop at nothing to see this conflict—created by their own constant encroachment on the Russian homeland—end in a global war to wipe out as many of ‘us’ as possible.

While fake checkers were still claiming there were no U.S. Bioweapons labs in Ukraine, we published the information still on the U.S. embassy’s website in Kyiv, bragging about them.

Biden’s Rosemont-Seneca funnelled mountains of DoD and State Department cash to create and run the labs (via MetaBiota), so the Deep State not only looked the other way, but hid it—until Viktoria Nuland (above) spilled the beans to the U.S. Senate.

When we reported on the 47 illegal U.S.-funded bioweapons labs found in Ukraine, I thought it would awaken even the worst RINO/Dem-Marxist war types as to why Russia had to invade—but it didn’t even leave a dent in their wet dreams of World War III.

But it’s time for everyone to wake the hell up. 

We’ve already suffered from diseases released from these U.S. labs next door as well as the British government’s ‘depleted uranium’ shells exploded near our border (we’re still taking iodine).

So let’s get some adults in charge of this thing before the rest of humanity suffer what we are going through here in the bloodlands of Eastern Europe.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post