“Belarus helicopters entered Poland’s airspace as provocation, report says” (ONET News and POLITICO)- https://www.politico.eu/article/poland-belarus-helicopters-entered-polish-airspace-provocation-onet-report/

This alleged incursion a few days ago was in Białowiedża, the oldest remaining forest in Europe where our son was hiking with his girlfriend there that same day and they never once heard even one chopper during their stay. 

This forest is on the Polish/Bialorus border—and we are in the month of August where the Globalist Vanguard ‘news’ is telling us we have gone from Global Warming to Boiling—though we’re all wearing sweaters and jackets here on the ground.

It’s the chilliest August I’ve experienced since moving to Poland in 2015 but there is no snow—nor has there ever been snow here in summer.

For any of you who collects mushrooms in the forest—we’re already harvesting this fall crop due to the cold and wet conditions usually associated with November.

And while the Fake war press tells us two Belarusian helicopters (maybe) crossed the border that day—they show five U.S. Apache attack choppers to dramatize the event and bring us to war.

I took this picture from behind one of the deployment trucks.  Troops are on the move.


For the record, the Polish Government withdrew its complaint about this alleged incursion within an hour, claiming that the two helicopters were below their radar so they just couldn’t be sure, but somehow decided to send troops anyway—per their orders from Washington, Brussels (or both) would be my guess.

The Biden regime and the toothless Brusselites of the outmoded NATO junta are desperate for a real conflict, for cover and justification of existence, respectively. Sleepy Joe needs diversion relief from this scandal after scandal news cycle and NATO must justify why it’s even still around since the fall of its enemy—The Soviet Union.

What’s a few thousand kids being roto-tilled into the dirt by artillery in the balance of all things political?

That, my friends, is my problem with these thugs of NATO and the Biden Regime.  The lives of the Ukrainian and Russian kids being sent to the front mean nothing to them.

This war is about making billions for the donor class of the war industry while keeping the fact that the Obama/Biden bribes-for-U.S. policy deals raked in $32 million (and counting) off the news.

Keep in mind that the whole excuse for impeaching President Donald Trump—the first time—was because he asked about these now-proven crimes, but that is another story for another day.

Ask yourself, why does Biden keep sending tens of billions to this cesspit of corruption when the war is over for all intents and purposes?  It never was about the ‘war’. 

It’s about being able to use the conflict as cover for the money-laundering and payoff schemes that have long been the hallmark of the territory known as Ukraine.

But remember the fact that Volodomir Zelenskyy still has all of Prosecutor Viktor Shokin’s files and records on the Obama/Biden schemes that took place there. 

He also has the intel and communications on the Colour Revolution they created in 2014 to overthrow the duly-elected government of Ukraine. 

Zelenskyy can bury Obama/Biden by releasing the intel and communications regarding the U.S.-backed Biden (Rosemont Seneca) funded illegal bioweapons labs where billions of U.S. Defense and State Department dollars were laundered, in violation of the BioWeapons Treaty of 1975.

Frankly, I’m surprised this little green outfitted actor is still alive, and I’ll bet a diamond against a doughnut that he won’t last long….unless.


The Obama/Biden crime syndicate cannot let this man live—and they are already faking assassination attempts to prepare the public for that inevitability.

Anything from a stubbed toe to axe murder will, of course, be blamed on Putin and Russia, but it will just be one in a long string of CIA-sanctioned murders of leaders around the world.

But suppose Zelenskyy contacted the real president, Donald Trump, and the small handful of Republicans investigating the crimes of Obama and now the Biden extenuation of that rabid reign of terror, and he gave them all the official documents proving it?

Many of us believe from the documentary evidence and Trump’s announcement of several national emergencies that he retains Commander ‘n Chief of the military, or the Marxists within the U.S. Government would have already sparked a nuclear conflict.

Whether that is so or not, he still has the power to get Zelenskyy to safety and preserve the documents of Obama and Biden’s selling of American policy to its enemies for cash.

Just yesterday it was revealed that Hunter did not just accompany his then Vice President father Joe on one policy selling trip to visit the CCP with Obama’s Secret Service and Air Force 2—it happened five (5) times—and Joe has unwittingly admitted to Obama’s involvement in the schemes on tape. (See my last article)

There is no logical explanation for Obama to send Joe and their bagman, Hunter, to do deals with the CCP on the official White House plane other than to cement it into the Commies’ brains that these were the guys to pay for any amount of play.

Illegal?  It will just cost a little more.  Treasonous?  Whose going to catch or punish them?

The answer to that last one is critical to the survival of my home nation and Zelenskyy could be the key to that as star witness at the Obama/Biden military trials for treason.

He’s got the goods and the life he saves by spilling them may be his own.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post