Not to be confused with our own wonderful Nurse Ratched—but would you take a jab from these people knowing what you now know?


As the Globalist-installed leaders of our once-free nations lay the groundwork for Scamdemic 3.0, the truth is rolling out faster than they can produce jab 3.0.

We were told lies that versions 1.0 and 2.0 were ‘safe and effective’, while the actual data now forced into the public by Dr. Naomi Wolfe, Attorney Thomas Renz and others prove that these detestable liars knew they were killing us.

Just today it was forcibly disclosed that, ‘Pfizer has revealed in an explosive admission that the pharmaceutical giant has been lying to cover up the fact that its so-called “mRNA” Covid shots actually “modify” human DNA.’

That is not what we were told, now, is it?

And Tom Renz, the attorney suing Pfizer, finally got an admission that “mRNA is designed not to send a message within the DNA, but to MODIFY it.”

The ‘m’ in mRNA never stood for ‘messenger’ as we were told, but rather ‘modify’ as that was its despicable task—to alter human genetics to weaken our immune systems rendering us dependent upon future jabs rather than our God-given built-in protections from disease.


Albert Bourla—the criminal on the right—is responsible for killing millions.  The criminal on the left, Joe Biden, funds him

The news was leaked August 18th by Talk Show host, Alex Jones, from his sources in government that the Biden junta was ramping up mask and lockdown ‘mandates’ again to set the stage for stealing the 2024 election.

How? Same as in 2019 to steal the 2020 election.  They would create a fake crisis using flu numbers as a new ‘variant’ of Covid, and demand mail-in voting to pack in enough fake ballots to secure the votes needed—just like last time.

The plan was to ease Scamdemic 3.0 into the public view this time via TSA agents wearing masks in airports, beginning on September 15th, then create shutdowns of agencies, public events and move into another illegal lockdown status as the 2024 election nears in a carbon copy of how they stole the election in 2020.

News broke this week that while the purchase by the U.S. Government of masks and other Scamdemic props, costumery and un-necessities halted long ago, massive quantities of these items were ordered in just the last few days.

Coincidence?  There is no such thing as a coincidence under Marxist rule.


The Richardson Post was the first I’m aware of to question the co-ordinated over-reaction to a common flu variant, if you recall.

Why did we question it?  Because of Event 201 on which we reported, plotting out this crime in New York City before Scamdemic 1.0 was launched in 2019.

The U.N. gangsters, the W.H.O. and other Bill Gates-associated racketeers actually had a televised meeting in October of that year laying out how they would lock us down and take our rights in a dress rehearsal.

Back to today, skyrocketing deaths attributed to the vaccine continue unabated and three more (vaccinated) pilots mysteriously died just this week.

So what happens now?  The most bought-off Administration in the world announced just yesterday, “Biden admin to renew push for Americans to get COVID-19 boosters,” per Murdoch’s Fox News.

But this scam has gotten personal for me now.

For those who know my story or have read the books I’ve written, you know the very best way to make me not want to do something is for government to try and make me.

I don’t trust the bastards as every bad idea or outcome in my life has been because of them, so I did not ever consider for a minute taking their untested jab—and sued the government here for trying to make me (and won).

That dinner here in Warsaw with me, my brother and friend from the 1970s  was the last time I am likely to see him alive.

Though our other brother and I relentlessly pointed out the dangers of this untested product—he said he took it because he wanted to ‘be there’ for his young teenage daughter (only 13 at the time).

The first shot made him so deathly ill that he admitted he wanted to die—so he doubled down and took Jab #2. 

My brother, Jim, and I could not believe it.  Why be so stupid?

He ended up hospitalised after Jab #2 and barely made it out alive.

So what did he do at Scamdemic 2.0 ‘Booster’ time?  He took the poison—again.

I asked him how he came to that conclusion after the first two almost killed him and he could not explain his decision.

In fact, after jab #3, he couldn’t explain much of anything and is now suffering dementia to the point that it is pointless to try and speak with him anymore.

He does not even know where he’s been that day or with whom he is speaking.

Within just 36 months, my brother went from being one of the most engaged parents of a teenager and financial minds I knew, to a dottering old fool—very much like the one in the earlier photo who mandated that he take this poison.

I share this very personal story because the bastards are about to do it to us all again, including from every EU and British Commonwealth elite stronghold to the hills of Tennessee in my homeland.

They’re not even hiding it—and the tyrannical forces seeking our subjugation and death will only intensify over the next few months—I can guarantee you now.

The Pharma-owned politicians will begin singing on cue over the next few days and the mockingbird media worldwide will once again heap on their Fear Porn—but don’t listen to them or obey this time.

They make no bones about the fact that they hate us, so believe them.  They want us dead so they can take what little we have left (as BlackRock is now alleged to be doing in Hawaii) after being their serfs for most of the past two decades—but let’s switch it up this time.

Don’t just say ‘No’ when your politrickcians start their pre-planned mandates in October, say “Hell No!” and refuse to let the corrupt bastards take us down.

There are billions of ‘us’ and just a few thousand of the demonic minions of the Baal worshippers of the so-called ‘elites’ so let’s remind them of who really has the power when they try this nonsense again this fall.