This old fool bragged about what he and Obama did to get the $10 million bribe—it’s on tape and joey b says, “call him” [Obama], admitting they were in the bribery scheme together! (


Evidence of $10 million in bribes from Burisma to the Obama/Bidens for policy decisions by their Administration is confirmed in documents and testimony of U.S. agents—yet thuggish media remain silent—while government operatives work overtime to cover up their crimes.

So, it is a healthy thing that the Fake News viewership is in the single digits from previous highs (Disney’s ABC network for example has just 7% of its previous audience). 

Despite six gruelling hours of blockbuster testimony from Democrat IRS agents revealing the sidetracking and stalling of their investigations into the extensive influence-peddling scheme to run out the clock on the Obama/Bidens, it never happened in Vanguard Media world—the same gang that owns the banks used to launder the Obama/Biden bribes.

And yes, you read that right.  This is an Obama/Biden Crime scene. Anyone foolish enough to believe that the President who sent Joe and Hunter on these cash for policy jaunts in AF #2 with his Secret Service to China, Romania and Ukraine didn’t ‘know’ are delusional.

But what do I mean by ‘running out the clock’?  In the U.S., like most nations, crimes other than murder, rape (and treason) must be charged within five years of being committed.

The Department of Justice and Obama/Biden appointees restrained both of these agents, Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley, from doing their job to protect the criminals of both families—Joe and nine family members—and it’s looking like Barry and Big Mike as well. “It appeared to me, based on what I experienced, that the U.S. attorney in Delaware in our investigation was constantly hamstrung, limited, and marginalised by DOJ officials as well as other U.S. attorneys,” Agent Ziegler reported to the Congressional Oversight Committee this week.

Obama’s DOJ/Biden brass sidetracked it so the statute of limitations ran, but justice can still be achieved, as this was pure treason


Perhaps the most dangerous of the 314,000 ways my home government has invented to imprison its people is an allegation that the alleged crime involved a Conspiracy.

The allegation that someone knew about or participated even peripherally in a crime is now tacked on to every slate of charges—except in the Obama/Biden crime spree, of course—but that charge will still be available when a real Attorney General is in office in 2025.

Statute of Limitations does not even start to run until the last act ‘in furtherance of the conspiracy’ has occurred, which is still happening every day between the Biden Crime Family, the Obamas (who still guide their every move), and the Government thugs acting to protect them all from justice, so this will be available for many years to come if a real prosecutor is ever in office again in the Crime Capitol of DC.

Under this corrupt law and practice, the conspiracy punishment often exceeds that of the underlying crime—and all of the co-conspirators are guilty of the crimes of all convicted.

It is hard to imagine a more unfair system, which is guaranteed to convict anyone, but it is employed in almost every case by what has proven to be the most corruptible on earth—the U.S. Department of Justice and its adulatory, not-so-independent FBI.

Every week it seems this corrupt cabal led by Jack Smith in the photo below—who is skipping from State to State (37 charges in Florida alone for non-crimes against President Trump), now fabricating more crimes in Georgia and DC—and planting more traps to tie up the president with so many charges and cases in so many jurisdictions that he cannot campaign. That is their plan. Tie up the most popular man in America to prevent his re-election.

Fortunately for America, this scumbag, Jack Smith, was overturned  9:1 by the us supreme court in his last political attack against republican governor Bob McDonnell, so he’s lousy at his job!


“Zlochevsky stated he didn’t want to pay the Bidens and he was ‘pushed to pay’ them. . . . he [said he] has many text messages and ‘recordings’ that show that he was coerced to make such payments.”  In fact, Zlochevsky has 15 recordings of calls with Bag Boy, Hunter and two with the “Big Guy” himself (Joe Biden), organising bribes for protection against the prosecutors in Ukraine and Obama Administration financial Regulators in the United States.

Burisma chief, Zlochevsky (left), claims he was forced to pay the Obama/Biden bribes to buy protection—and it all came out this week thanks to senator Chuck Grassley (lower right)

It is impossible for all of this to have gone on without the direct knowledge and participation of Barack Obama—as we will soon be able to expose once we have a breakdown of the 20 shell companies used to launder the bribes from Russia, Ukraine, Romania and China—so the Marxists may have some legal problems of their own to face for actual treason.

The primaries in both parties are a joke.  No one expects Joe the Crime Lord to roust about for the Dems and no person ever claiming to be a Republican can think like Trump or have a hope of beating him.  He’s already polling at 74% among Republicans and the race has not officially begun.

So, it’s down to Lawfare.  And that is where I worry as the corrupt U.S. system of ‘justice’ at the federal level where they are attacking Donald Trump, has the highest conviction rate in the world—98.6%—because Corruptocrats like Jack Smith cheat.  They don’t play fair.

Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama has been running the government behind the scenes, but he now plans to take back the White House for his sweetie, Big Mike, and their plan is to use their controlled assets in the FBI and DOJ to keep Trump tied up with fake cases.

The Democrats have no scruples or love of country with few exceptions and will burn the nation to the ground if it leaves them in power—which their street thugs literally did before the 2020 election—leaving no doubt of their willingness to do so again in 2024.

The U.S. Constitution does not require a DNA test, so Big Mike will check off another Marxist box as the nation’s first transgender prez, and given the love affair between the Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street overlords and everything queer, they’ll throw gobs of cash in the race to drag Big Mike across the finish line.

If these miscreants can tie Trump up with vicious and even illegal charges in multiple States and jurisdictions where he must appear in person, it takes him off the board, so I’m hopeful the now exposed Obama/Biden crime spree in Ukraine will bring an end to the war intended to keep it under wraps by buying off Zelenskyy, while revealing the Obama/Biden scheme.

Were there no Obama/Biden crimes to keep covered up, they would not have spent $170 billion of our treasure to keep Zelenskyy bought off—but word is the little man in green knows how explosive his own files on the Obama/Biden crimes in his nation may be.

Will Zelenskyy deploy them to level the playing field in the U.S. Lawfare War of 2024?

You can bet he’s thinking about it seriously now that he’s being deserted by Obama/Biden.

It was all about the money—now it’s all about how to get more

We will be researching those 20 shell companies used to launder the money—many of them offshore—as the wire transfers to and from them are made public by the Congressional Oversight Committee.

James Comer, the Chairman of this committee, says nine Biden family members are now proven to have received bribes directly from foreign nationals and governments, and he suspects three more will be exposed.

That leaves eight of these shell companies funnelling major cash from foreign nations and America’s enemies to others associated with these crimes of treason. 

The hyperdrive effort to destroy Donald Trump is being carried out by Obama loyalists.  These partisans would not be so blatant about it unless they knew who got the bribes through those other eight shell companies—and I’ll give you two guesses.

Barry and Big Mike entered politics with combined salaries of $300,000 a year, but “The American University report predicts that the Obamas are just getting started and will be worth $242.5 million when all is said and done, if they play their cards rights.”

If these billions in bribes and payments for policy prove to have gone to Barry and Big Mike’s offshore coffers for their next stint ruining America—as we highly suspect is the case—their wicked game of Lawfare 2024 against Donald Trump may backfire on them and take on an entirely new dimension.

With such blatant evidence of Obama/Biden treason in their payment for policy scheme with America’s enemies, they’ll need to start worrying about what their penalty might be rather than how they can destroy Donald Trump.

Howell Woltz
The Richardson Post