What does every corrupt judge, prosecutor and defender who refuses to defend have in common? Bar monopoly membership


The United States has a 98.6% rate of conviction – perhaps, the highest in the world.  So far, I’ve found none higher.

With just 5% of the world’s population, the United States has 25% of its prisoners.  Why?  Because none of the monopoly hacks in the photo above follow the law. 

Judges?  They illegally usurped the unlimited power of the jury designed to keep the public safe from government, and now they know no limits or oversight.

The previously unknown job of ‘public prosecutor’ is now inhabited by the most deviant minds in society, whose sole purpose is to win by any means.

Those rare attorneys who actually follow the law and defend their clients in court will undoubtedly face sanctions and disbarment for so doing, and I’ll give you just one example of how they violate everyone that comes before them.

THE SPEEDY TRIAL ACT OF 1974- 18 USC §§3161-3162

Let’s use the totally ignored Speedy Trial Act to make the case.

This is simply a codification of the Sixth Amendment guarantee in The Constitution of a ‘speedy and public trial’ in the district where the crime is alleged to have occurred – which the Constitution requires to be before a ‘jury of one’s peers’ in all criminal cases – but happens in only 14 of every 1,000.

Take the grandmas and tourists invited into the Capitol on January 6th of 2020, where a known 40 federal agents and paid provocateurs were placed to encourage violence – in direct violation of their own own rights to speak and protest.

The fed-surrection plotters depended on judicial lawlessness

Roughly 700 citizens were imprisoned – two and a half years ago – still awaiting their guaranteed speedy and public trial denied them by the three Horsemen of the Judicial Apocalypse – the Bar judge who ignores the law, the Bar prosecutor who violates the law and the Bar defence attorney who refuses to file a motion to dismiss under 18 USC § 3162(a)(2) – which would free his or her clients.

“(2) If a defendant is not brought to trial within the time limit required by section 3161(c) [70 days] as extended by section 3161(h), the information or indictment shall be dismissed on motion of the defendant.”

Why won’t the attorney file such a motion to free their client?

Because he or she would be immediately sanctioned by the judge and referred to the local Bar monopoly for disbarment, as I’ve seen happen when this was done.

This is how the Bar cabal has reached a 98% ‘plea’ rate in America.  They simply hold the citizens in dangerous jails – like they have the January 6th tourists – until conditions become so dire that they agree to say they did something when that ‘something’ was nothing or even untrue, simply to escape these deadly jails.

I personally worked on over 400 federal criminal cases and the cabal of bench and bar colluded to deny this right ‘under colour of law’ in every single case.


As I proved in this presentation years ago, the Federal Administrative State has created over 314,000 ‘crimes’ and punishments outside of law to incarcerate their political targets – even though they are limited to just two.

Give them a target, and they’ll find a crime with a 98.6% guarantee of jail time.

How often does the Bar Monopoly get it wrong with this unlimited power?

By their own review of almost every capital case over a 23 year period (5,760 of them), the courts themselves found a 73% rate of reversible error with 9% of the defendants being clearly innocent when put to the hazard.

So, the answer is, the Bar monopoly gets it wrong 82% of the time – even when they intend to kill the person.

https://www.newyorker.com/news/ news-desk/the-destruction-of-defendants-rights


There is no Constitutional authority for a private monopoly to act on behalf of the State in such important matters as the People’s Law or Medicine, yet if you study or apprentice and try plying your trade in either field without the monopoly’s ‘licensing’, you go to jail.

#1- By whatever means necessary, we must break the Bar and Medical monopolies authority over our laws and our health. 

States must return to setting reasonable standards and licensing for those who prove they possess the necessary skills – without monopolies control or involvement.

If these organisations wish to become trade guilds as they once were, that is their right, but no more control – period.

The horrors inflicted by the Bar are now being seen by the world as they weaponise government against their opponents and destroy them via lawfare.

We either break these monopolies or they will destroy our nation.

 #2- Establish People’s Courts of Ombudsmen in each congressional district – not federal court district – where the people elect the chief judge, with no qualification required other than residency in that congressional district and having read the U.S. Constitution.

Article III of the Constitution authorises Congress to establish federal courts with their sole discretion – as they have the district, appellate and bankruptcy courts in the past – so this is no different except that these courts are to protect the people from bad government actors who violate their rights ‘under colour of law’, which though a crime under 18 USC §§241 & 242 – is never enforced.

The People’s Court can correct this as they will have the powers to:

  1. Grant immediate relief to citizens whose rights have been violated by any government official under colour of law pursuant to 18 USC § 242, and
    1. Prosecute and punish those officials and any private co-conspirators under 18 USC §241.

The sentence for these daily conspiracies to violate rights under colour of law would put every judge, prosecutor and defense attorney, presently botching the January 6 tourist case in prison for ten years with a million dollar fine each.

Each of the known 40 federal agents and paid provocateurs who entrapped them would be liable for similar punishment.

Those who caused January 6th deaths such as that of Ashli Babbit and Roseanne Boyland – one gunned down and the other clubbed to death, respectively – would also face death under 18 USC §§241 & 242 if found to have violated rights under colour of law during those murders. That should give some idea of the power this law and court would possess to protect We the People from the criminals of government.


Imagine if the thousands of government officials now exposed in the Twitter files for colluding with social media giants and corporations to throttle free speech of political opponents faced similar punishments for their crimes?

The evidence is clear that their violations of First Amendment rights changed the outcome of the 2020 elections – a coup – so getting rid of these monopolies and bringing in this idea of Article III People’s Courts can correct many of the wrongs we face overnight.

Howell W. Woltz

The Richardson Post

Contact me for the full plan at woltzh@gmail.com