The battle lines are drawn—sitting on the sidelines is no option


Watching the Lamestream Media defend pedophiles all week may have been the straw that broke this camel’s back. 

The film, Sound of Freedom, was roundly attacked even before its first showing as being of ‘conspiracy theory’ lore though the true story of Tim Ballard, a U.S. Agent, who had to quit his government job to do his job.

If that sounds a bit quirky, Agent Ballard had to leave the corrupt U.S. government agency assigned to rein in child trafficking—to actually free the victims of that trafficking—as an assignment from God.

It seems one must choose between the two these days in my Homeland (and many others) as the dark side has invaded all Western governments if recent events are witnessed objectively, which can be explained in just a few sentences of fact.

First, our governments paid for and designed exotic diseases to kill us—my own country, as example, funded 47 of these illegal death factories in their favourite playground, Ukraine, and at least one in Wuhan, China.

They then colluded in top-Fascist fashion with Big Pharma and other Globalist devils to destroy our immune systems with a deadly toxin mis-labelled a ‘vaccine’.

Deaths and adverse events from their cure now exceed those from their disease.

We either stand up now or we cower forever and die


The answer is, “We do it together—with the belief that the God of gods is on our side”—or at least that is my answer.

You don’t believe in God?  No problem, because He believes in you and we are His creation, not to be abused or trashed by agents of Baal—and make no mistake about it, those installed in Western nations were put there for the demonic purposes they are now carrying out for Evil.

Any who would knowingly participate in trying to kill His creation with man-enhanced pathogens and then force an even deadlier treatment to knowingly destroy our immune systems and ability to re-create—are the enemies of anything that can be remotely described as Good or Holy.

This is, once again, Good v. Evil—but I believe the tide is beginning to turn.

We had to see it for ourselves, as America’s real president, Donald Trump, likes to say.  “They’re not after me.  They’re after you….and I’m just in the way.”

By all appearances, president trump was right


Trump just hit 61% approval in The Land of the Once Free against all comers in his own party, and leads Resident Biden by at least 10% even in the rigged polls of Lamestream Democrat media.

And it’s killing them.

I’m re-reading the Bible and when our Guy puts his mind to destroying the enemy of His people, they will be destroyed.

It appears now that the side of EVIL is losing in rapid fire. 

W.E.F. Dutch Boy, Rutte—is out.  Lesson learned we hope is ‘Don’t mess with those who grow our food,’ or you will become fertiliser.

W.E.F. puppets and “Global Leaders”, Punch Macron and Judy Trudeau cannot even leave their resorts and mansions in France and Canada, respectively, they are so hated, and the vaxx scandal from which Trudeau profited so handsomely is now under criminal review.

Olaf Scholz’s popularity in Germany has dropped below that of most sexually transmitted diseases while his nemesis, Vladimir Putin—the church-builder—is running at 89% popularity in Russia. NOTE: For new readers who follow only Lamestream Media, Vladimir Putin, has rebuilt over 35,000 Christian churches and cathedrals destroyed by the Communist, making him the greatest Christian evangelist in history—which is a large part of why they hate him—while their own boy-hero, Zelenskyy, has outlawed Christianity and arrested priests and nuns in Ukraine.

The most Christian leader in Europe, Vladimir Putin, is also the most reviled by the dark side—which is no accident

Please let me make it clear that I am not a fan of the Russians or Vladimir Putin but have studied their history and how this situation next door to where I live came about. 

My Government—in the person of Secretary of State, James Baker—promised the Soviet Union’s final leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, that if he agreed to the break-up of his Communist Union, “NATO will never move an inch eastward [toward Russia].”

My Government and all the leaders around that table in the picture below, lied.

Since then, NATO has expanded from 12 nations to 28 and now surrounds Russia—leaving Putin no choice but to defend


To collect our thoughts, the same Globalist filth who lied to Russia back in 1990 with the intent of doing exactly what they are doing now, were the mentors and associates of the pedophilic scum who just created a disease to kill “us” followed by a coercive death jab to destroy our immune systems and ability to pro-create.

If your enemies slowly surrounded you over a 30-year period—after swearing they would not—then build illegal bioweapons labs all along your borders, train and arm your neighbours with sophisticated arms and missiles to use against you, at some point any leader worth his salt would put a stop to it.

Since 2014 when the U.S. Government overthrew the duly-elected government of Ukraine, its Nazi Azov Battalion and other paid mercenaries have murdered over 14,000 Russians in the historically Russian Donbas region. Putin told them to stop and warned for years that if they did not quit killing his people, he would go in to Ukraine and protect them.

And that is exactly what Putin did—he put a stop to the U.S.-backed nazis murdering Russian people in Ukraine, who had ringed Russia with illegal bioweapons labs


For those who haven’t followed what is going on in Ukraine, Russian troops not only captured and/or destroyed 47 illegal U.S./NATO bioweapons labs, but in the process discovered and saved approximately 35,000 children from child-traffickers who had kidnapped them from all over the world for the sex trade.

Didn’t hear about that from ABC, BBC, Morning Joe or Rachael Madcow, did you?  But as the Baal worshippers on the other side are known to do, they accuse their targets of what they are doing.

Using captive Globalist NGOs and Supra-Government institutions like the United Nations, the dark side claimed it was Putin who ‘kidnapped’ these children when he rescued them from tunnel prisons and secret grooming camps where they were being prepared to be trafficked all over the world.

The U.S. perpetrators of this most heinous (and profitable) of businesses just admitted to have lost 85,000 little boys and girls trafficked across the southern border of the United States over just the past two years—also clearly by intent.

Where are they?  The Biden Administration says they simply do not have a clue.  And while that is true with all their harmful policies—not having a clue—it is the now-exposed fact that these children are being sold into sex slavery.

Even more horrifically, once their little bodies have been abused by the sickest of this scum on the dark side, they are killed and sold for parts..

If this isn’t enough to get you off the couch and into action, I don’t know what will. 

Start by watching Sound of Freedom. God will tell you what to do from there.

Howell Woltz
The Richardson Post